Why Web Filters Don't Work: Penistone and the Scunthorpe Problem

Tom Scott

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    In a small town with an unfortunate name, let's talk about filtering and innuendo. And use it as an excuse for as many visual jokes as possible.

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    (Thanks to James Paulsen for prompting me to do this video!)

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    1. Tao

      roblox’s chat filter overblocks so much

    2. jeebi

      The sign in the thumbnail says, Penis

    3. rain girl

      such a wonderful thumbnail

    4. Izzy Gordon

      You used to not be able to trade the Pokemon "Cofagrigus" without nicknaming it over the global trading system in the Pokemon Games due to it containing a offensive word

    5. Michael W

      Anyone else get the reference at the end of a BBC @3:24

    6. Faultiplayer

      Couldn't send "bottom" in Runescape. There are Wizard Robe TOPS, so naturally I tried asking where I could get bottoms and got muted for 24 hours by a mod in the area.

    7. Violet Moon

      I was playing '******in's creed' when this got recommended.

    8. rainbowlack - Kohai's Editor

      I remember, back when I still played Webkinz, there was a feature in it where you could make little movies/productions featuring your pets. You could type things in, but for some goddamn reason, it didn't let me type the word "a." I don't know how or why. It was incredibly frustrating.

    9. crsmit

      i think it was last night i was looking at maratine maps. and found a ton called twatt.

    10. Adam Place

      People in F***ing, Austria: You think you've got problems??

    11. HighlighterJelly

      Welc PENIS

    12. Daniel Wood

      Haha! I live in Scunthorpe and totally agree. Stay away if at all possible.

    13. Joey

      My favourite of all time was the filter in the chat of a game that left people talking about sending their 'buttbuttins' to 'buttbuttinate' people.

    14. Atomixalmon

      Please don't show this video to Beavis and Butthead

    15. RotMo

      Oh no, "Sussex" Now makes sense, its just gonna be amongus sex

    16. Jed Is Also Here

      My friend Rishit has been screwed over by this more times than I can count.

    17. Ethan Forsyth

      Video thumbnail is Welc Penis

    18. Morales09

      The thumbnail says Penis

      1. Fenriz Nobile

        . Welc PENIS

    19. LP-TV

      Could it be, that Lambda (from Google) can figure this out?

    20. the_grimlin

      My favorite was a chat room years ago and I mentioned something about getting my Learners Permit letting me start learning how to drive. The web filter automatically rejected what I said. Initially I didn't know why, until it realized that all the filter saw was LearnerS PERMit. Ridiculous.

    21. Austin Bagnall

      The amount of times Tom panned right on all those insert shots is a lot of commitment to the same joke

    22. Michael Raven

      When the internet was conceived, did they envision filters in place to limit our access to information?

    23. Katzui

      And I thught you did a mistake with thr titel

    24. Karun K

      2:48 Scunthorpe, completely over the line 😂

    25. Wadsworth Alexander

      In a few year when I have kids they will grow up on Tom Scott

    26. b9y

      What was the joke at 1:02 meant to be?

      1. Fenriz Nobile

        Because there's no reason to go there... That's the whole joke

    27. Egg

      My step father's last name is Butts, needless to say this causes problems with web filters, amongst people just thinking the name is a prank.

    28. OurTaleChara

      "There's really no reason for anyone ever to go to Scunthorpe." *Proceeds to go to Scunthorpe*

    29. WhatTheFridge 1o1

      Playing Moshi monsters and not being able to say the lyrics to a Christmas song because it was about jesus

    30. Joseph Padla


    31. Nicolas Reali

      Saxons on their way to burn down celtic briton settlements just to rename the places to Penistone, Cockbridge, Bitchfield, Ass Hill, Fuckborough, Whorsewood, Middlesex and Shitterton

    32. ayy lmao

      Wow. The thing about the Turing test and web filters. Think we're seeing this happen.

