Why Haas has given up on F1 2021 already


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    Haas didn't develop its 2020 F1 car at all last year, and it is set for another year of the same this season. All we've seen so far is a new livery, and when the real VF-21 emerges at pre-season testing, it will have some new parts on it compared to last year, but nothing significant. And as this video explains, there are other clear signs from the team that 2021 is not at the forefront of the team's ambitions to recover from its slump of the last couple of years.
    2021 investment 'pointless'
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    1. Theadore Snibblegoober

      Gene is cheap and does not have deep enough pockets to run the a team

    2. ZaYeR Z

      Mazepin has a forehead longer than the main straight on Baku

    3. Michael Brown

      He copped a feel and apologized. Move on. Yet, it is ok in the US to attack police, burn our cities and kill hundreds of elderly (Cuomo).

    4. riley fair

      An American race team with a car that looks like the Russian flag for the Russian driver....ok

    5. mark mall

      Hass eill evenyually swop places with Williams. They might as well leave F1 and concentrate on making better cnc machines.

    6. Alan Trinanes

      Steiner is my favorite in the Netflix series.

    7. Palmer Monsen

      Cause Mazepin is driving for them

    8. Noah with no Ark

      A team owned by one person with limited amount of sponsor I'd say a good choice for practicality

    9. Jessi Porch

      Presenter: Please remember to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell. Me: I'm certainly not going to do that.

    10. animal mother

      Actually pretty smart

    11. Crisis Cycling

      This is smart, going into 2022 dead last means they get tons of bonus things like extra wind tunnel time. Don’t count Haas out. Dude knows what he’s doing. Like he’s said many times, a lot of winning in racing is just being stubborn.

    12. Si

      Kaviat and hulkenberg woulda been a better pairing.

    13. Daniel R

      "Let us know how you think they will do this year" After watching race 1... it doesn't look great for them to be honest.

    14. TheRealItachi8910

      The ill-fated octagon family repair because gore-tex pathophysiologically dance excluding a energetic thumb. well-groomed, clear bugle

    15. M. Jackson

      Honestly though... This whole team is a joke. The biggest F1 meme there is.

    16. Алекс Ников

      just renta team hiring strange people

    17. Nspinicelli

      Then why even compete. What a joke. Haas is failure after failure.

    18. Ben Zemanek

      Haas just needs to keep both cars in the race for the sake of their sponsors so they can survive until next seasons, but it's looking like that's even going to be a challenge lol. At least Mazepin's antics will keep them in the headlines I guess?

    19. adjutant

      Aren't Haas gearing up to sell the team to Russian oligarchs? Yeah, I'd just phone it in, it's already the Russian team.

    20. Innuendo

      Haas just wanted to get Mazepin's money, job complete.

    21. Mehmetşah Sert

      i mean its the most logical thing to do i say. just save up money and time to make bigger and better preperations for 2022 as it will be an entirely new design of f1. just give the rookies the car of the last year so they can gain some experience

    22. Omar Lozada

      I think Haas it's done, even the car has the colors of Russia's flag already, after this season Mazepin father will take control of the team and rename it and be a Russian team, so no more USA F1 team anymore. What a shame, but as Hamilton said "cash is king"

    23. Grinner Wolf

      Haas is becoming a poor performance team. For want of funding, it got rid of two good drivers - Magnusson and Grosjean. I really feel sorry for Haas

    24. Ede Kabi

      If mazepin will continue with Haas this year it means Haas is already out the compilation

    25. CJ Wright

      This has to be the last year Gene Haas continues funding this train wreck. No way he keeps this team running in 22?

    26. Chris Freeman

      First: Gene Haas should be tarred-and-feathered! The only 'American' car in the field, and he sells out to a Russian! Look down...more...more...yeah that tiny little sticker at the bottom of the car... that's the American flag, and it's not even Red White and Blue! Pathetic! Bought Spyker, at least he was up front about it. I actually have one of theirs shirts, and Verstappen fans always hi-5 me :) Second: How rich are you that you can just write off $100 million by not even trying to race your car? He could send everyone responding to this thread and $1,000, and he'd still come out ahead

    27. Planet Jigobot TV

      HAAS is an American as German Chocolate Cake.

    28. Swole Thor

      In what way is haas actually American? Other than the owner is anyone involved American? As far as I’m concerned Mclaren is more American because of Zak Brown and they have American sponsors.

