What's new on Ferrari's 'radically changed' 2021 F1 car


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    Ferrari has revealed the car tasked with helping it bounce back from its humiliating 2020 season - the SF21. As well as some noticeable tweaks to the livery there was also plenty of technical detail on show, giving us lots to sink our teeth into as we look for the key clues of how Ferrari is going to turn its fortunes around in 2021.
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    1. Scott Brown

      That black wing reminds me of the hideous cars of the 1990s. And what happened to that gleaming rosso corsa???

    2. Norbertas Skogmo

      " looks good " no, no it doesn't

    3. Lino Danese

      Ferrari need non Italians to run the F1 team like the Schumacher era where Jean Todd took them to the top history shows when they are to Italian they don't win championships

    4. 곰곰곰

      자동으로해주는 한글자막이 너무 초월번역이라 아쉽긴 하지만 좋은영상 잘보고갑니다

    5. formulafan

      Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!


      È cambiata si !senz’altro farà più schifo dell’anno scorso

    7. Spoiler Alert

      You did an excellent job in detailing the new Ferrari. Except it's key component to victories - the drivers. Who are the two star drivers and what are their histories. Perhaps on another episode?

    8. Michael Matthews

      Ferrari should have used a few tokens on their strat team. They sure screwed the pooch pretty consistently last year.

    9. John Zhang

      Take down Binotto we still have chance to win

    10. News that matter

      This is rubbish. Who gives a shit. What tje fans wanted to hear were awesome v12 and battles between f1 drivers. Minus all the computers and fancy bullshit. I want to cars with a clutch and drivers shifting! Then we can talk.

    11. will Brown

      I'm really hopeful for both these guys.

    12. Mike Palermo

      After Bahrain it's clear nothing's changed, that car drives like crap, can't handle corners, weak engine. I'm sure after the next race we'll start hearing the "we're going to focus on 2022's car and regulations" tweets.

    13. david mann

      Not enough judging from this last weekends results

    14. Gray Gubler

      The female fertile radiator similarly flower because airport ironically treat until a judicious congo. public, harmonious chime

    15. R N.

      No automatic parking system, what a shame .

    16. ENGLAND

      No reason whatsoever for ferrari to so shit for last fuk knows how many years, if I was the owner of ferrari racing I'd sack all but the drivers, technical especially, IT'S FUKING FERRARI COME ON WANKERS SORT THIS OUT

    17. Teo Levin

      Fun fact: mission winnow is actually Marlboro

    18. jeffery wade

      Need a podium this weekend!, Lets Go!

    19. Neeta Kadam

      Why green

    20. van mook

      they only radically change the car not the strategy.

    21. Pascal Gallot

      Je pense que ce monsieur fait la critique très bien rien à dire avec cela mais je vous préviens monsieur que vous êtes un homme super intelligent extrêmement intelligent quand vous parlez comme ça à travers de la Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari les ingénieurs de Ferrari ça veut dire qu'ils doivent ouvrir un œil les autres que si jamais Ferrari commence à gagner les courses directement vous faites le signal d'alerte pour les né en tire monsieur vous êtes un homme extraordinaire comme vous pouvez à baisser les autres en disant le contraire manipulation vous êtes un homme extraordinaire monsieur chapeau

    22. Dan M

      Ugliest car on the grid, for sure.

    23. nfineon

      The nose is a God damn abomination, and the color scheme is horrendous. Bright Red, Dark Red, Yellow, White and Black and green highlights jesus that's busy...

    24. The666opal111


    25. Bobin der Große

      Don't do this.. don't give me hope

    26. Joe Howard

      I wish people would stop talking about my Ferrari just go obsess over Mclaren

    27. Punisher

      Senhor Enzo Ferrari is probably turning over on his coffin! Mama mia, raggatzo, o que fachere??

    28. Marco Piazza

      "unrealistic" ..... bias, we can see it here

    29. Petter Lyngeng

      0:55 The early Sainz are promising

    30. Antonio Sacco

      Perfect for the Grinch!!

    31. CD_fuerte

      Ridiculous the numbers of spoilers and wings these F1 cars have! I will keep some other 20 years without looking at F1 races!

