Why Was This Created?!?!

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    1. Queen Onika Tanya Maraj

      This whole video got me questioning my existence

    2. Lag00n

      Till now papa Franku still appears Bless

    3. Yuki Zack

      The last is legendary 😂

    4. Moon

      Song at 4:20 is “da” by anothink

    5. ScribbleBros.151

      this is where funny part begins the animation design is horrible but the music is good for a moment and then massacred the music just being honest 4:20

    6. Freya Elliott

      I don't think this is a good idea watching these before bed-

    7. Karma

      Y’all remember when ksi would laugh peacefully, now this man nearly dies when he laughs. Get this man some water

    8. David Bubar

      Just coming back for the goofy clip

    9. simon boss


    10. AOZ

      Little does JJ know that the video at 8:00 is by Joji

    11. Bruh Momento

      0:59 what song is that 👁👄👁

    12. Yah-Yah Tingz


    13. Killer64 R

      Wtf is this shit who made this crap he needs to go go jail

    14. Draw InKorporated

      That Kingdom of Predators track went hard

    15. Yung Slimzy

      I wanna know what that video was where they was saying “DA” 🤣💀

    16. Janyia Liles


    17. Noah Gard

      Humans: (Just trying to have a nice day on the beach) Seagulls: 9:05

    18. rUFOs

      Because I made One Of Harry Lol I still have It😂

    19. Isha_ Yktvv

      The fact I knew it word for word; “This on here smells great, which one ? Mmmhhmmm.... smells like crazy sister Kate, oh you think so? Yea I do. She couldn’t have been that crazy, I don’t think so.... oh you don’t think so huh? No. Well..... she put her poodle one time in a microwave oven! To eat it?!!? Yea. To eat it?!??! Oh no. No no no no no no no no silly, to dry it... but it exploded and they were both found dead.... she must have been out of her head....... oh oh oh OHHHH HERE IT ISSSS.”

    20. Naved Ullah

      7:06 the best part

    21. TrxLz

      At 6:40 does anyone know that song??

    22. Horse._. Power900

      sorry to say this JJ .The legend Cecil Myers died on july 2015 RIP what a legend !! love to Cecil Myers

    23. carllos


    24. Old KSI Videos

      the last clip saved the video

    25. T Boss

      the end was the closest thing to get hyper we r ever getting

    26. 503Music

      Ik this is a month too late but feel better bro 👍


      LMFAOAOAOA yoooo goofy😭😭😭😭

    28. Nay Nay

      You should put the link to all the videos in the description so we can view the whole thing if you change to another video before that one ends,I wanted to watch the full version of the video from 4:21

      1. Poison Jyx

        fiblock.info/face/videot/eaGkmaCLX6Std6w.html there

    29. Vikram Bhujun

      Cecil Myers is actually dead😳

    30. AndyTheGoat -_-

      3:58 Simon on steroids

    31. Ivan

      i think im gonna have nightmares tonight

    32. Anthony Arroyo

      12:09 the music do be hitting

    33. Israel Santiago

      song at 6:52?

    34. Sgt. Serious69

      Why does the one on the right look like The corpse bride if she was alive (2:21)

    35. Mulanii

      What’s the song for the dog one

    36. The Chosen

      A yo puppy thing was sad 😩

    37. PhillyBoi

      3:31 typa kids i used to beat up in middle school, shame this stopped because all these kids turned out fine. now we got these people

    38. ____vegito

      last song goes hard



    40. HondaBoi Doogie

      Goofy vid and mans dancing with himself was funny asf lol

    41. Madboy The Engineer

      whats the 2:13 video

    42. MW PLAYER

      Is that callux

    43. Yaz Uko

      People that will make the ksi reacting to the goofy one a meme

    44. Real Fredrian

      His reaction on goofys trial makes 1000% better

    45. Maciek2011

      i funny

    46. david

      my throat is literally hurting so bad from laughing at mr goofyas he is called in english

    47. deadly_haiku_boy

      2:13 I feel like I’m in a fever dream lmao

      1. Blac Poppy

        What is this original video

    48. Ali Ibrahim

      Stop the cap

    49. skrbblr

      Ang op naman iyan UwU

    50. Jesse

      4:22 I must find out what this is for.... experiments could someone please tell me what it is?