    29. Pavel Plyushch

      Jesus this anti russia campaign moved to f1 now. Has anyone seen that video? Has anyone seen the comments from the girl? No? She posted it, she pulled his hand, SHE SAID IT! I d rather judge him as a driver and say that he does not deserve the seat, but his daddy money might help Mick though.

    30. Leslie George

      Wrong choice of drivers

    31. Keith Murphy

      Mazepin did nothing wrong. I'm guessing the majority of males have done something similar to a close female friend at least once during their high school/college days. That in itself doesn't make it right but it's just one of a million dumb ways young people court each other. They were friends, probably drinking and having a good time. She laughed and pushed his hand away so he immediately stopped and didn't do it again. If they didn't know each other or he tried doing it again than I would agree 100% with it being wrong. The girl even released a statement immediately afterwards if I'm not mistaken. Enough of this fake news witch hunt... People need to chill the F out and let the damn kid focus on racing

    32. Gil Norton

      After 1 race in the 2021 season there is no doubt that the team is a thorough disgrace, and an embarrassment to themselves and to the USA. If they had a shred of self respect they should withdraw the team with immediate effect. I can't imagine how Mr. Haas thinks this ridiculous team is going yo enhance his corporate image. I will not be able to watch F1 this season because of the presence of this joke of a team', (representing my country, indirectly, me), disgracing the sport I've followed avidly since 1954.

    33. J. B.

      There's basically zero chance Gene Haas still owns that team next year. And it should be obvious who the buyer will be.

    34. gas gazman

      I miss Magnussen.......

    35. Matthew Kozachek

      “Maybe Mazepin will prove he can drive in F1” yeah about that... 🤣

    36. Vic Lee

      Mazespin, dude is a sucky driver.

    37. Zachary H

      And he wrecks on the first lap? What a guy

    38. Ian Lu

      Fucking mazepin

    39. 6Lilies6Phillies

      When you finish 5th in F2 but still get a seat in F1 because your daddy paid for your seat.

      1. TheLeg7nd 27

        That's what money will do for ya

    40. yoda

      “Why Haas Haas given up on F1 2021 already”

    41. Christophe Dumortier

      Because woman abuse imposes cannot be explained

    42. Cthulthu

      American owners, Russian pandering. What's going on here?

    43. El Honesto

      As an American I feel embarrassed this team sold their soul to Russian interests. If you don’t have the money to run a team then leave, what’s the point?

    44. DIM Tips

      Not sure how long haas will stay in F1

    45. Vincent Lussier

      There shouldn't even BE F1 or ANY major sport right now! Even if they're all tested. There's still a danger but money talks! If they can run the sport with empty grand stands then they can certainly lower the price of their rip off tickets It's all about the MONEY!!!

    46. goatmonkey2112

      For 2022, they need to ditch Mazepin. Find an American sponsor with a kid who wants to pretend to be a racecar driver. Jeff Bezos has a 20 year old son. He probably drives better than Maldonado. Go stick him in a car and collect a giant check. Then cover the car in American flags and Amazon logos. Everyone wins.

    47. Robin Raphael

      lol yeah americans will see Russian Colors lmao sure

    48. Sašenko Š

      I don’t know what to say about Haas anymore.

    49. AIB01

      Well if testing is anything to go by both Williams and Alpha Romeo look to be better cars. The question for me is will Haas score any points this season?

    50. Tim

      Do tokens carry over or Haas just 100% focused on 2022?

    51. please leave

      Haas actually makes amazing cnc machines, too bad it's partner ship with rich energy was floppy at best...

    52. Benjamin

      I don't like mazepin but he is not obliged to apologise to the f1 fans for what he did, that is between that girl and nikita

    53. JP

      So there isn't an American F1 team on the grid this year is what I'm seeing.

    54. Pixel

      I just feel bad for Schumi junior.

    55. Dominic

      Went from Haas to Haaschevski

    56. Moomin

      *attention: the comments section is full of nationalism and anger, be careful*

    57. Promix|Games

      Man the nacism towards Russia is unreal. If it was any other flag it would be ok for everyone

      1. Promix|Games

        Generally if it was a German flag everyone would cheering the fuck out of it cause yay Schumacher and fuck the russian man who groped the woman who wasn't against it, but since people see smth Russian (especially related to money) they go wild. Wtf people, stop the hate

    58. Jebi Se

      so what did that guy do?

    59. Pieter-Bas Beijer

      Hope they can deal with the disaster year that 2021 will be for them and see them still on the grid in 2022.

    60. Lowry

      you may hate mazepin, but atleast haas hasnt dropped out of f1 yet

    61. NIMBLE Gaming

      If Williams don't achieve at least 9th this season...