    32. giuseppe mostini

      you notice a historical pitching of the car in support ... incredibly not solved. this problem associated with the nose can negatively cost the tires and the time .. maybe 6-7 tenths? pity because the retro car and the new engine are good

    33. GEANY Geany

      I'm sorry to say it, but I don't think anything will happen this year either. The leader must be changed, he proved that he doesn't have the fabric for something like that.

    34. Daniel Atlas

      Well mercedes is facing karma for not acknowledging that the magic carpet ride dea wasn’t theirs,cannot have The universes favors while being a dick!

    35. troeteimarsch

      just looking at the pictures they really need to steepen the airbox curve for more downforce at the rear

    36. ZarMachine

      Mission Podium lol

    37. LiveLife TasteDeath

      Maurizio Arrivabene: I can't believe he still has a job! Mattio Binatto: I can't believe I still have a job!


      change the color scheme from red to silver. nothing like a silver, white, or black ferrari.

    39. Greiguci Wootchie

      Fat ride speaking lol

    40. lib tard

      It wont change anything, they aren't going to spend big to fix it for one season.

    41. Bruno Ponte123

      Ferrari IS 4 this year

    42. Marcos Oliveira

      I wish the best seson for Sains!

    43. Robbie NL


    44. Connar Comstock

      Also they gotta step it up because if Mclaren winds up as the third team it *entirely* fucks up my F1.5 Fantasy Team.

    45. cristibusu1

      Excellent content specially the highlights of details!

    46. Bryce Peters

      The incorporation of the burgandy is half assed. Literally.

    47. Fabrizio Botta

      I found the idea of limiting the development not only silly but contrary to the spirit of continuous innovation that permeates the F1. And please don't talk about economical reasons...In football if you have money, you spend money. Why shouldn't it be the same here?

    48. seeni gzty

      Red and green only look good together in a pasta or at Christmas, no exceptions

      1. Arsenic

        Yes that green blob looks absolutely ghastly

    49. S King

      What is that ugly green crap on the engine cover ??

    50. Tomislav Ivanić

      Great video by all means! In my humble opinion Ferrari Will battle for 3rd, but they will finish 4th at the end, just behind McLaren and little above Alpine 😎 Cheers

    51. Michael Nthodi

      Ferrari is going to win more races then what people actually think then win the championship in 2022

      1. seeni gzty

        From the thumbnail I thought the Ferrari f1 got a new rgb lighting, I sure am dissapointed to find out it doesn’t have

    52. mustafa akbar

      Binotto: We are gonna be so fast this year!! Charles: Realyy?how fast 😃 Binotto: We'll put up a good fight Charles: To Mercs nd RB Binotto:Oh no, to Alpine nd Alpha maybe Mclarens too

    53. Ailsa Ni

      with the old gearbox? Or if they run the new gearbox, does this cost them a token?

    54. i wirt

      finish @ 4

    55. Matt Bronson

      Why did they make the car as ugly as possible?

    56. serialbeef

      what has radical changed: its radical slower than last year

    57. Aryanto Tanoto

      In 2021 testing still Mercedes team on top of the list Alpha Tauri second and Aston Martin third and Ferrari team on 7th place with lead driver while 3 top position using second driver so this drastic change seem useless

      1. Aryanto Tanoto

        @Neutron Alchemist no just watching online the 3rd test Redbull came first with lead driver 1:28,960 2nd Yuki Sonoda +0.093,91 Alpa Tauri and Ferrari team came 3rd +0.651,79. So day 1 Ferrari sit on 5 place, day 2 sit on 6 place and day 3 sit on 3rd so still Ferrari not strong enough to compete this year but Redbull seem promising

      2. Neutron Alchemist

        Have you seen the actual tests?

      3. Ailsa Ni

        this,he comes across as really weak..they have had no success since they lost Brawn really...Kimi's championship was won with mostly the team that was still there from the

    58. bcvbb hyui

      10/10 to Edd, this video is such high quality. Genuinely fascinating insight and really well presented. So soon after the launch as well!

    59. monkeyfan250

      this video: the ferrari changes are looking good the testing videos with carlos: SBIN, SBIN EVERYWHERE

    60. Mike Sharki

      well, we will we how radically it is... 2020 was radically for nothing.

    61. Kayy Dot

      Binnotto ruined Sebs confidence

      1. Kayy Dot

        @bcvbb hyui ???

      2. bcvbb hyui

        Forget the green! They need to start winning period.