    51. Viggo Maintz

      the goofy and ceicel meyers BROOOOOOO! i am dead.

    52. ImAPotatoCat

      It’s so sad seeing how many people don’t know who FilthyFrank is

    53. 656 Plays

      JJ where’s the car?

    54. Cj TV

      So this is the vid that got him striked

    55. Yazai Orellana-Ruiz

      Tell me why 4:00 look like a midget version of calfreezy

    56. LSD-SHADOWツ

      jj said he had to take time for him self but he probably was just watching tv all day

    57. Soy Saucing

      I almost had to click off bruh 💀💀💀

    58. G H O S T


    59. Luis Pole

      Where can i find the video on 2:17

    60. Luis Pole

      Where can i find the video on 2:17

    61. Drippy

      Whats that anime song at the end anyone know?

      1. callmebigmanbob

        research purposes?

    62. berlevaag gang

      Do you have covid😷

    63. MuKeO

      3:59 Man like Callux

    64. Shvotty Gadole

      We need a new ksi song featuring Cecil Myers

    65. Jesus Bautista

      He sounds like a girl ksi

    66. LTGNigs

      Why am I watching this at the middle of the night

    67. Kevin haverbusch

      The people that dislike are the people that are jealous. Unless you dislike a Jake Paul video your a goat

    68. Midnight Girl


    69. LIL COREY

      anyone know where the video at 4:20 is from?

      1. Poison Jyx

        fiblock.info/face/videot/eaGkmaCLX6Std6w.html there u go

    70. Adam Brims

      Who else doesn’t get 80% of the jokes? You just come here for the laughing

    71. Clint playz

      Me going to sleep Mosquito: 5:17

    72. Bob Jeff

      No no no no no no no no Too dry itt But it exploded And they were both found dead She must've lost her head

    73. Blackmongoose

      4:50 there is no chance that a sane person came up with this video. Nobody with a healthy mind could create anything this absolutely completely 110% utterly entirely INSANE!!!

    74. Ammer

      2:21 gave me nightmares

    75. Haloklaws Edwin

      12:53 That silence was golden

    76. fl 1205

      someone make a petition to get cecil on JJs new album

    77. Patricia Owusu-antwi

      The third video is mad weird but I couldn't stop laughing at the man at the back

    78. Joe Corbi

      My mans is questioning why he moving like that and not why he’s going crazy over a pony sock on his arm 😂

    79. BlemerDN

      This shit would be crazy on a trip lmao

    80. Jhanh P

      the filthy frank goofy vid. 😭😭😭

    81. 69SUGOI69

      12:30 i remember years ago i'd hear these random japanese songs in random vids and not understand a thing but now as a full fledged weeb i can actually understand most of it

    82. MDG Alpha2

      I love the fact people took their time and sanity to make the videos we saw today😂

    83. MDG Alpha2

      Yep this video definitely has some type of chaos I can barely comprehend😂

    84. Bayron Miller


    85. Márkus Ádám Soma

      You already reacted to cecil man 😂

    86. Gregorio C.P.D Moru

      Does anyone the music on 12:10 ?

      1. RavenTL

        Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kamaitachi

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    89. Brittain Polley

      7:05 lol

    90. charantai

      Я тебя не понимаю но всоравно угараю( ╹▽╹ )

    91. charantai

      Я тебе не розумію но угараю( ╹▽╹ )

    92. ryck capistrano

      What’s the last video

    93. Gavin Schwartz

      So we not gon talk abt at 4:00 he don’t look like cal?😭😭😭

    94. Ad

      Can anybody tell what's the music in the video at 12:12

    95. Bright E

      3:59 yo callux gone mad


      Can someone tell me the link for the clip from 4:26 plsss

      1. KEVINATOR

        Thank youuuu

      2. Poison Jyx


      3. Red Trips

        Sameee i cant fucking find it

    97. Christian Lewis

      8:30 *Me after getting vaccinated*

    98. DavidBrit

      4:51 Mood

    99. JoJo

      12:09 song?

    100. Zulham Efendi

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