Why You Can't Trust Me

Tom Scott

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    I went to a place called Coober Pedy to tell a story about water. • Sponsored by Audible: Go to audible.com/trustme or text ‘trustme’ to 500 500 to get started today.
    CORRECTIONS: www.tomscott.com/corrections/
    Thanks to everyone in Coober Pedy; I had a wonderful time there. I'm sorry this isn't the video you all hoped for!
    Sources for this video:
    Smerdon, B.; Ransley, T.; Radke, B.; Kellett, J. (2012) Water resource assessment for the Great Artesian Basin. A report to the Australian Government from the CSIRO Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment. Australia: CSIRO. doi.org/10.4225/08/584c45a39e1b5
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    Coober Pedy weather: www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/201901/html/IDCJDW5012.201901.shtml
    Great Artesian Basin boundaries: Great Artesian Basin boundary: data.gov.au/data/dataset/241d11ac-649d-46a5-8cae-3dddb53a8010
    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/, (c) Commonwealth of Australia (Bioregional Assessment Programme www.bioregionalassessments.gov.au), (c) Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2013
    I'm at tomscott.com
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    1. Tom Scott

      Thanks to everyone in Coober Pedy; I had a wonderful time there. I'm sorry this isn't the video you hoped for!

      1. Handy ManR

        You are an exemplary example of good human being Tom.

      2. Bruno Martins

        2:45 Journalists are often not concerned with the reality of the facts.

      3. umop apisdn

        Great video keep it going. Love Ur vids!

      4. Fuc Yu

        love your videos Tom and will always trust you as long as you maintain that outstanding integrity and empathy which you carry so well, keep up the good work 👍.

      5. Doge 5600

        2,996,608 people: doubt

    2. Lee Boyd

      Who’d of thought that people living in a dessert, would be sensitive regarding water truths.

    3. Garbage Productions

      Him admitting that I shouldn’t trust him, just makes me trust him all the more.

    4. RetroTechToybox

      I don't not not trust you.

    5. Nerdy _

      "It's possible that no one actually knows" We'll find out if it's sustainable soon enough

    6. Crispind99

      Tom is one of the few good things about the internet....

    7. Captures In Time

      These titles are starting to scare me a little lmao... YT what are you trying to tell me??

    8. --

      simply had to sub

    9. SenhorPsy

      Other FIblockrs: *sigh* I'm sorry that I groomed some kid/ sexually assaulted someone/ scammed my fans/ etc. Scott: *sigh* I'm so so sorry that sometimes I'm not 100% correct and don't cite my sources.

    10. Christopher Charles

      Audible provided BOTH the sponsorship AND the punchline to this video.

    11. Richard Zippler

      When things get complicated, there's dirty dealing.

    12. heistwives

      watched this whole video as an australian who already knew all this

    13. JayneCobb88

      “What happens when the experts disagree?” Simple! Call the other side’s experts climate change deniers and slander their opinions. It’s so easy!

    14. Seraphina Edan

      I remember watching this show Instant Hotel set here!

    15. Georgina Nemeth

      still mad that I didn’t realise tom was in the same state as me

    16. Zobi_YT

      Next on the city’s skylines channel: how to build a underground city with idiots.

    17. Dilina Aarewatte

      Why did i keep hearing Cougar PD?

    18. Rebekah Parkhurst

      Be careful with scientific census. Sometimes the truth slips through the cracks.

    19. Dillan Timpany

      Well, I'm going to take your advice and disregard this entire video. Tom Scott is always right!

    20. LumpyRoots

      How can I trust that I can’t trust you?

    21. Amzxar

      Remind me of why we cant always trust media

    22. Jonathan O'Brien

      Audible sponsors this video, then they pull the book you recommend from their catalogue! I went to buy Sparrow Hill Road and while the sample is still there, it says "Sorry, this title is no longer available." But it's available on competitors audio book sites...

    23. Jonathan O'Brien

      I have 5 audible credits before pausing my account because I couldn't decide on any new good books. I'll give Sparrow Hill Road a go.

    24. Adarsh Santhosh

      You look like Zack addy from bones.

    25. AntCamArtist

      I trust you to a certain extent

    26. B p

      I like how this is recommended right after I watched how you said it's safe to swim in the blue lagoon waste water...

