Zombies CONFIRMED for Call of Duty Warzone!


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    COD Warzone Zombies are 100% on their way today when the Vodianoy crashes into the land. This is going to be awesome.... New Info and Details from Call of Duty Official today, let's take a look at the evidence. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner

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    1. jackfrags

      This is going to be good!

      1. SpaceJam

        Yes,hopefully next season will drop a nuke and whole new map 😉👍 then they will release the warzone mobile

      2. Mark Hardy

        This team of devs are good at what they do.

      3. no name ideas


      4. Ibrahim Jalal

        Never stop my friend

      5. Wudi

        @Kyle Evanson play Plunder. Get better at the game & level up ur weapons there

    2. HomeForPeculiarMemes 0.0

      I need more gamer girls to play with:’)

    3. Dunning Kruger

      Do you guys know how we play in the zombies mode? I don't seem to be able to find it.

    4. Akshay Shettigar

      Imagine the last 2 teams get eliminated by zombies and Warzone Victory goes to the Zombies. That would hilarious!

    5. nigerian scammer

      i hope its not another zombie controlling mode

    6. Jimmy Dee

      Can’t wait to bunny hop and drop shot these bot ass zombies.

    7. Rabb1t's #1 Retard

      I got to play it early, it was pretty fun.

    8. Redeye Knight

      Can you play this with just Wazone aka without buying Cold War?

    9. Nine

      I made a video for players who can't access the Outbreak Event!!!

    10. Cancer Sauce

      Jack needs to try the new zombies outbreak mode on cold war.

    11. Mr QuickScope

      Actually instead of new different map it could be more good that they nuked verdansk and its wasteland where everythink is blowed up etc etc

    12. Cole Shauger

      Change...? Got any Change???

    13. LooneyBinSin

      wasted opportunity to have zombies spawn at random points of interest all over the map not just at one area

    14. AccedoCreeper

      Should be a mode where you can actually pay to pack a punch a weapon, or it is a drop from crate like jug.

    15. Maurice Mcghee

      Heads up it's only the ship that the zombies spawn at for the moment its a event

    16. Devilz Roger

      Done Supported ! XD

    17. Lizardking2.369 Smith

      Is there any lenk for battlefield 6 you know about. It coming

    18. MrMizfit

      I am disappointed honestly..

    19. Curver 88

      A Vodyanoy is a Slavic male water spirit. Wonder if the boat's name is a clue?

    20. Lee Walker

      “Hey remember that Blackout mode we did that no one played after like 4 months? Yeah let’s bring some of the cheesy parts over from that as people clearly love it” 🙄

    21. jukie OO

      bring back deatchmatch!!!

    22. NakedNervousAndShy

      New map pls. Plsssss.

    23. SpudBoi

      A.I should never be in a battle royale game

    24. -Vance- Dun

      Call of Duty is so sad tbh.

    25. LAG

      Noooo, no more zombies. For the love of god do something curative. Zombies have been overdone for years. Yes, I spelled it right.

    26. Benedikt Angerer

      My guess that the Zombies will overrun Verdansk and the nuke in the bunkers will put an end end to Verdansk --> new Map for the anniversary?!

    27. S anji

      2:45 "big things happen to warzone"...no they are not! over a year nothing happened. literally. that little change does nothing to the game at all. 99% will be like before

    28. 1nferno Blitz

      imagine a massive hoard of zombies vs hackers

    29. Mark Hardy

      It's Heeeerrrrreeeee

    30. MeGo


    31. no name ideas


    32. Trondom

      Coffee your English it’s tea

    33. ltlrenati

      So they’re just making blackout all over again?

      1. Mitchell Kouwenoord


    34. Chris Woods

      Just a note with the new update, a suppressor on th lw or pedington ruduce bullet velocity a lot

      1. Mitchell Kouwenoord

        @Chris Woods you are right, I noticed this too today

      2. Chris Woods

        @Mitchell Kouwenoord You need to check, since the update earlier the wrapped suppressor for all cold war weapons was nerfed with big drop in velocity and range

      3. Mitchell Kouwenoord

        Noo it doesn't

    35. DYEGB 1791

      Why do we all love Jack? Cause it’s Jack fooking Frags!! ❤️

    36. Faulky

      Great so now we can get third partied by zombies as well as other squads 😂

    37. Kyle Culver

      4:56 that guy was NOT happy! lmao

    38. Shroud master

      I CANT WAIT 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    39. Dominic Campbell

      New maps plz make them fun

    40. DaChaGee

      I hate this game now. Fucking Zombies! I just wanna play milsim. Can't wait for Battlefield 6!

    41. Jon .knallpistol

      So tired of BR and zombies , I wonder when someone is releasing something new.

    42. John C Bradley

      You are my favourite FIblock gamer

    43. BulgarianYogurt

      Where’s the livestream?

    44. Wudi

      Where is ur early stream jack?

    45. FinJin X

      "zombies are coming back" ... When did they ever leave

      1. Dominic Graff

        When did they ever even exist in MW.

    46. Kyber

      7am livestream.. Riggggght..

      1. Mitchell Kouwenoord

        I've been waiting since 6am lol

    47. Csaba Csorba-Simon

      Yo Jack, is the live stream happening? Keep up the good work

    48. plague doctor

      lets hope they roem the entier map

    49. Robert Smith

      Good luck getting on the ship . Played 1 game and lasted a max of 3 seconds .