    62. Gewglesux

      what IS Haas. anyhow?..

    63. jan veit

      I do not see Haas getting better. They will just coast through the season on Mazepin's backing money and hope for a miracle next year.

    64. Mabz • Rahman

      Mother Russia F1 team

    65. MeneerIngeneur

      Mazepin is a ticking time bomb...mark my words!

    66. CthulhusServant

      Atleast Haas picked the perfect Livery for them. Their both are just not good

    67. The Stig

      Why haas performance bad? Cause it's American team they can only go fast in the straight line

    68. Flynn van Herwijnen

      I think it’s smart to focus on the 2022 car since that could provide more fortune than developing this car for one year and then having to design the 2022 car last minute and being backmarkers ‘til the end of time

    69. Doctor Onishi's Psychosis Lab

      un subbed coz you keep begging for subs. if ya content is good people will sub

    70. slovak4life1991

      I hate what they did with the livery. Supposed to be the American team, but they paint it with Russian colors.

    71. gregorix 14

      Ooooohhh myyy Jesus.. Haas has turned ito a cyka blyat mobile with one of their drivers being a typical russian kid.. (no offense) Schumacher's 1st year is gonna be awful..

    72. szewei1985

      Haha interesting

    73. Jude

      I feel so bad for Mick. Imagine being teammates with that prick.

    74. yasio bolo

      I hope Steiner calls Mazepin a "fokking vankor" at every chance he gets.

    75. Doug Thomson

      Well, isn’t it delightful that the son of a corrupt Russian Oligarch has such a notable place in F1 racing.

    76. Chip in4seven

      Waste of money to circle around at the back of the field ⛳

    77. Troy Green

      I would really like to see this team get itself together and become competitive

    78. DoxYDox DeLamanca

      LOL... c-class. The only reason Alfa was the leading team of the F1 c-series championship was because, in part, Kimi.

      1. yasio bolo

        Lmao *sees the livery*... Yea they've given up lol 😂

    79. Ponch Seltzer Boi

      Pain *Gunther Steiner*

    80. MrCODEMaster00

      Can someone say what the actual controversy about the Haas driver was? The narrator tip-toed around it.

    81. Crihs95

      Really saddens me that MIck ended up in Haas with a shithead as his teammate and a Russian Flag with wheels as a car, hopefully he's only gonna spend this year in this shitshow and go to Alfa next year

    82. y3v1k

      His family are crooks!

    83. Will Townsend

      USA f1 team flying a Russian flag lol

    84. kolim jone

      I wonder, will Mazepin run Hamilton off when he gets lapped.

    85. Death Sausage

      The car livery is the Russian flag colours.

    86. LedFingers

      Mazepin, Latifi and Stroll. SMH.

    87. Cary Eckland

      I hope Mick can quickly distance himself from his toxic teammate

    88. Reza Atabaki

      Pffff the f2 champ gets the F1 chump 😭

      1. kolim jone

        Очень красивый дизайн, я бы сказал православный!

    89. Poole Dogg

      Haas have to forget about saving engines in races where they find themselves up the grid. Full throttle and take a penalty when they blow up in other races.

    90. Hüseyin Kılıç

      Say reigning f2 champion mick, instead of micheals son. He has his own achievements you know

    91. AwkwrdPrtMskrt

      Should have just given up. They not only let Russians represent their nation when the WADA ruled that they cannot due to doping, they allowed a total sleazebag to be their driver and sully the name of a legend whose son is the other driver. If I were Steiner I'd quit right after 2020.

    92. vinasu maaj

      Lmao *sees the livery*... Yea they've given up lol 😂

    93. andszy

      tf did mazepin do to the girl

    94. Aurora

      All technicalities aside I actually really like the haas livery

    95. Jay Moore

      Your twitter handle is particularly insensitive when attached to a story about Grosjean's crash. "Wear ether, ace" is just not funny in this context.

    96. Racingfan787b

      The moment I saw the the 2021 haas livery my dislike for the team and Mezapin skyrocketed

    97. Rushin Bought

      What happens when US money is ”lost" in ukrainian shell [c]ompanies. Then "red [i]stributed" to The "F[a]mily".

    98. Soinas Doyi

      HAAS: The new Williams that we never knew that we didn't not need.

    99. Ryan Jose Razo

      *Why Haas Haas given up on 2021 already

    100. Михаил Мафиозник

      Очень красивый дизайн, я бы сказал православный!