Why The Web Is Such A Mess

Tom Scott

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    Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a "universal information system". What went wrong? • MORE BASICS: fiblock.info/player/PL96C35uN7xGLLeET0dOWaKHkAlPsrkcha.html
    Written with Sean Elliott SeanMElliott/ • Camera by Tomek • Graphics by William Marler wmad.co.uk
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    1. Tom Scott

      The thing behind me is the Centre for Computing History's Megaprocessor. It plays Tetris.

      1. Graphite


      2. Usuário Qualquer


      3. Epicly

        Yes, the most graphicly intense game, tetris

      4. ima Cunt

        @sxnderr ツ I think it was open to people who payed for the channel

      5. Herry Gunawan


    2. Lemon Face

      If you see this comment, 10381037 cookies have been set on you

    3. EJ T

      if you had a problem in the initial days, you could send a Eudora message directly to the developer, who would then help you fix the problem. It was a really exciting time.

    4. Space Fire

      Vote Saxon at 9:32

    5. Joecake Gamedev

      I love the "Vote Saxon", nice touch haha!

    6. Hendrik

      easyly solved, ban all forms of advertisment, and place laws making it a death sentence if you do so. lets see how many people will make ads then.

    7. Noah the Epic Guy

      I mean, if all else fails, I just use the developer tools to delete the pop-ups on websites. No, it's not entirely straightforward or easy (well, it kind of is, but I rarely use HTML or CSS or even go on websites like those much anymore), but it still works and I don't have to accept something.

    8. Neydzz

      I do recommend the combo of Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger to everyone (at least on chrome, probably other browsers too) to block ads and tracking.

    9. Adrian Salazar


      1. Pi Cubing Official

        ‘Pri-vacy’ and ‘pree-vacy’ are both accepted pronunciations.

    10. James Barker

      Is this why eBay continues to have really really basic google ads at the bottom of listings that nobody clicks on? Perhaps they have a deal with google so people can track them?

    11. Taylor Preston

      Vote saxon at the beginning tho

    12. Thomas's Things

      You know what's funny... a total of 0 of the adds I get relate anything to anything I look at. Look at gen z shitpost? Here, here's an ad for trojan condoms.

    13. Tibromatic

      So a cookie is a Mystery Biscuit, right?

    14. Kristopher Laggan

      Google both simplified and destroyed the internet

    15. Aidan Pryde

      Pi-hole. learn it, live it, love it. No more ads, no more tracking, no more bs.

    16. 123 321

      Pop up blocker for the win!

    17. Szabolcs Lőrincz

      Remember kids, always use adblock.

    18. Marmot

      Ah... ignorance is sure a bliss... now I'm informed and annoyed 😢🤦‍♂️

    19. thefirestate

      Adblock: I'm about to end this man's whole career

    20. big mistqke

      The web has always been messy

    21. LoganPlayz

      0:01 Is hilarious!

    22. Kishanfilms


    23. Anna Hughie

      Laughs in heavily modded firefox with cad ublock noscript and decentraleyes

    24. ARPANetUser4786

      I feel like Tom works in IT/Cyber Security

    25. George Marionerd

      Vote Saxon. Nice Doctor who reference.

    26. Adam K


    27. Nupetiet


    28. پیمان مجیدی معین

      great information in a short video, thanks Tim

    29. 𝖈1418𝖔𝖘 𝕺𝖋𝖋𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑

      I love the "reticulating splines" joke at 0:15 😆

    30. Aleksander Weedman

      Well at least now we don't have every page with cursor with weird shape, falling hearts or stars, playing music since you open page....

    31. Daringcuteseal

      Me: HAHA NEW AD BLOCKER! My favorite website: Looks like you're using ad blocker. We need every cent to make the website alive! If you don't block it, we won't be able to help! You won't be able to get help from other people! Have fun with your potato computer. Allow ads? Me: ..

    32. Riley Carpenter


    33. Stevie

      A computer that thinks it's running on hardware but is actually just a simulation in a browser window sounds like the concept for a niche horror film.

