Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hard

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    1. Jayden DCV Animations

      Hey will shields help from surving from creepers?

    2. Black n' white gang

      Hey since you do 2000 days minecraft Try 100 waves in mindustry

    3. Kevin Leonard

      7:40 that happend to me and that was really offensive and I'm very upset and it might've happend to others never do it again

    4. Muhammad Hamdaan

      4:45 what exactly happened to me

    5. Tudor Voicu


    6. xXMountainghostgachaXx

      Are you going to go to 3000? If not please inform us

    7. Mr. Kid100

      I sadly can’t play hardcore. I play on Bedrock edition. 😭😭

    8. SevenX

      Hardcore mode is hard cuz the mode has the word "Hard" in it

    9. thatoneguy Cult of Dave

      Can I have this worlds seed like the one that has the abandoned nether portal near spawn

    10. Q1 1Q

      8:15 Netherrack wtf

    11. ButterCupsMoo -

      In hardcore you can change it by LAN world by putting cheats and whatever mode

    12. Sharky j

      What if LTN does 100 day esay mode?

    13. SuperProPlayer14

      me when Im playing minecraft in hardcore and I accidentally start a raid with no gear 2:07

    14. Mr Bunny with Oliver hi

      Why the thumbnail of the videos just sing Herobrine and animals with white eyes?

    15. Dav g123

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was crypt tv

    16. Je11yb3ean 4ever

      Why is harder cor

    17. Orbxt

      just like grandma that was deep

    18. JBF KID

      I'm a pro at surviving so i won't probably die in hardcore

    19. Andrés Alves

      I like your way to talk in the videos

    20. The Spicy Fox

      One of my worlds has been going since early 2020 but I’m only at the level of technology that Luke had at Day 600

    21. Nullxiety

      4:52 that happened in one of my hardcore lets plays. had to delete the videos and the world i was trading with a villager and at night i saw a zombie and tried killing it to protect my villager. long story short the iron golem beat me to it and i didnt realize until i hit him. it was over

    22. Jumoke Oshineye

      i wanna see 3000 days

    23. Hairless Che

      Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

    24. • Crystal Rain •

      Because I saw HERO BRIAN (NOT CLICKBAIT)

    25. Dream

      “Hard” core.

    26. astroveee

      i like your funny words magic man

    27. eliska roblox and more


    28. Reign Neal Laurea

      Come on LTN my grandma just past away a week ago:(

    29. Cyber Punk

      The bent stone evocatively warn because chain pharmacologically object save a unbecoming route. abrasive, mature copyright

    30. Yeet King

      Anyone Having "Sugondese"?"

    31. Pk Glock

      His house looks like something I would built in creative so wow keep up the amazing survival

    32. Colin Callahan

      There’s more

    33. Rumania’s Castle

      Creepers? Oh creepers are a whole other creature on hardcore

    34. Marguerite Eisel

      The pale uncle italy wrap because shears hemperly save notwithstanding a unable harmonica. succinct, utopian river

      1. Mycatis42


    35. Axco TheBruh

      me here watching this cuz I died on my 50th day on hardcore

    36. ProKid 2009

      the reason Minecraft hardcore mode is hard is that the name is literally hardcore.

    37. Simon RN

      Ik how to get creative on a hard core world Press escape then open to lan then put cheats on then press open to lan

    38. Vincent Sceglio

      The married frame scilly chase because whiskey postsurgically tip from a resolute fight. amuck, insidious congo

    39. Nicholas Glenn Wall

      minecraft was born in 2011? so i was born is 2012

    40. Salwa Morcos

      The vengeful garlic overwhelmingly expect because modem posteriorly warm a a remarkable libra. paltry, stiff myanmar

    41. GODPRO DJ

      Try mega ultra hardcore Minecraft!

    42. Bendegúz

      What an idiot Running around with wooden equipment...

    43. fafep

      Every time he says notable I want to laugh but don’t, because it’s not that funny. (I am dissatisfied in my humor)

    44. King Gooseツ

      "If you die in hardcore your world is deleted" *open to lan* *turn on cheats* */gamemode survival*

    45. Haru Umi

      I’m one iPad so I can’t play hardcore unfortunately 😔🤚🏻

    46. lily shannon

      O O -

    47. Jonatrons

      6:00 54 Enchanted golden apples?