    50. Sultan Al Farisi

      Yo, Anyone Else got the Leaked Modern Warfare SMG; The CX9, in Warzone from Loots? I got 2 Clips I took from watching a streamer I follow on Twitch. He Obtained it on the New Opened Silo on Promenade near Construction. I can Share them if you guys are curious

    51. COLL61

      I'm here Jack, it's 7:52am mate where you at? Lol

    52. DesT_SnipeR

      Nice its going To be like blackout and battleroyale from cod mobile interesting

    53. bidli

      shove them zombies up your cold war ass.. i play non-bo cod just bcs no zombies i fakin dont care about them.. god damn

    54. COD GAMER

      Remember that everyone uses the grau. Now they use a m16

    55. Vaibhav Dharkar

      Any updates on CX-9 SMG ??? I unlocked it in warzone but i cannot see it in my armory, just a green dot on SMG section, its so annoying

    56. Elsa Sanjaya

      Can't wait for the Easter egg tho

    57. taber1023

      I don´t even own COD/Warzone, but still I´m here watching these videos to the end and dropping likes. Am I the only one?

    58. ・ ・

      THEORY: The zombies will spread throughout Verdansk until they will have to nuke it on the anniversary of COD WZ. That's when the new map will come into play

      1. OvenChicken

        @HeroOfTime having a hard time reading?

      2. HeroOfTime

        Even though they stay on the ship

    59. X2 5H1FTY

      I’ll be at that stream

    60. Da Boss

      Don't need zombies in Warzone IMO......

    61. jeffrey abouzeidan

      How big would this update be? Comment down below olsss i gwtting soo curious

    62. Aloosh442

      now I have to wait for a week or something to complete downloading the update 😑

    63. Drayton Wheat


    64. F B I

      You were spot on, it’s a lot of zombies and they come in Waves.

      1. HeroOfTime

        No... No they dont

    65. Fightingfalconmlu94

      said it, no big different like any other update. They keep failing to deliver sadly, a new ship for cqc as he said in the video.... and the zombies was the mode from halloween. damn why am i even trying to be impressed any more :-/

    66. THE_NUMBER_64

      i hope a hoard of zombies goes after the campers that sit around way to long

    67. TheWhiteRabbit

      What if there’s a Kimat or Raiju creature, because of all the lightning that seems to follow the boat only.

    68. HereThen NL

      What is it with Zombies. Is it so hard to come up with something new and fresh?

    69. Sol

      Don’t get why people are so surprised and hyped for zombies in WZ unless they do massive hordes then it’s just the same stuff as before cool but also super telegraphed like we all knew this was coming really

    70. Willem Vernooij

      If i cant play Br without zombies, this boy is going straight back to BF1 ayyyeeee

    71. JohnnyLazyBravo



      Almost 1 year still not a new map. What a fkn joke

    73. NiTRo SyStemA

      Zombies boooring

    74. efcdom1878

      Would it say "eliminate 8 zombies" if they were AI? Surely only players get eliminated?

    75. Spaceinvader2.0

      I wish zombie movies were like this

    76. Overdrive


    77. KaydZz

      It's soo cool

    78. DaniMacYo

      I told you it would be David Vonderhaar Zombies 🤣

    79. Sajan

      oof the melee team wipe victory

    80. KaslanSaibot

      Will be disappointed if we don’t get the halloween game mode again. That was the best time I have had in WarZone. Who else agrees?

    81. maga nasuev

      I knew it. If you listen to the phone voice message in Warzone you will get it. Probably gonna be some bugs and one of the weapon will be OP

    82. Agent327

      I wasn’t on the edge of my seat I feel of when the said cargo ship as I was getting sniped in warzone

    83. Josef Kún

      From gameplay side Im excited for zombies but storywise isn't it a bit disappointing? you know they were teasing the nukes and zakhaev, i thought it will be some CoD 4 final mission or whatever but nah its just zombies...

    84. Jahriel Tv

      So Zombies filling up Warzone for season 2 the price and the gang will be force to let the nuke launch for season 3 to wipe out this said zombies or the source where it came from.. hmmmmm interesting.

    85. Chill Suna

      Hot mic zombies

    86. J T

      Hurry up BF6

    87. Callan Caustic

      I can feel the quality seeping out of warzone, and the MW appeal dying. Can't wait till the price of MW goes down so I can find safe refuge there.

    88. George Farrell

      5am guys hahaha

    89. Mike Pascucci

      That was some f-ing terrible green screen.....

    90. Nomaad's Ghost

      .. yeah I said the other day when I commented on your video of the ship, "teaser for Outbreak..."

    91. David Wilson

      Need to make a 150 person lobby with a cease-fire just to explore all the new stuff.

    92. Paul Zapanta

      90th guy to dislike just because I can. Big fan!

    93. Vincent O'Sullivan

      this is so good jack

    94. Everyday Dad

      Anyone else go to sleep listening to jacks videos? Or just me lol. Voice is so relaxing

    95. Liam W-O

      I hope they have the zombies spread through verdansk throughout the season until they nuke it at the end

    96. Nilay Pandey

      4:34 that guys internet lmao

    97. Jonah

      So lame

    98. Sab3r

      It’s gonna be like the blackout zombie areas for loot

    99. João Sousa

      No new map....

    100. Lesley Guevarra

      firs... fookin hell not again