Worst Place for Stand Up Comedy


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    This is the greatest city council comedy of All Time

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    1. Robert Han

      To be fair what he did was harmless. Was afraid he'd do something like try stand up at like a murder trial or so, but it being a city council is harmless. He's not licking toilets in public or charging people with knives. Respect for doing it and committing honestly

    2. Logan Shillington

      Why do Canadians always have to do this in public...god, this is embarrassing.

    3. SleepyCat

      That "I was watching, no i wasn't-" got me hype up for the second episode.

    4. TheBlueGRat _

      i don't get it why they were not laughing I thought his jokes were pretty good.

    5. Thomas R.

      Man I guess I’ll have to go to more city council meetings... wouldn’t wan’t to miss his comeback set.

    6. mary medd

      As a Canadian this brought me much much pain

    7. H Hh

      This guy has to be the leader of incels

    8. Josh B

      Yeah this dude has got the right idea though. Trial by fire.

    9. Aria Britton

      the biggest joke here is that he's a FUCKING LEAF.

    10. dRb

      Wasn’t that Van Gogh

    11. Jay Tee

      He thought it was pure gold in a tough room but actually nobody finds it funny😂

    12. Sticky La Quasar 503

      Why did the republican applying fa food stamps actually make me buss laughing.

    13. beached whale

      Just watch Kill Tony you'll experience it 20 times an episode.

    14. Kidnoob

      This guy doesn’t have any teeth or his mouth is minuscule

    15. Alex Becker

      Give this guy to Vasily

    16. Yoboijom

      I’m not going to lie I’d try to fake laugh to at least try and boost his self esteem

    17. MeNameEvan


    18. Jennifer Crain

      The jokes suck but I'd be so entertained by the awkwardness I'd be dying of laughter 👁️👄👁️

    19. Zia Paracha

      Idk why but it feels as if the guy in the middle is setting the entire tone for this video

      1. Uriah Wesman

        it made the video that much funnier

    20. TheAntiBruhMoment

      it hurt me to hear his jokes and hear no one laugh.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        it was part of the whole art piece. I didn't expect laughter

    21. Jake M

      "Anime protagonist" lmfao

    22. a guy whos a person

      Half my heartbeat is cringe

    23. SolarScope

      Ever noticed his comedy all went downhill when he brought up politics

      1. SolarScope

        @Uriah Wesman I guess you’re right man, just joking about a party isn’t really political because it’s satire. You’re jokes were funny and you honestly would be a great standup comedian, the council just can’t take a laugh.

      2. Uriah Wesman

        i hardly consider myself a political comedian

    24. Matheus Borges

      Ay, what's the deal with penis, huh?

      1. Uriah Wesman


    25. rahza

      This is something straight out of parks and recs. Almost the exact same scene as that guy who didn't want to get rid of ted day

    26. Leanne Zezeski-Sass

      Eric Andre did it first and actually got arrested I think lol

      1. Uriah Wesman

        Yes, he sent the night in jail for giving the wrong name

    27. DrGrandRayy

      Uriah looks and acts like Richard Speight Jr

      1. DrGrandRayy

        @Uriah Wesman not even lying broski

      2. Uriah Wesman

        one of the most amazing things anyone has ever said about me haha

    28. Julian Anthony Valdes

      LuDwIg vAn BeEtHoVeN diDn'T cUt oFf hIS eAr!

    29. xd bangstann

      the second hand embarrassment man...the second hand embarrassment.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I don't even have any embarrassment from this. I love it

    30. LatheWerks

      I've actually witnessed more pointless discussions at my own town committee meetings

    31. do kyungsoo

      creator of time machine, please give this guy a chance

      1. Uriah Wesman

        i think it 's gonna work out

    32. Salem the Shiny Umbreon

      I'm losing it at the old man behind him that just looks so confused the whole time

    33. TR Geloto

      This guy looks like the bully of simpsons haha

    34. Crypticplaysgames K

      He looks like Steve Harrington is made by meat canon

      1. Uriah Wesman


    35. Austin Henning

      The commenter guy is unaware of the joke.