    33. Alex Trusk

      1:00 no reason for anyone ever 1:01 does it anyways

    34. harvey rouen

      The Scunthorpe bit had me dying

    35. Jupiterninja95

      This video is an instant clbuttic!

    36. galinneall

      And the good folk of Dildo, Newfoundland are very proud of their town's name.

    37. Lil' St. Jimmy


    38. No_ah 6

      Scunthorpe is one of the place know one should go

    39. Zbigniew Żołnierowicz

      I love that Tom specifically went to Scunthorpe to make a joke about not going to Scunthorpe.

    40. Gregory Fenn

      Took me until after the video to get the Scunthorpe jokes..

    41. InfiniteCrumpet

      0:56 I follow that statement religiously.

    42. Th1zFin3

      The thumbnail is really good.

    43. Grayson K

      2:30 phallable?

    44. Casual Villainy

      ah, a clbuttic mistake

    45. Graham Saunders

      Could just rename it Shorpe and sit back and enjoy the backlash of the keyboard warriors trying to get the c*** back into the name.

    46. Paul White

      518 viewers are from Scunthorpe

    47. Yoshi Mario

      but these towns are not as bad as slough

    48. Arctic Hamer

      Look up F***ing, Austria.

    49. that one person

      The thumbnail

    50. Dinesh Ravindran


    51. SgtWaffles

      ye old change the dns server

    52. Quert Zuiopü

      Its very hard to write on german in the ingame chat of some games... "Die" (the female article. German have 3 articles for female, male and neutral. ) is one of the biggest problems... But that's a real problem. Devs don't think about people who do not have english as their native language. It's like "Speak english or go ****** yourself." No matter if you are in a friends only lobby and everyone speaks german. (I am afraid of the upcoming voicechat live censorship...)

    53. Quert Zuiopü

      1:03 Lüneburg is written with ü! I know, english don't have that character, but it's just simple: The °° just says, that it is a combined vocal with "e". So "ü" is ue, "ä" is ae, "ö" is oe. Why is no one writing it that way and spells the words incorrect instead? Just write Lueneburg. It's not that hard!

    54. Daniel Schmaderer

      Anyone a fan of A**a**ins Creed?

    55. Kingfunky

      someone send this to Latitude Ltd

    56. Cleo Dastysm

      Antonín Dvořák was nice little touch :) after all internet and it's consecvences on society is a new world.

    57. Mike Wilson fishin malarkey

      I hate it how in car and automotive videos the words cockpit and monocoque are sensored its ridiculous

    58. Ksaw321

      I recently found a videogame from when I was ~5 on a CD/DVD and decided to download it and look through the files to maybe try and change the resolution. I've stumbled upon a "dirtywords.txt" file and decided to open it. Long story short I was astonished at the creativity of the people who wrote it.

    59. UI Planet

      the thumbnail is well done.

    60. Roach Dogg JR


    61. Claudio H. Picolo

      The world should stop the "political correctness" mental disease that wants to apply it to everything!

    62. 🏳‍🌈Diamond Blade🏳‍🌈

      Gacha Life, and subsequently Gacha Club, have this issue. Seriously. The most common example is class turning into cl*** And, if you like Sanders Sides: J****

    63. Kevin Luo

      Hey Tom, looks like you have run into the Scunthorpe Problem yourself. The word "f1rst" is blocked in the comment section, which caused one of my comments that uses it in a different c0ntext getting deleted. By the way, h0t, the number "52 minus 1", c0ntext, and the number 42O are also banned for some reason.

    64. FatalLotion

      pen island

    65. Mr Sokolov

      0:47 Herman Libshitz genuinely feels like a slur someone in 4-cham would use.

    66. 抠楼纳

      I was graduated from Middles*x University

    67. Paul Berry

      It's only four stops away from Wombwell. Yes, Wombwell on the Penistone Line. Carry on.

