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    In this video we find out which Norris Nut can eat the most cookies. The Norris Nuts can't believe it when Mama said today was an eating challenge. They thought she was joking. The Norris Nuts do a skateboarding challenge and the winner gets to choose which food item they will be eating the most of for the day. Sabre wins the challenge and the Norris Nuts choose to eat cookies for the day. The Norris Nuts go to the shops which is the supermarket and stock up on cookie and biscuit supplies for the food challenge. There are some trips to McDonalds and some of the Norris Nuts don't feel too well. The ending will come down to two people and the winner will get a surprise later. We also have some stories to tell you if you get right to the end.

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    1. The Norris Nuts

      Watch More - LAST TO LEAVE THE CAR fiblock.info/face/videot/nJJsmo2Kc3PVZ5w.html SABRE'S SWEET 16th BIRTHDAY fiblock.info/face/videot/lLCeraeqaqS6dKg.html WE MOVED OUR BEDROOMS OUTSIDE fiblock.info/face/videot/amx2p66WZqXJmGk.html

      1. Ola Adewusi


      2. rblx_cloud

        Who says omg when they say something?!

      3. Dana Sallam

        I Used to love these videos but I stopped watching them not bc I hate you bc I forgot

      4. Megan Hardman


      5. Milena Nigro


    2. snooper me

      STAY SCRIMPY 😁😁🙃🙂😊

    3. Elainastars

      Biggy said reese or peace

    4. Brigitte Sumruld

      Because it’s easy that what biggy said

    5. Roblox.darlinq

      Am i the only one that thinks naz is more casual

    6. Pug Patroller

      Biggy Said: because i eat them

    7. Isabella Slattery

      Shrimp king

    8. Hailyn Morunga

      Biggy I'm gonna win reality nope

    9. Gaming Shark

      Stay shrimpy

    10. Ms Beast

      he saiaisbd its too easyy edit: and what i want is a iphone 11 white not pro max

    11. Ruth Nicole

      Hi Norris Nuts I really like your content on FIblock and I really love you guys I been watching you guys since the beginning and can I get a shout out

    12. jeps limlengco

      Hi please read it can you do last to eat chicken nugget i love you guys

    13. The Sophie Show

      Biggy said while he was eating cookies “ because i eat them”

    14. Grissell Rodirguez Gutierrez

      You guys said cookies 87 times and I’m always gonna be a lengend

    15. Amy Costa

      Biggy said because they’re easy

    16. Lucía Ruiz Ortiz

      It's super easy (Ithink)

    17. Jacqueline Baxter

      I love your guys videos

    18. Lana Lia

      Sabre Biggy cause I eating

    19. iiLuxwee

      1:25 I think biggy but i think sabre if she says she eats ALOT she can't fit in a dress ( Not a nn hater just saying 😩 )

    20. Me Eva Douglas

      Is anybody going to talk about how Mum said the hare and the rabbit when it’s the tortoise and the rabbit

    21. Lara Duca

      biggy said: cuz i ate them

    22. Itz Robyn

      You guys are crazy! I couldn’t eat 5 cookies😅 well done!!!!

    23. Alya Khalaf

      Naz be like:ima win also naz: i tapped out that spoiled brat can’t admit shes a loser

    24. Alya Khalaf

      Naz ur a failure

    25. Kiersten Hykes

      Biggy said this is easy

    26. Wasayf Alhajri

      Because it’s easy

    27. Simmerplayzsims4 Lol

      A.N.Z.A.C biscuits actually stand for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps so they are really Australis and New Zealand's . intended

    28. DJBEN

      Biggy going to win

    29. Katie Woollard

      Omg on may 8th is my birthday

    30. ashiee._.fidgets

      Norris nuts is the best. i love all yall

    31. Itsyugurl

      I screamed out the window and at school SHRIMP

    32. James Lovell at

      Stay shrimpy

    33. Maisie Helen

      I think biggy said to late to

    34. Regine Theodore

      Sockie!! "I'm going so fast, there's a sign that says, 'slow down!' Hilarious!!!! 😂

    35. Marigiselle vlogs

      I don't think naz can do that she says shes out and then goes back in I think that's cheating

    36. Juan Ortegaa

      Pretty late comment but you can walk and burn the same amount of calories as walking

    37. Brynli 11

      Maybe y’all should do who can eat the most cheese cakes?

      1. •~Rat •~

        I hate that cake 🤮

    38. heshima mulinde


    39. Ola Adewusi

      I think Naz can’t do that because when your eliminated your eliminated

    40. Hannah Collins


    41. Beatrice Haynes

      Sorry sabre but it is srimpy for me

    42. horse craaazzzyyy

      I love the positivity in the cements when I'm sad I always come here

    43. Emma is the goat

      Buggy said couse they are easy

    44. Taimur khan

      please keep doing these :ppppppppppppp

    45. Malak Ghazawi

      Who also heard Nazi in the background when they got to the shops she said "we're here at the shops" 😂

    46. Jackson

      Im on shrimp king 🦐

    47. PANDAIRA

      pause the video at 15:54 and look at sockies face

    48. Teresa Cook

      good job saber and good try shrimpy man! LOL!!

