Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?

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      1. Moon Jae-in

        You missed the last men in intro

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        Hey, you're supposed to tick this video includes paid promotion and #ad.

      3. Gill Kilner

        Which country have the most time zone.

      4. Magpie

        such a seamless and naturally placed ad

      5. iamthewallrus

        @Paul Sangiorgio men men men men

    2. Angus Hirst

      Woo! BFD!!!!

    3. The Euphoric Gentleman

      "...to this day very few people know very little about, with even more people knowing even less" Chris Morris would be proud of that line, well done chaps.

    4. SecretAlfaFan

      Haha, it´s a snapshot view of what England would look like under the yoke of Polish rule 😂

    5. Jeffda llama

      2:24. Unwatchable, biros don’t work in space

    6. Kevin P.H

      The us doesn’t get oil from the Middle East

    7. Steve Schijns

      If you like maps and catchy rock music, then the new video of "MAP" will be perfect - @

    8. Michael Burns

      0:05 tetris

    9. R EMcW

      I live just outside Tanbrydz-Lelz

    10. Train By The Sea

      I would see the problem saying map men in russian

    11. Vyginta Inokaitiene

      You still think it is a joke?

    12. Rohan Sharma

      Why wasn’t there the extra “men” at the end of the intro

    13. Synthesizer Patel

      Is it true that during the cold war period, the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermarston in Berkshire was completely omitted from OS maps (despite it being signposted on road signs) ?

    14. Elijah Genet

      5:53 Lmao, I love how the chart goes from 'Not on the Christmas card' to 'Nuke em!'

    15. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie


    16. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Soviet Union: (drops a WHOPPING 220 PAGE book) RREAD EM, AND WEEP

    17. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      Prince Phillip I ' M H O M E

    18. SAM

      RIP Prince Philip

    19. Krzysztof Zgoliński

      5:40 Poland never allied with Russia, after world war II for bravery of polish soliders fighting nazis we were transformed into Russias puppet state just like hungary, czechoslovakia, east germany romania and bulgaria.

    20. Unclebensriceunofficial

      3:25 didn’t age all too well

    21. clayton monk

      Prediction before I watch lol In a weird way it makes sence for Russia to have optimal maps of its enemys. Lol its a great strategy 🤣


      the best channel

    23. pyramid titan gaming

      6:56 potato 7:02 potato the 2nd 8:20 potato the 3rd

    24. Roger Crier

      Where can I get a polish map of South Wales? Are they readily available?

    25. Asher Jaffe

      I'm losing it over the map of New York at 5:20 where they've elected not to translate a lot of common words so there's places like Dzhersi Siti and Uayt Pleyns and Kvins.

    26. meme man

      "you're welcome!" Wait...

    27. Kebab

      3:22 That didnt age well...

      1. AS

        Not really. He was going to die at some point, he’s not immortal

    28. matias rafael rezinovsky benegas

      Queen Elizabeth II: Philip, I'm home Prince Philip: I'm not

      1. William Gardner


    29. Big DogCountry

      Because they still have spies embedded.

    30. Sgt. Pepper

      Im Polish and I would have never known those were Polish spellings if you didn't say it lol 0:49 also i have no clue what you said here. dobre what?

    31. Angela Kindness

      3:23 - #VechnayaPamyat'!

    32. Angela Kindness

      #Yandex wants to know your location

    33. Clarrie Hall

      Is this a good time to mention that map men have a map on their wall that omits new Zealand?

    34. Glauber Gomes Oliveira


    35. Kacper Fronc

      **meanwhile in an alternate universe where maps are dubbed in polish**

    36. Suman Singh

      In the Bed together 😂😂

    37. RandomEffects

      3:23 well, this joke is now a little awkward

    38. HDTomo

      3:23 Queen: Prince Phillips I'm home! Audience: clapping Prince Phillips: **HEART ATTACK NOISES**

    39. Peter G

      Sovietunion had the best maps of any country. In Sweden as an example they also manage to figure out where military personnel lived such as pilots and so on...

    40. Fallen Down

      I am saying you all, Soviets was geniouses. Both in space and anywhere but they never got enough money to perfect their projects like their rockets. Lack of found man, lack of money :(

    41. I Am Arizonaball


    42. Bobs your uncle

      3:43 10,000 miles is a 1/4 of the earth's circumference so not many spies then#?

    43. Simon the Viking


    44. Kairan Zingapan

      3:20 - Rest in peace, Prince Phillip...

    45. Roonayy

      I love how you keep subtly changing the map men intro theme

    46. Stefan Uchiha

      Vodka is Polish >:(

    47. I Kasatkin

      Братан сходи в парикмахерскую

    48. Big DogCountry

      Cuz they have and/or had the spy boots on the ground to come up with them for when they invade you.


      when u build a detailed map in the name of communism only to be seen that nowadays ur maps has been used most by capitalists

    50. PopeBarley

      The Chips Challenge spy icon on the map gave me a nostalgiagasm

    51. aaclover n

      I love old soviet era maps - they utilize colours, numbers, shapes really well, and are all standartised and easily readable. The modern maps just don't look that cool

    52. LMB222

      I wish British and certain American names had spelling next to them. Not in Polish, but IPA. Even some Americans don't know how to pronounce "Tucson", and don't get me started on Ruislip, Lewisham and the like around London.

