WOODEN MADNESS: Monitor out of Wood

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    WOODEN MADNESS: Monitor out of Wood
    In today's video I show how to transform your casual monitor into individual pice of art! All you need is some wood and free time :)
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    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com

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    1. Rose and Susan playz_Yt


    2. Coby Chaberka

      Imagine losing one of those letters in the polish

    3. Jiří Kunc

      wood GPU ? :D

    4. Omar Nieves

      I’m happy and mad at the same time, I’ve tried this twice for my Pixio monitor and twice epic failure. Congrats love it

    5. edgar textle


    6. Eternal

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song?

    7. Alfian Dimas

      indo bilek:laptop kok kayu sihh?

    8. Paul Anders Bullecer

      Man, this setup will burn easily. But of it doesn't, the cooling is good

    9. Criptyze123

      1:22, best part where the songs come into play :D

    10. Farhan Kazmi

      You should write THE Q monitor company name

    11. k

      I'd buy it immediately

    12. Gustavo hasker

      Fui pesquisar "mouse gamer" e apareceu ratos jogando fortnite I went to search for "mouse gamer" and appeared mice playing fortnite

    13. Олег Леонов

      And the processor itself when you do wooden


      Πολύ ορεο

    15. dhishan Art


    16. Lazarus Lazuli

      Isnt this what happened to Bender in that one episode of Futurama?

    17. Sanath M

      Stop cutting trees and don't do these useless things just for fun and ruin your environment, how many trees are cut and woods are utilised to make this vedio just for fun, please stop!

    18. Sanath M

      But dry wood conducts electricity and would lead to a medium of short circiut and fire, how can you avoid Mr Q

    19. Iva Brhelova


    20. A.B SHAH

      Ad paid by PHILIPS 😜

    21. Cool Gamer Kid

      How to make a wood phone

    22. امين ملك كريم


    23. Gytis Pranskunas

      Is it really from wood ? So I throw monitor display in to trash can, and by your logic is gonna be made from trashcan ? Yeh...

    24. Ichijo david

      What if it overheated and starts to burn :D

    25. Omar Yassen

      غترةعة فو٦زيوز🖤😐🤩🖤🙃نقمت

    26. Jean V

      Who wood have thought?

    27. Vinícius Tenório

      Se de cupim fudeu kkk .

    28. Lobos

      Dr Disrespect in the background, if you know you know 😂

    29. Lobos

      He made wood out of a mouse, keyboard and monitor.... great content pal

    30. Maxio

      2:30 "Autism"

    31. Aarin

      God level creations

    32. xXgranthegamer76Xx

      Where's the wood mouse wheres wood keyboard

    33. Rehaan Sengupta

      3:47 he used the monitor to finish the monitor

    34. Dro Mechanics

      What his actually job ? He is super artistic

    35. Andrew

      Next up : RTX 3090 out of wood



    37. いk jk


    38. Creatives World's

      Nothing impossible for you 😍

    39. adyn

      next: computer out of wood

    40. ItsGerminStylesYT

      prox: WOODEN PC


      How do you feel, when the moment he did like Zach King?😁

    42. keq

      i was probably the only one who was dumb enough to think that the screen would be wood too

    43. TheProGamer

      Imagine wooden TV...

    44. ItsLORDXZ

      primitive technology pc be like:

    45. Sumit - YM

      To make a wooden monitor, you require a monitor😂😂

    46. Gideão Gomes


    47. Sham Shad

      I can understand your love towards wood

    48. ateeq Khan

      Soooooo nicooooo

    49. suport me

      The real pro

    50. Nuh Deniz Ayas

      sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa

    51. そーた


    52. ᴍʀ. ᴇᴅᴡᴀʀᴅ.


    53. niki123489

      I am literaly watching this video on a Philips monitor .

    54. TNT Yeeter

      Hm. So it seems i was right. "What's he gonna do next? Make a wooden monitor?"

      1. TNT Yeeter

        Now what's next? A PC made of wood?

    55. SofiaValcacer

      The next PS5???

    56. TonyTYT

      Just a heads up, that’s a fire hazard

    57. Julie rey Barug

      Komplet accisores kasi

    58. Aditya Sutomo

      Make the wood printer too please

    59. TexanMan

      One day later: Florida man died from his pc overheating

    60. Gamer Mustata

      Imagine forgetting what to do xD

    61. FAKHRULZ

      Next iphone 12

    62. Minecraft Greek Channel


    63. MATIK 09

      Make wooden speakers

    64. PonpaErostar GD

      Next time my mom will not break it with hammer anymore, she'll burn it.

    65. RioTsmh

      Whos here from tiktok

    66. Огурчик

      What about wooden printer?

    67. Огурчик

      0:59 your faaaaace


      So can you also makes video games with woods

    69. NotFaZeEvan 18

      Can you do a wood mic and headphones

    70. Oyxn

      The Q in 2030: How to build a house made out of wood

    71. F2 Demon

      Please don't cook around that stuff

    72. Pete's animals

      Ha I saw you like slither I say too look at top x on yt they have spine amazing moods like invisible skin

    73. Doni Kz

      Что я смотрю 3 часа ночи

    74. jeremy linden


    75. Laurits Lassen

      Lol the Wood keybOard an mouse dont work

    76. major

      how do you make this stuff are you an artist?

    77. Jawad gamer

      العرب يحطوا لايك

    78. Mulya Reza

      good job ..

    79. HIJIN LIM

      how about u make wood phone? that will be awsome

    80. •AliMeX•

      Omg thats beautifull

    81. Saim Sohail

      Super I love it

    82. Menkil

      what about wooden pc

    83. Snorp

      I swear if my monitor ever gave me a splinter I would commit arson.

    84. SolidKeas


    85. GOURÀv sw À I ñ

      love your ideas master peace very good keep it up

    86. GOURÀv sw À I ñ

      you are supar human being

    87. Yoğurtlu Dolma


    88. ihavelegs

      oh yeah its all coming together

    89. Alper Ceran


    90. Aryan Amir


    91. Radisson Blu hotel Birmingham

      The first thing

    92. EpicDogGamerPro

      OMG the Q I see your face

    93. Müslüm Kayra Bozkurt

      ım turkey videos good

      1. Fatih

        Bende turkish goods

    94. Pedrex

      Mouse, keyboard & monitor out of wood. I want wooden PSU, GPU, CPU, motherboard, RAM & SSD!

    95. Priyangshu Dhar

      Make a wooden circuit

    96. Ageng Siji


    97. Kateřina Městecká

      You are genius, it's perfect.

    98. EFİR TEAM


    99. zidan ofenJer


    100. kaif 34

      My guy loves wood