    36. Ash Sherr

      Worst video ever well done

      1. Uriah Wesman

        It's the worst video ever? lol

    37. scarfacebug

      I feel like someone wanted to laugh, but felt no one else would. I wanna go to every city council meeting so i dont miss the next stand up routine and laugh at every joke.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I'll just tell you when I'm going again

    38. ameliabenson

      Someone PLEASE play the cricket noises and move on

    39. Unit_Joe

      He looks like a Uriah

      1. Uriah Wesman


    40. caveman lovesmoke

      Dude we look earily alike

    41. egigster troll

      That "sweating like a republican applying for foodstamps" was a good one. Joe rogan states good comedians have bombed and get good from it

      1. Uriah Wesman

        that joke is reworked and has tags to it now. A lot funnier

    42. Dr. Loomis

      He reminds me of a guy I work with that has Aspergers

    43. 4Eye and gionis

      The sad thing is that was probably the most sane person out of the entire meeting

      1. 4Eye and gionis

        @Uriah Wesman ye ik but just sayin, im assuming it was all flat feathers there

      2. Uriah Wesman

        i doubt I'm sane. I'm trying to be a comedian

    44. MrGtoriginal

      That butthole joke was so deliberately stupid it made me laugh. Mission accomplished.

    45. CleverTaco

      He is NOT funny Edit: ok.. ok.. the Candian jokes were ok.

      1. CleverTaco

        @Uriah Wesman tough crowd...

      2. Uriah Wesman


    46. EDP'S TWIN

      I'm Canadian 😐

    47. Pixel

      Jordan? Is that you?

    48. Jay L

      This is pain to watch😂

      1. Uriah Wesman

        now imagine being in the video hah

    49. Thrashsquatch

      Was this a silly-buster? Hmm... I'll see myself out...

    50. Anton Radke

      Bro.... my guy.... Charlie.... I expect so much more from you. Vincent Van Gogh cut his own ear off. Ludwig Van Beethoven just went mostly deaf

    51. Gabronthe

      I think the speaker their was very kind and modest for not eating him alive.

    52. The Florax

      Vincent van gough cut his ear off as well

    53. MostPassiveUser

      Why does he remind me of Ted Cruz?

      1. Uriah Wesman

        i don't know

    54. Pre

      We as Canadians don't claim him

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I'm already claimed on waivers tho

    55. staffofthebobcat

      This guy reminds me of the dude telling shitty jokes on the sidewalk in new vegas, no one's laughing and he's basically just talking to himself.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        i did that in NYC central park

    56. Papa Snowball

      i kinda though he was funny...

      1. Uriah Wesman


    57. Graham Moore

      Joker (2019)

    58. Thomas Lavis

      Omg lmao

    59. Kelvin Aquino

      I respect fighters whether good or bad cause I don’t have the testicular fortitude to get in that square/octagon but to be a comedian.......may the comedic gods be with you cause silence after a joke is the loudest noise you’ll ever hear.

    60. Abhinav Agrawal

      At the least, he got featured in Charlie's video and got few million views 😂😂

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I got some subs and people that watch and understand my comedy. It's awesome

    61. TheAdamHawkTTV

      This guy makes Canada look bad. He looks like a cousin of the Coach from The Mighty Ducks, but instead of Law and youth hockey, he failed as a comedian throughout his life.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I've failed? This video is over 2 years old and people still talking about it. lol

    62. Tyler Gordon

      I mean if he made funny jokes I think people would’ve laughed

    63. Zladam

      I like Uriah. He held them hostage in this situation and that's beautiful.

    64. Blablablabla

      Yeah respect to that guy. Just goes to show you politicians really are reptiles. They couldn’t even pretend they were entertained

    65. Frank Figeroni

      As a Canadian I think this is hilarious. What happened to my country?