    68. MassLuca007

      wait vibe check... this is a kids channel??

    69. Emmxie Art

      Reminds me of how in Gacha Life, swears and adult content got censored, but lead to words like document being censored too LMAO.

    70. Luiz Quevedo


    71. William Burke

      Intercourse, Pennsylvania, USA

    72. Forename Surname

      Have to regularly travel to Scunthorpe, can confirm

    73. Carl Dworzack

      Why does the beginning of the second movement of Dvoraks ninth symphony randmoly play in the last few seconds?

    74. Polybox

      tom has mastered the art of the shitpost

    75. Avery Alexander


      1. Avery Alexander


      2. Avery Alexander


    76. Milzy

      Was not until 2.48 that I got the Scunthorpe joke. Then proceeded to silently chuckle for longer than the video lasted. Well played, Tom. Well played

    77. Janet Eyre

      Funny how all those panoramic shots stops at *P****S* then *tone*

    78. Dusticat

      My Science teacher sends out a lot of emails regarding assignments, and "assignment" always gets corrected to "***ignment".

    79. Antony Charnock

      Good job the filters are written mainly by Americans. Because nearby Penistone are Netherthong, Upperthong, Wombwell and Jump. And also not too far away in Conisbrough was Butthole Road which residents changed the name of to Archer Way as "tourists" kept stealing the sign.

    80. imamoose007

      My last name is peacock. I have gotten my name flagged as a curse word quite a few times.

    81. PikaHasBrains

      FIblock: We have made an ASSement of your video and have decided to demonitize it.

    82. Jonathan Rowe

      Why Scunthorpe?....ahhhhhhh I get it

    83. Zombie Killer

      More like a datatype P P **** Tone=69;

    84. Kahota Mac

      Scunþorpe is not a problem if you reintroduce þ to þe English alphabet.

    85. Ben McKenzie

      A few years back, I posted some photos I took of Michelangelo's David to Facebook, and they were immediately detected as nudity and blocked. To Facebook's credit, the block was reversed as soon as a human got to see the photos (about 10 minutes after I appealed). The AI they used correctly detected the photos as nudity, but it didn't have the necessary world knowledge to understand the rather arbitrary exemption we seem to give to certain artworks.

    86. Owen Ward

      My mum’s old work had an email filter than scanned for inappropriate language and once one of her emails to my dad about dinner plans was flagged because it contained “chicken breasts”.

    87. Ryan Koutros

      Sculthorpe on it's own sounds like something dirty.

    88. Raphaël TIRAT

      So, there's a town in eastern France called "Bitche", and the municipality just had their Facebook page censored because of this exact reason 😅

    89. Kitty Cake

      A moment of silence, please, for everyone with an unfortunate name *-__-*

    90. Kitty Cake

      Dr. Lipschitz thanks you

    91. GingerKiwi

      Roots is a popular casual clothing company in Canada. But in Australia "roots" means something completely different. This led to the Canadian Olympic team's uniform at the Australian Olympics becoming VERY popular. ;-) I'm wondering if schools in Aus would block schools in Canada where kids are wearing/talking about Roots.

    92. Hellin

      And then theres abusing invisible characters

    93. jerematic

      Currently having to work in Sc**thorpe and he's right... there is NO reason to ever want to go there. It is a desolate steelworks hellscape.

    94. tall confused bloke gaming

      i live near a place called Cockburn

    95. Jcee James

      Thats why you use a whitelist in conjunction with a blacklist.

    96. Douglas Tytko

      69k likes. Nice

    97. Tech101

      My school uses a different approach to censoring, they just censor everything.

    98. Eemeli Isoniemi

      I played a game that banned the capital of Finland (Helsinki) to be written

    99. Amru Mubina

      The irony of censor systems are that they always find a way to make the word dirty to give it a reason to be censored Scunthorpe Then they will find a way S-cunt-horpe

    100. kulartüp

      Just say peni-stone