    27. Peter Ellis

      Hahahahahaha. Seriously, don't think I'm actually laughing. :-)

      1. Peter Ellis

        And, I'm an Australian

    28. Rodrigues Icaro

      because you have an extensive criminal record

    29. Betty Betstar

      What’s up with the greenscreen fence

    30. Mistric

      That thumbnail kindda look like a devil's happy smile

    31. Jessica Clark

      I can’t trust you because I can’t tell if you’re 45 or 25. It hurts.

    32. Ashton Dowling

      Tom, I got banned from Wikipedia for ‘disruptive editing’, is was to do with citing unreliable sources, which were outrageous, biased claims because I cited all sources on Google that I could find about the subject. But they took away my ability to edit. Then I tried to sock puppet, they IP banned me. Don’t use Wikipedia. The guys name is Fram so I suggest you go bully him on his talk page

      1. euphra

        bully? ...

    33. ziyњ

      Tom you are amazing to watch

    34. AL Fire

      Tom Scott✓ has secretly once committed arson within an orphanage!

    35. PapaBear

      But Tom, if I dont trust you, how can i trust you when you said i shouldn't trust you. If i don't trust you now that you have told me not to, i would be trusting what you said, so i must trust you for the rest of my life to show you i dont

    36. Robert Frisbie

      You are giving too much credit to Journalists. Most are garbage these days. There is absolutely no credibility to most journalists these days. Huffington Post and Vice are dying, as they should. Hopefully we will see a resurgence of honest journalist but I won't hold my breathe.

    37. Tactical Apricot

      Who said I didn't trust you before...

    38. Man plus Camera

      The reason I can’t trust you is that you just said “the ABC is a respected broadcaster” 😉😉

    39. seldom speech

      Why you can't trust youtubers'*

    40. David Cook

      Instructions unclear, trusts Tom even more

    41. Ikilleddave

      Scott this drink tastes funny

    42. Phil A

      I don't believe you, I think you're totally trustworthy 😉

    43. Jayne Charles

      i say the title to no one

    44. NekoJonez

      Funniest thing happend to me. Before this vid I got an ad about how we should believe in green energy

    45. BABz

      perfect ending quote, "you'll just have to trust m..*BEEP*". The last letter hahahaha feels bad

    46. Thaias

      This probably is your most important video.

    47. Moje minifilmy

      this should've been a rickroll...

    48. LRC

      At least you are honest, that alone is a rarity these days

    49. A_PhoenixOnYoutube

      welcome to my country mate!

    50. frosch_69

      I can't trust you that I can't trust you

    51. Marcel Chagnon

      Nice! we're finally going to talk about the real Tom Scott dying in 2016 and being replaced by an A.I. that is also a Russian government snitch! Oh Wait, this is something else...

    52. Hoy Voy

      Work from home + working from Coober Pedy = Rock Me Amadeus

    53. Santi Mango

      Tom sus

    54. V1RU5420

      still very interesting!

    55. John Digiovanni

      Your best video yet, Not everyone has the ability in public to say the words " I screwed up ".

    56. Valtteri Pennanen

      Tom Scott: You can't trust me That one driver who honked: Your career has been ended

    57. McLolzable

      I trust you fully and entirely. Fight me.

    58. 4THECHIVO Streams Archive

      What is the purpose of the movie titles randomly in the corner?

    59. Blazing-Sword

      I trust you, I can't trust you when you say you can't trust me

    60. Quantum King

      I don’t believe you

    61. A & M H

      Sounds like a shady, dramatic, complicated town 😅 not really your fault, dude.

      1. A & M H

        Totally in agreement though that we all need to cross check things and take what someone says with a grain of salt - and I so appreciate you being real with us.

    62. Alex Teplenichev

      Please just get to the point, so many words about that you could be wrong, we get it:)

    63. [REDACTED]

      Thanks Tom for your apparent candour and integrity! ❤️

    64. Cam H

      Dude, trust peer review, trust data. Don't trust the mole peoples politically charged opinions

    65. Zukz World

      Thanks for such an honest video!

    66. Nok4

      I should trust you.

    67. Rishabh Roy

      ᴵᶠ ᵁ ᶜᵃⁿ ᶠᵒᵘⁿᵈ ᵐᵉ ᵒⁿ ᴼᵀᴴᴱᴿ'ˢ ᶜʰᵃⁿⁿᵉˡ ᵗʰᵉⁿ ᵘ ʳ ᶜᵒᵒˡᵉˢᵗ ᵖᵉʳˢᵒⁿ ᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵉᵃʳᵗʰ....... ➶➶♡𝙖 𝙩𝙮𝙥𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡 𝙨𝙩𝙪𝙙♡⏤͟͟͞͞★

    68. Cobinasaur

      Well if I can't trust you then how am I supposed to know you're telling the truth when you say so? That is why I still trust you.