    62. Kayy Dot

      Binotto OUT

    63. Michael Linner

      Mark my words, when things don't work out as Ferrari expect LeClerc will just be their latest scapegoat and be shown the door.

    64. Feni Robert

      Ferrari will finish third in constructors championship

    65. Wiinter Heart

      Is it the stickers?

    66. Janzen Thomas Su

      From the thumbnail I thought the Ferrari f1 got a new rgb lighting, I sure am dissapointed to find out it doesn’t have

    67. one two

      remember when sf1000 was gonna be the best ferrari car ever made?

    68. Callum Burton

      Good video dude.😃👍

    69. Mick Burrell


    70. fery Yunianto

      A is better than B

    71. Anisul Islam

      They will be the 7th team this time

    72. Patrick Guinnane

      imagine being confident enough to walk in front of millions of people with that hair,,,benoto...will never be a memorable leader but we will remember his hair...lol..had to add this,he comes across as really weak..they have had no success since they lost Brawn really...Kimi's championship was won with mostly the team that was still there from the Brawn era...you need that technical leadership, a leader that is not a PR stooge but an actual engineer. Mostly what has happened in Ferrari over the last few years is the engineers come to management with ideas and ask for direction and management goes well what do you think,,the usual bouncing the ball..no fecking idea.,,..

    73. vipahman

      The best looking drivers in the worst performing cars. LOL

    74. Neil Henderson

      perhaps the ugliest ferrari paint job ever. not too sure about binotto's future with ferrari f1 - i have a feeling they will not make terrific strides this year and it will be the end of binotto's tenure. he seems like a very nice man but so far it has not been fruitful.

    75. Nick Barnes

      The automatic word superficially depend because confirmation analytically hand worth a supreme adapter. devilish, nimble insulation

    76. MarkoTiano

      Forget the green! They need to start winning period.

    77. BARTYB 2K

      I like the SF21

    78. CalgarGTX

      Green arrow is because they are advertising menthol Marlboros ? Hypocrites

    79. curly437

      Uh, can you make the wheelbase any longer in these ugly cars? Sheesh

    80. Ahmed uzair

      Let me just say that this channel produces far superior videos than the official F1 one.

    81. wololo10

      Whyyy no split turbo wtf ferrari look at your budget

    82. MallV0lli0


    83. wololo10

      wtf is that green

    84. sam mm

      P11 and p12

    85. Jackdaw

      Feels like Binotto is just there to keep Leclerc happy, not in terms of making the team all about him, but just to keep him interested in Ferrari until the team can develop a good car.

    86. lake martyn

      Why is beating Mercedes unrealistic ? Surely the main reason off racing is to beat your opponent or what is the point in bothering turning up, Mercedes have been beaten before and will loose again !!!

      1. Neutron Alchemist

        It could be done when teams could evolve their cars. Not when they had to ask for permission to change every screw. the "evolution tokens" are ridicolous. "We have a car that have problems in two places. Found an easy fix for both, but we can fix only one because we can spend only one 'evolution token', so our next year's car will have a good rear and a defective front".

    87. Chepoi Izzy

      It look outdated if compared to their competitor cars.....

    88. Wednesday

      some regulations become stupider than ever

    89. David Johns

      I really hope the other teams can give the Merc cars a real challenge, needs to be more entertaining for us fans.

    90. Pietro Salomone


    91. Vince

      notice that charles car broke down in testing lmao

    92. Matruprasad Chand

      That green ruins it.

    93. GangScud_ 07

      Ferrari is Ferrari . F1 without Ferrari is not F1

    94. Andre Scaranto Garim

      last year they team up with Caterpillar and didn't work very well.

    95. John Davolta

      I can't wait to see Ferrari in the back of the grit!!

    96. Georges Aoun

      Me after hearing my friend complain about the green: Surely it can’t be THAT bad🙄 My friend: Oh boy oh boy it is Me after seeing it: Oh no...

    97. Jonathan Adi Nugroho

      Lets count how many 🅱 in comment section

    98. tgroberts


    99. TheAntwerpStudent

      Let me tell you, If ferrari doesn't lift it's performance in 3-5 races, Binotto is out!

    100. Niki Djakovic

      Everybodys improved, but with engine power back, comes the winning. Everythings about the engine guys