    49. Cassidy-rae Cocks


    50. Tvon Nguyen

      I have watched all of it the video on yours main channels

    51. Tvon Nguyen

      biggy said " to easy " i think

    52. Mia Eddy

      he said to easy

    53. Gaming With Rivaa

      Can u see bigger pick his nose on 24:32

    54. Mubaraq Shehu

      Biggy said because I eat this... Also STAYYYYYYYYYYY SHRIMPYYYYYYYYYYH

    55. Lisa Priestland

      He said this is easy

    56. Nutty Norris and CHARLI Damelio

      In 18:09 biggy created a whole new word

    57. Laikah's World

      POV: When Sockie started talking about cauliflower you fast forward⏩

      1. LHX 2009

        I didnt

    58. Laikah's World

      Wow, Thats hectic Woah-oh Thats not good. -Slender Mum 2021

    59. Poppy's Roblox World

      I would want sabre to win but I don’t wanna be in the fancy queen I wanna be in shrimpy

    60. steven stephen

      He said it's easy

    61. steven stephen

      Nas is my favorite

    62. steven stephen

      I made it to the end

    63. Georgia Webb

      he said super easy

    64. Farah Salem

      "let's hope biggy washed his hands" Whoever edited the video 2021

    65. Vivien Gillespie

      Biggy said cuz there easy

    66. Vivien Gillespie

      But in the who can eat the most hamburgers Saber tapped out after she ate ten hamburgers so basically Biggy won!

    67. Vivien Gillespie

      Last to stop eating wear bix

      1. Vivien Gillespie

        Who can eat the most

    68. the pink sniky elfy and jayde

      Biggy said this is to easy

    69. Madison Hernandez

      can you put world of pets on androinds plase

    70. Kailyn Theron

      24 hours of Naz having a guinea pig so Justin can see how respinsible she is let's spread the word Legends🖐🏻🤛🏻

    71. Thejoshman 0

      Stay shrimpy I’ma vote Biggy

    72. Ruth gacha

      Biggys going to win

    73. mohamedorleans1

      You guys said cookie 63 times i counted

    74. Laina Villeneuve

      Biggy said eating cookies is easy

    75. Mr. Arrow

      Im pretty sure biggy said i cant eat this

    76. Colleen Dingle

      and i am a legend toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bey norris

    77. Colleen Dingle

      hi norris is bridgette you shod do how can eat the most chocelet i love you all norris

    78. Colleen Dingle

      hi norris nuts i am bridgette i am 9 years old i am terning 10 in agest the 10th i love you all

    79. Kawaii Fun!

      U probably felt sick after this.

    80. Salana Creates

      mama: i swear on grandpa glenis (idk how to spell) grave NN: *screaming* ahHhhHHaAaaaAhHHhHHHAAAaAaAaaaAA

    81. Lily Loo

      I speak biggy he said it was easy

    82. Lily Loo

      If you want to beat buggy do shrimp

    83. Ara's World

      Do you watch doorman I watch that

    84. Honour's Cheese Party

      if the norris nuts were my siblings i would want naz and sockie becase sockie will help me out with some of my futrue callenges that ill do on my channel and i will have someone to play with like naz and ill be able to feel a guinie pig=)

    85. •dxisyrae•

      If you swim you can get very very very hungry 😀

    86. Jocy Morales

      Fancy queen

    87. Sunflower_ Building

      I think biggy said I eat them or something

    88. 22 Mia Shanley

      Norris nuts are the best pls do who can eat the most froot loops , skittles, cheese , nuttella

    89. Lincoln Hitchcock

      Idk what biggy said

    90. Evan williams

      Biggy said: because its easy Nn fam said cookies 🍪: 58 times

    91. Mila Bezdjian

      He said this is easy I think

    92. LHX 2009

      I counted 78 cookies

    93. Samantha Allred


    94. dokofa

      I don’t think it’s fair how they can steal bolls (it’s my opinion)

    95. ♡ Zoey ♡

      "Just don't get kidnapped." - Slender Mum 2021

      1. Elainastars

        Omg why did u comment that thats mean

      2. Anastasia Morelos


    96. Fatma Hashad

      Naz was the first one out because she can't say i got out then say just kidding, she can't do that

    97. ♡ Zoey ♡

      Sabre is so pretty!!! I am so jealous of her looks!!!

    98. Milla Horswill

      biggy said "coz there easy" i love you guys so much

    99. Melinda R

      81 times that they said cookie

    100. Bgs Reed

      18:21 he said its to easy