    69. Tensho_C

      That's exactly what someone I can trust would say!

    70. F H

      Okay, I don't think this video really worked... now you are even more credible into our eyes...

    71. IvanFletcher

      When you reach the end of the game with another protagonist and you have the choice to do the good ending or bad ending.

    72. Avicenna Fitrian

      But Tom, how can I know I can't trust you?

    73. goop _

      i dont trust you

    74. CrippledMerc

      That “et al” person must be a super genius alien that never sleeps considering how many scientific papers they’re cited in...

      1. Joseph Brennan

        Actually his name is just Al, the 'et' just means 'and'. Nice guy, very knowledgeable - I think it's short for 'Alex' but I have no citation

    75. Ethan Forsyth

      So don't trust people?

    76. Cosmo Genesis

      I've never trusted you. 😋

    77. Sudip Limbu

      I trust your statement on not to trust you. But that just means im trusting you. 🤦

    78. Henk-Jan Bakker

      Never trust a single source..... But what if the other source got it's info out of the same (wrong?) source? How would you know? How deep should you backtrack? And you had multiple sources contradicting each other... Where does any scientific researcher get up enough confidence to state his research is good enough now to reach a conclusion? I'm not even talking ethics. Then the answer is never. Always keep asking the hard questions.But I mean practically. How much research is enough to publish?

    79. Jean Marceaux

      "People expand and live anywhere" Does it mean you will visit Oymyakon next?

    80. Nikola Tasev

      Reality is complex, and any description or explanation we do will be an oversimplification, and wrong. But they are not all equally wrong. After all, people thinking the Earth was flat, and people thinking it a sphere are both wrong, but nowhere near equally wrong. There are some youtubers who do their best to give the most objective, the least wrong answer they possibly can. They do not shy away from correcting themselves and making it even less wrong when given the opportunity. I'm happy I know of you and SGP Grey, among those youtubers. While we can't absolutely trust anyone, you deserve to be trusted more than almost anyone.

    81. Rene Dekker

      This is an absolutely great video. Full kudos to you for making this explicit, and admitting that nobody can possibly be always right, even if they have done a ton of research. Can you imagine if all these shoot-from-hip FIblock channels did the same?

    82. FraznoFire

      aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

    83. Elijah Heyrosa

      Don't trust anyone, turn this sentence upsidedown.

    84. Ignacio Mireille

      The freezing romania intracellularly jam because crop fourthly buzz absent a superficial avenue. needy, chivalrous detective

    85. brian x

      tom, your hard work is totally wasted. people are stupid the masses will always spread misinformation regardless of their sources.

    86. Rhodesia

      I'd trust Tom if my life depended on it

    87. TheHorrorDevotee

      "I'm sorry, babe, I didn't correctly put in my citations." "Why couldn't you have just cheated instead?!"

    88. Geoffrey Verity Schofield

      Love that you kept 4:29 in

    89. Valerie Pallaoro

      Wait. Does that mean we _don't_ get a video on Coober Pedy?

    90. MrAmad3us

      I don’t trust you Tom. That’s why I will disregard your telling me not to trust you blindly. Wait...

    91. Rahul Shetty

      Because you are British , duhh!?

    92. JoeNathan1938

      This is why I come here. Transparency.

    93. Stupid_

      *I Don’t Trust You*

    94. Leah L

      I don’t believe you that you can’t be trusted!

    95. jliller

      I think this simply illustrates that "you can trust me to make an earnest and honest effort to provide you with factually-correct and reasonably unbiased information" does not equate to "you can trust me to be perfect without error." We can't trust anyone to be the latter, because we're humans. However, the former is something we SHOULD be able to trust most people on yet in reality we cannot because the world has entirely too many people who are disingenuous, malicious, careless, and/or suffering from the Dunning Krueger Effect.

    96. hawaiisunfun

      0:21 hey that's what my city reaches too - and I don't use air conditioning either!

    97. Bruno Martins

      2:45 Journalists are often not concerned with the reality of the facts.

    98. Aditya

      This is paradoxical, do we trust him and not continue to trust him or do we not trust him and continue trusting him?

    99. Blue

      Is the title clickbait?

      1. Connor Egan


    100. Evo Brainanta

      never have