    53. Steven Michael Hachey

      hanscom is very close to where i live

    54. Paul is a person

      6:03 this is the funniest thing I have heard today

    55. Kitty Lover

      3:23 rip

    56. Koshish Sunuwar

      Today, I found out that Mikhail Gorbachev did a commercial for Pizza Hut. 👍😂 I liked that commercial.

    57. Gustaw Białogrecki

      5:40 "their Polish allies", the f*ck are you talking 'bout

    58. Pluto Plays

      RIP Prince Phillip

    59. Confused Carrot

      Pick one: USSR or USA UK: I like both

    60. Meroe

      Oh so your polish is better???? Say Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz (pronounced Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz). We have no problem with that

    61. Telecorpse!

      Dys transliterejszyn fing brołk maj brejn. Aj kent stop rajting Inglisz lajk dat.

    62. RuVodka

      Maybe making U.K Communist?

    63. Fede Perusset

      You guys are great, love your videos. Saludos from Argentina!

    64. James Carroll

      Uncle Peter looks alot like David Grohl.


      россия топ!

    66. Andrew Jennings

      "Oh Philip, I'm ho- oh..."

    67. Bryce Bishop

      what the fuck the missing “men” threw me so hrs

    68. Hex

      Should've called him Jo-Stal.

    69. Mr Pear Guy

      0:48 I'm from Poland and I have no idea what you said 🤣 that's not a word.

    70. Sergiusz Stein

      when he said his polish got better already and then said polish sounding gibberish i lmaoed so hard

      1. Tomasz Karwik

        To samo

    71. bob808

      "Prince Phillip, I'm home" didn't age well.

    72. Alleyne Warner

      " ... winning WWII ..." yes!!!

    73. Paulo André

      The intro has one men less than it should

    74. Antonio Rodriguez

      USSR was never that interested in invading the west as they were interested in surviving to be honest, if you consider they were actually invaded by western powers (and japan) during their civil war against the mensheviks

    75. olli

      3:25 that didnt age well

    76. Cononodapotato

      "Prince Philip i'm home!" Philip, not being able to speak, promptly dies of a heart condition.

      1. Pacotaco


      2. Uli Schmidt

        The queen quickly consumes the body to fuel her immortality

      3. pyramid titan gaming

        Wait a minuut

      4. rhona Goodwin

        Ikr so sad 😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭

    77. Macallan

      The queen ain't saying that anymore!!

      1. Kadnaz - Saints Row

        The queen ain't saying that anymore!!

      2. Mr Perry

        The queen ain't saying that anymore!!

    78. Macallan

      The queen ain't saying that anymore!!

      1. Kadnaz - Saints Row

        The queen ain't saying that anymore!!

      2. Mr Perry

        The queen ain't saying that anymore!!

    79. Christopher Stewart

      Soviet spy walking with trundle wheel is my favourite

    80. Jose Montesinos

      Saw this for the first time now and "Phillip i'm home" hit hard

    81. Legolas Nosense

      Prince Phillip I’m home... Oh no...

    82. theknightswhosay

      3:24 le sad 😔

    83. No-Life Noah

      3:23 rip lol

      1. RandomName Last Name

        2021: Prince Philip, I'm home! 2021: Prince Phillip's couch, I'm home!

    84. Tesco Meal Deals

      Well apart from vodka... Poles: jensjsjzjeksksonskwlamxndndkdne xhdhbcjrjsndjskksnd

    85. Sokka

      5:23 it has my town Horsham (ХОРШАМ)

    86. Grigori Rasputin

      3:23 well that didn't age well...

    87. Nexem

      Based russia

      1. regot

        and redpilled

    88. Dat Brown

      Why do they have the best maps of Britain? because some Russian after drinking his weight in Vodka wanted to make them

    89. Samuel Lee

      3:23 he will be missed

      1. Kadnaz - Saints Row

        "missed" by the elderly and conservatives maybe

    90. Peter Griffin

      While Russians use spies we use Google smart cars.

    91. Ahmes Syahda

      i don't know about you but Remzgyt, Ramfed, and Fouksten just make sense

    92. Max Carter

      Map men

    93. Jacob Kitty

      I like Uncle Peter

    94. Pure Aids with Memes

      Fun fact - During the Cold War, an extensive invasion plan of the entire Europe was drawn up, with orders for each satelite state, such as "You invade this place and you do this thing to this building". Which is why the maps are in polish - Poland was supposed to take the northern route through Denmark and into England. If I remember correctly, Czechoslovakia had its endgoal in Paris (Been a while since Ive been taught the Cold War so I might be mistaken). Of course, this plan was not meant for an offensive, but a counterattack in case of a NATO invasion.

    95. neumond

      Кошмар, теперь англичане всё знают! (исправляю резиденцию на театр в своей карте)

    96. olfinator

      Omg great video, thank u guys so much!!!

    97. Augustus Caesar

      Jay IS a Russian Spy. I am Russian and he looks like one of the teachers in my university.

    98. Rendered

      To my secret Russian spy on my phone: sorry how boring your job must be and that you know you will never find anything on this but have a good life chump.

    99. Ermuhambet Calmenov

      Jew or Armenian or Greece two guys work for KGB

    100. Battlnerd

      5:40 i wouldn't necessarily say "allies", rather "subordinates"