Williams's £100m start to its transformative new F1 era


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    Williams has revealed a new look for the first car to be launched under its new owners Dorilton Capital. While the aim of the FW43B will be to continue Williams's gradual recovery after the disaster of 2019, there are also clear signs behind the scenes that the team's new owners are serious about giving it a fresh start and putting right the mistakes that were made in recent years.
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    1. Daveymorton

      2 points for Williams this year I think

    2. Aussie Roberts

      still going to be shit

    3. RobandJulia Reeves

      Put a V10 back in and give the fans what they want

    4. Purwanti Allan

      I love the 2021 livery on the mediocre Williams car.

    5. john bhangal

      The alike teeth ignificantly fool because otter happily spill excluding a zany coat. adamant, enormous shelf

    6. DIM Tips

      I hope George gets into high double figures.

    7. arunashamal

      Without Claire it is only up from here for Williams...

    8. AIB01

      15 points!

    9. Jurica Drezga

      is it me, or this dude looks like Hilary Clinton?


      look's nice

    11. Neil Henderson

      ugly paint job, hacked launch app, no sponsorship except for daddy latiffi. it looks like the only bright spot for this team is yet again one george russell.

    12. EazyVG

      Being a WilliamsF1 fan for over two decades I sincerely hope this and coming years will bring the performance to the car and the Team.

    13. Soham Mhatre

      If Mercedes don't get George in their car for 2022 then I want George to be with Williams for at least 3 more years This team is really showing great signs already as to where it is heading

    14. TLR Eclipse

      Hope GR can score points on the regular.

    15. Jared Leonhart

      the rear looks wider than taller

    16. Heath Cliff

      63 points in 2021

    17. McDice5

      probably the most sponsored car in history

    18. Johan Pretorius

      Imho, losing the archaic thinking of Clair's "we must build everything" is the biggest boost to the team. Can't wait to see George's first points in a Williams!

    19. Mabal Azizi

      The liveries remember me of Sauber Petronas Redbull era...

    20. Alif M40

      That livery reminds me with 1997 Sauber car

    21. Formula Juan

      Livery looks like a copy/paste of the old Sauber Petronas liveries of the early 2000s

    22. dgrblue 4

      For some reason I feel 3 points is just about right.

    23. Gusto

      I hope they’ll keep Haas far-far behind

    24. hangm4n

      0 😐

    25. Rolly101

      All looks nice, but these cars appear to be continously growing Longer & Longer! At 02:36 just look at the distance from the drivers head to the edge of the front wing! Its like sitting in the boot/trunk of a Ford Focus, & pretty much the same length of car behind them! Even the distance from wheel to wheel is absolutely hidious!.. This all affects corner overtaking in a big way! Why not just Change all of the tracks into Canals & Rename it "FORMULA-BARGE"!

    26. John Holzhey

      With George Russel, they at least stand a chance. Good driver.

    27. Whywouldi Givemyrealname

      That car is sparse for sponsors. It makes it look kind of weird actually.

    28. Rec Eclispe

      i have a feeling Williams will beat Alfa Romeo this year and George will carry the team there

    29. Rory Milne

      It's shame that George is in his last year of contract with Williams and most likely to drive for Mercedes, just when William's is showing signs of improvements.

    30. Harry Todhunter

      Terrible livery though

    31. TuEIite

      Having an F1 team >>> super yacht. Let's go New York finance bros and Canadians billionaires.

    32. Christian Patey

      Russell will be at Mercedes in 2022 and a high contender for the championship

    33. random person

      i have been a fan of williams since my first race as a newbie fan watching nigel mansell crash out with a blown tyre at Adelaide in 1986 and have been a fan ever since. it was sad to see them hit rock bottom in 2018 but my hope is that even under new ownership they will fight with the back teams and start taking some much deserved points to get them off the back row. oh and go that boy george russell, show them how its done

    34. Squirrely Bird

      I'll be so happy if Williams become semi-competitive again. Russel will work wonders with a mid-field car.

    35. Cherios

      Bruh they took one of the template's options from the F1 manager mobile game and literally made it the Wiliams 2021 livery lmao

    36. csp6

      30+ points this year. New gearbox, better aero and a bit more luck than last year they should be ahead of Hass and Alfa Romeo this year. They might even get a top 6 somewhere.

    37. Miguel Lovos

      I like the car

    38. グラムTheSmegger

      5 POINTS

    39. Dynasty2201

      Oh please, they're gonna be last as usual.

    40. BoomSlang

      Looks more confident car

    41. Daniel Malek


    42. TimCH

      Am i the only one who thinks this is the best f1 livery since years?

    43. António Rebelo

      Still don't understand why doesn't Williams copy the Mercedes design just like Racing Point/Austin Martin did...

    44. Yobbo F1


    45. O Mondegreen

      Someday an F1 livery will be done by someone with artistic talent, the way EF Cycling's Rapha jersey changed the game in the 2020 Giro D'Italia...