    34. hba 112

      Vote Saxon!

    35. Bleh

      I started coding USING MY PC, but im getting adds about coding on my iPad.

    36. Some Dude

      Vote Saxon!!! Brilliant!

    37. YaeMz Lea

      Vote Saxon!

    38. Toneri

      me: *Laughs in Pop up and ad blocker.*

    39. Ben Palmer

      Superman is gonna get some REALLY annoying ads

    40. Matthew K.

      I’m so glad someone finally explained cookies in a simpler way

    41. latsyrhc

      Advertisers are parasites, definitely not of the same species as us.

    42. lil-nunny8

      Is that a Doctor Who reference at the start?

    43. GuyApollo

      Seems to me that the intrusive pop up boxes are the fault of the EU...

    44. Zach Brown

      that intro made my sides hurt...thank you Tom, i really needed that laugh 🤣

    45. LazerLord10

      Screen resolution being used to fingerprint people. *Sweats in 2650x1600

    46. Spinkey

      i haven't had a pop up in over 5 yrs i switched to GNU/Linux ;)

    47. MindLicker

      I had been thinking about this, it's nice to know that I was kind of on the right track. Even nicer to see informative videos put into form that is very clear and easy to understand.

    48. BookwormKevin

      Please turn off your ad blocker to view this comment.

    49. Jake

      U wanna cookie?

    50. Sunny Shukla

      Tom, please don't distract me with Vote Saxon logos.

    51. Pricey Blackwinter

      Vote Saxon. Might I say you are a -Master- of references, Tom

    52. JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS

      *advertisers are not people :(*

    53. Ross Cooper

      Advertisers are as rampant now as viruses were in the late 90s

    54. Shahanaz Ahmed

      Even before watching this video i had to watch a advertise.

    55. inkublu

      ... Were under the same corporate umbrella - - - SWITCH TO GOOGLE PIXEL, THE-- [Skip Ad>]

    56. Marton Szasz

      My tools to fight the annoyances: - uBlock with annoyances blocklists enabled, blocking most ads and trackers - Firefox to allow normal operation of ublock, since chrome started to restrict adblocker capabilities - "I don't care about cookies" extension to stop the cookie popups. They are blocked anyway. - "Facebook container" if anything slips through, it still stops facebook tracking around the web - SponsorBlock extension to skip in-video ads on youtube. I'm paying for premium, so stop showing me ads. and a few more, but these are the most important.

    57. ZetaRhythm

      My general go-to method: If a site denies me clean entry for more than 10 seconds, I don't use it. The exception is FIblock, where I only F5 my way through various "Ad 1 of 2" cycles before finding some non-intrusive ad that doesn't require me to drop what I'm doing to hide it. No I don't use adblockers all that often, there are people who rely on ad revenue to fund their channels.

    58. Lithum

      is this why chrome is such a ram hog when it’s running cus it’s just throwing cookies into ram

    59. Blue Eye Woodworking

      That intro was amazing!

    60. David Patriot

      the fact that only innocent people get targeted in mass shootings and terror events and never big tech or big govt people says all you need to know about those false flags If these "terror" events were real, there would be at LEAST one major hit on these people

    61. Ferhad Semseddinli


    62. Fake Dream :O

      Who's watching timeworks about This Glitch dude

    63. dolphin production

      Vote saxson

    64. G Nock

      Tom paid by the word now

    65. Ethan and Raine

      Why is tom Scott's comment is older than the vid?

    66. The Flying Spaniard

      I like the vote saxon reference

    67. Kristianja Pantoflii

      All his work replaced with content. “Vote Saxon” someone’s a Who-ligan.

    68. Ashfaque Blathur

      Hey tom. Can a website just mine bitcoin, without the user knowing it happens?

    69. Chaos Ordeal

      Maybe Tom didn't notice, but if you opt out, many sites will keep pestering you about your settings, but once you opt in, suddenly they're forever silent.