    66. Golnir The Strange Knight

      *Everyone laughed*

    67. rhqt

      Every single joke was just about him being Canadian.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        yeah, back then it was my crutch a little bit. Not really anymore as I developed

    68. Xyb3r Anims

      When he pulled out the titty council HONK HONK joke I laughed dead on the floor. is it just me?

    69. Lubricated Donut

      It’s only funny because i know it’s not funny and he’s just trying so hard it’s cringe

    70. Out Of Context

      I’m confused, is he urijah or myrijah

    71. Untitled Torch

      I live in Santa Barbara damn i wish i could have been there

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I'll one day go there again

    72. Greg themerrow

      This guy was actually kind of funny. I think this may have gotten a few laughs anywhere other than a city council meeting.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        thanks for your support

    73. Tristen Davis

      Isn’t he the guy from Jurassic park: the lost world that harasses Jeff goldblum on the subway in the beginning ????

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I wish

    74. Bad ass Jorge

      C r i n g e

    75. Monkey D. Luffy

      Wait wasn't it Vincent van Gogh

    76. Anthony Phillips

      I fucking love this guy. What a legend.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I love you

    77. Big Daddy Wes

      I honestly think he was trying to be as unfunny as possible. That's the only justification for how shit his "jokes" were.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I dress so white, other white people cross the street to get away from me

    78. Quinten Spyckerelle

      Beethoven was deaf at the end of his life but he didn't cut his ear off haha, got him confused with Van Gogh, laughed hard at that one. Thanks for the upload Charlie

    79. Caedmon Noeske

      I would have laughed my head off!

    80. M equals 13

      Huh? Van Gogh cut his ear off. Beethoven was deaf doh...

    81. zerocheems

      This is what Brian Griffin would be like in real life

      1. Uriah Wesman


    82. Techno Belligerent

      As someone who rode Greyhound bus 1,500 miles. Can confirm.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        it's the only travel where the layover is the best part

    83. Anthony V.

      This was painful to watch

      1. Uriah Wesman

        i did it multiple times fiblock.info/face/videot/nI6FhGmJdqjJi4o.html

    84. Zachary Myers

      "Everyone used to laugh when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, no one's laughing now!"-Uriah

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I said that?

    85. Winchester - My Best Friend

      How much weed does this guy smoke before he starts his recording?

    86. Scott Benoit

      So y can’t I right 😂🤣 yo he actually killed.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        you'll enjoy the other times I went there then fiblock.info/face/videot/nI6FhGmJdqjJi4o.html

    87. Robin Patel

      He's like you. In court. Watching someone in court.

    88. hhris C

      Pewdiepie: gets 2.5 million views with his over 100million subscriber count, floor gang•gang Charlie: gets 2.5 million views with his 8 million subscriber count "feels alright I guess" Good for him. He seems like a nice guy.

      1. hhris C

        Uriah Wesman lol dang man. I'll stop by and leave a like

      2. Uriah Wesman

        a lot of views of my video on other channels, lol c'mon

    89. hhris C

      Did they ever find out what he was watching? Please keep me updated

    90. william burton

      You know what I mean

      1. Uriah Wesman


    91. BespiGT

      I didnt know that month has 4 weeks

    92. Teacher Charles TV

      You pick you’re targets well.

    93. Colin

      Confirmed: the sun doesn’t go to canada

      1. Uriah Wesman

        you get it

    94. IDragonov

      Lolol ludwig tho!

    95. D_ans

      Those long silent pauses are painful...

    96. Louis Filliger

      Tripple a joke was pretty good hahaha

    97. TriceraTroy tv

      This is like when your spitting game at a girl, and she just straight up ignores you.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        maybe don't spit while your gaming

    98. John Congelli

      Right jokes wrong place

      1. John Congelli

        Except the Canadian stuff, just weird

    99. Incorporation Inc.

      I have seen this video before but I got recommended it again and I recognize the comedian guy. Just me. Please help it is bugging me

    100. Rex Mikes

      that triple a joke was on point

      1. Uriah Wesman

        triple ehhh