    46. Man in a Hat Studios

      While its a shame that Williams is no longer a family run team its healthier for the long term

    47. João Santos

      Race 1 aero pack = patch 1.01 :)

    48. phr tao

      They have a top class engine and a top class driver: now they need to sort out the bits in between the two.

    49. Albert Zne

      I'd hope for 46 points for Williams, 35 of those for Russel, 11 for Latifi and a further 25 for Russel from Mercedes

    50. Groetjes

      i love this livery

    51. Mad Motorsports

      You’ve missed mentioning Jenson Button going to Williams too, as a technical adviser 👍

    52. Pierre Wolmarans

      Love the new livery. Hope George can compete this year and score some points and hopefully a podium with some luck

    53. JΛMΛ

      they copied the stripes from Falken Motorsports

    54. GalichaX 999

      Look like a big fat blue frog !

    55. Miganon

      Williams' livery is pretty good, last year's livery was my favorite but this is looking really good as well. I hope George gets a point in this car.

    56. Cipta Harry

      The livery looks like a backmarker's already

    57. Sam David

      Rully not bothering with what n who a want them to get points at least

    58. David Price

      Is this the guy who does the Nintendo switch vids?

    59. Senna 1993

      Go George 👍🇬🇧🏆

    60. mitchtavio

      They can save some money by firing their livery designer. There are many better designs on reddit.

    61. Doug Taylor

      Ah, the pretty car in the rear

    62. Skyrocket888

      Will George stack the car behind the safety car again??/

    63. VivaMidnight

      I predict 5 whole points in 2021. Make your bets now.. ..and see you back here at the end of the season! Prizes will be given out in the form of knowing nods.

    64. Godfather95 MBS

      LOL these brits are always positive about williams

    65. Random Task

      Ugly livery.

    66. GTAGIS

      Sauber Petronas is back ! But what is this category ?

    67. JHorkan

      It looks like a pair of old Umbro football shorts from mid 90's

    68. Altaaf Ismail

      This season 2021 is like watching an alternative universe’s season of 2020

    69. Matt Phillips

      You discover how much shit they are missing for cost cutting reasons, so when they have just a little bit of money the car has things you thought most f1 cars have

    70. James B.

      The vertical lines on a horizontal car are very disturbing to look at.

    71. MadJamYT

      i hope atleast 5 points

    72. gareth mayfield

      been a Williams fan all my life. would love for the glory days to return.

    73. MadJamYT

      I really hopw they reach bigger heights this year. 7th ot 6th

    74. Sarvagh Shrianandh

      Congrats on half a mil guys. Banger content!

    75. daniel holland

      Good luck to you George lets kick some German team arse

    76. sarsmask

      if you don't like this you're a coward

    77. NightstalkerPhil

      This looks great, still not a patch on the old yellow and blue Mansell champ winning car but of all the cars I've seen so far, this is top.

    78. BigSexy ManBear

      Ought to have an American flag on it.

    79. Starlight Squadron

      I have been a lifelong Williams fan since I watched Nigel Mansell win his title in 92 but the fact is, It just isn’t Williams anymore. As much as it will be good for the sport to see them improve, it’s just not Williams and it won’t be long before they change the name.

    80. Nishiwakiayaka

      12 pts

    81. boomshine7


    82. Paul Jennings

      They will be probably be battling Haas this year, as for points G.R could score 1 or 2.

    83. Michael S

      100m is still light compared to other teams, lets hope Williams hope to be climbing up the league table.

    84. Michael S

      I would hate to think its a first step, its continued evolution that we will evaluate when its in testing.

    85. karelpipa

      This car has disgusting design. And my guess is they'll score 7 points

    86. Jack Davies


    87. The Stratisphere

      Imo the orange accents look a little out of place and so does the Williams "W", and the way the black cuts into the livery on the sidepods looks too sharp and a little too much black.

    88. APM M

      New owners ! Same old Williams !

    89. Prabs M

      Looks like the car is dressed in striped pyjamas

    90. Grunchlk

      It's no longer Williams. There is no Williams or Patrick Head, so it's not Williams. Just like Alfa isn't Sauber and Tauri isn't Minardi.

    91. LeftUnderSounds

      The guy narrating sounds really condescending. It irritating as fuck.

    92. Anon-san

      He really looks like a male Hillary Clinton

    93. maniackolder

      Its very hard to score points when you only have one driver. 5pts I think will be realistic because of the Haas rookies.

    94. Aniq Ahmad

      The livery needs a bit more sparks sounds like someone spend too much playing f1 game 😂

    95. Matthew Worthy

      I think Williams will finish last in the new season and Russel will get all the points, so I think they will get about 5-10 points battling with Hass all season for the worst car

    96. Blitz-Mekanika

      Sad the Williams family is no longer running the show. F1 is a lot more spaceship than the old mechanical days. Which means you need the $. Hopefully they keep the Williams name.

    97. Djarra

      Looking at the blank livery I suspect that Rich Energy might come in before the end of the season. I think they’ll be in for 2022

    98. Stephen Lee


    99. infin8um

      that looks amazing cant lie

    100. dev ravi

      i wish williams could become great under the family that wouldve been so cool but i guess we'll take what we get