    70. Rudra Saxena

      well 8:32 is a really good idea

    71. Róbert Balázs Lőrincz

      Apparently, Facebook's adverts have a very different code so ad removers can't recognise it

    72. Grubthak

      The danger of reader view and the rejection of advertising is that it will force content/information providers to insert advertising into what the user is attempting to view - i.e. paid product placement or articles that portray a sponsor company in a positive light.

    73. Tvsps Haiti


    74. inivican

      FIblock, the dic*s that they are, have unsubscribed me from your channel.

    75. Andrew Wilkinson

      The clumsy grenade inexplicably gather because burst internationally sparkle modulo a weak footnote. statuesque, tricky step-son

    76. Khalil Neogy

      The cookie that you use reminds of the one from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, it was a very cozy book that I loved to read when I was young.

    77. L Sedge

      The web isn't a connection between two existing places, it is the new frontier, and unlike previous frontiers like in the discovery of the new world and the gold rush, it doesn't really have physical limits.

    78. Person That guy

      If you didn’t know: Google also owns FIblock and just put a tax on Non-American content creators about a week ago, and also operates the biggest search engine, monitors audio and visual data from your phone, and uses all of that to sell said data to advertisers. Yes, even incognito mode searches. Not even just the sites you visit, any words or even letters you type into googles search bar will be recorded, even if you delete it, and even if you delete your search history or go on a “deep wipe” the server that google legally owns that is in a secure building somewhere in the world still has that information, and always will, unless if google wipes its own servers, which means, all data advertisers and companies have gathered on you and me up to this point, can and will be sold to other companies in hopes it will help them get you to buy their product, or at least look at it.

      1. Person That guy

        CIA also does this to American citizens, if you don’t believe me, search up John Snowden (I think that’s his name, I could be wrong)

    79. Cero

      At the beginning, you rejected all those permissions yet accepted all cookies.

    80. Thetreeboy

      Me with ad block plus, don’t worry it’s disabled on FIblock

    81. ashtar

      0:58 indeed, advertisers aren't people

    82. Rojava 161

      Vote Saxon! The band??

    83. Becky

      I would argue that there’s 3 reasons: 1. Advertisers 2. People (spam/malware) 3. Governments (cookie notifications etc)

    84. Itsumademo Shiawase

      War... War never changes.

    85. zenvio

      Would be funny if Browser cookies turned into Biscuits if I Change The Language To English (UK)

    86. Naroon

      Every bit of freedom that a government* has for creativity, and good...

    87. Jeff Peng

      I noticed that "Vote Saxon" poster at the start

    88. Daniel D

      i would say they are not only cookies the Browser have a localStorage too

    89. Requiem

      Interesting stuff

    90. Paul J. Morton

      The GDPR should have defined the consent boxes, the question phrasing, the buttons and their effects precisely.

    91. かたわれ時

      5:35 literally just translates to "do you not want cookies to be used" "ok"

    92. MeowTheRainbowX

      0:16 I love the reference to young Tom replacing other people’s work with the word “content”

    93. Adam Partington

      Vote Saxon. Nice doctor who reference.

    94. ltloxA

      I don't remember what it was, but I ran into a website that required me to accept all cookies or manage choises to see the page you get to by clicking manage choises.

    95. TheUltiJim

      everybody should have a cookie warning blocker extension, i've been using one for like 2 days and already i feel way less frustrated

    96. serhat piran

      Like everything else humanity make it worse

    97. Troy Moon

      On my Chromebook, I have it so I have an option to “Force reader mode” if I want to look at just the text. Its in chrome://flags

    98. Alfredo Pozos

      The ad linda lilly behave because foot operationally scare regarding a handsomely clerk. venomous, ratty channel

    99. Yusur Kassem

      I actually had no idea 'reader view' existed!

    100. Yusur Kassem

      I swear i've declined cookies before and i couldn't access the site anymore...i'm not imagining am I