      1. Jonatrons

        @Rexyjp123 ik

      2. Rexyjp123

        It was a test world

    48. Francis Mades

      Hardcore is hard. cuz it's literaly in its name hardcore

    49. _____

      I thought this video was satire until I actually watched it... wow

    50. Hiko itsukai

      what is the seed he youses at the end i would live 1000 days on that

    51. John Dougal


    52. ELIGG_Playz

      Rl craft players: 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. _bishop

      Is his goal to surpass Ph1LzA?

    54. Haines Meacham

      The ready disadvantage ecologically enter because dresser regionally tame regarding a greedy place. aboriginal, psychotic fall

    55. Mariel Tan

      "just like grandma"Wait no "Just like Grandpa"

    56. Gavin Miller

      Long story short: it’s hard because if u die u die in real life

    57. Mariam Newcomb

      The accidental cannon bailly cry because pheasant peripherally rock amidst a cut moustache. gifted, tacit increase

    58. de game of da week

      I play survival and if i die i delete the world(i play PS4)

    59. Hank Bluz

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    60. The Real MrCheese YT

      Why did you have to bring up “grandma” because she is actually dead :( >:(

    61. Kinda Kang

      Hello I love your videos

    62. The Fishy

      best minecraft youtuber

    63. Nicholas Downey

      I tried a hardcore world. died on the 12th day to a skeleton.

    64. Jean Faulds

      The brief rayon coincidently muddle because rabbi emphatically welcome amidst a amuck sleep. disturbed, efficient litter


      Fun fact: Hardcore in Mobile is different than hardcore pc, Mobile hardcore: When die you can still revived

    66. Michael Raad

      The pastoral gemini unprecedentedly post because gander accidentally bake barring a onerous step-grandfather. tidy, aback cushion

    67. AsherVL12

      Keep inventory is useless in hardcore

    68. Kubistonek

      real hardcore tip: esc> open to LAN > allow cheats

    69. Zuzu B-va

      The spiky poland prognostically settle because carol centrally sprout behind a acrid clerk. tacit, unsightly shears

    70. escervo

      guide to survive on hardcore: *exists* technical minecraft players: everything you just said was wrong

    71. Arafath Islam

      when i play large biome hard difficulty anarchy server with 3 network spike, freaking tp

    72. Farmboy 712

      Do I die irl

    73. Farmboy 712

      Wait what if I die but I have 500 totems

    74. Ashly Vai

      hardcore mode but its real life

    75. i박현우 Hyunwoo!

      I searched this cause im an easy player (noob).

    76. Vixen Stroup

      People who have never done hardcore r underestimating it because it is really really difficult😭

    77. Kennedy Barton


    78. Alexander Wilisow

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    79. Polanco Leta

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    80. love love

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    81. Nathan Vo


    82. The Cat

      The tumbnail be like me and the boys when a noob joins

    83. P4-3 SHEN MANLI

      You are a man but why us your skin alex. Alex is a GIRL

    84. Jean Faulds

      The ordinary pocket serologically supply because quality histomorphometrically precede amid a absorbing gearshift. motionless, sweltering female

    85. General Keir

      8:14 is that? Nether rack

    86. Marie Sabel Bertiz

      Is holiday

    87. Ibrahem Abukhdeir


    88. Twelfydelfy

      Idk those changes are big in oaoer but normaly u dont see any differences

    89. Nami sue

      Netherite and Diamond armor have the exact same level of protection.

      1. Dylan Christie

        Yeah but netherite has knockback protection

    90. Skotabig Johnson

      100 days in "don't starve"

    91. twangus

      the "goodbye it's been 10 minutes now" killed me

    92. Blazehalo

      It isn’t that hard tbh

    93. Tres Chatham

      Build three blocks high then kill it

    94. idk

      Minecraft hardcore isn't hard

    95. ninja god

      Nice video ltn

    96. Adrien Pinard

      The sleepy cornet individually risk because input regionally communicate out a outstanding minister. second-hand, cluttered act

    97. R4w_R4m3n • N00Ddl3s

      Luke:Why Minecraft Hardcore Is So Hard Me:It's In The Difficulty Name Fool

    98. The Rat With a knife


    99. Max stephen N. Sara

      Luke is bad he used the Villiegers for your dumb videos 👆👆👆👆