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  1. Hayley Shields

    love the theatre and the billiards room/bar but otherwise meh

  2. The Hodge101

    Lotion and paper towels in the theater...wonder what movie is playin?

  3. J. Jhony Marquete

    has anyone noticed the size of the beans?

  4. Hellzap0ppin

    the whole place screams *_BROWN._* totally mad at it.

  5. Sebastian Buff

    nice home

  6. Jordan Van lee

    take a shot every time she says pinterest

  7. Camila hernandez garcia

    this is gold!

  8. mmmofti

    how does anyone take this fool serious with that stupid mop on his head? it's like he has his whole identity in that thing

  9. Enoxix

    Love the nature around it, but the house is ugly as f...

  10. Jungle Flower


  11. Phil Buckley-Mellor

    God this is tasteless

  12. Aran Ignite

    Very ugly house and I wouldn’t give up 15mil for it absolutely not!!

  13. promodvette

    5:14 A bottle of lotion and roll of paper towels by the middle seat.. NICE

  14. PlumpChicken

    I was going to buy it but then she said it had rain chains and that’s a dealbreaker

  15. Africanaholic Yt

    Kanye is a savage, I can’t believe he could lie to a female that well😭

  16. pamela Silva

    Dakota ❤️

  17. Will Barrett

    Just me or did this guy use the word spot way too much

  18. Stephanie Schwagereit

    I can't believe it, Its Michael Jackson's neverland, I wasn't sure at the beginning but when I saw the statues there was no doubt. I would love to buy it if I could ❤️

    1. Stephanie Schwagereit

      @Sharon Maenhout maybe they don't want to make it known after all the controversies, or I'm actually wrong and it just looks like it 😅

    2. Sharon Maenhout

      You're right! She shoud have mentioned it, don't you think?

  19. brisK

    this reminds me of the house from get out for some reason

  20. Sonic Brew

    Proof that money can't buy taste.

  21. Tom Bombadil

    Too cheap for us. 😄😄😄

  22. Harry Rayner

    what a beautifully quirky home

  23. Ann Smith

    Hideously awful. Money never buys style or taste.! Disgusting.

  24. Rick Mimms

    I want to point out that one of the theater seats has some lotion and a roll of paper towels by the side. What, exactly, were the types of movies shown?!?

  25. darryl minnaar

    She crazy lady

  26. Darkbase

    "Collection Specialist"? This went to debt collection?

  27. Thardus616

    I think Pierce's art should reduce the price tbh

  28. Simon Bruus

    You know something went wrong for the previous owners

  29. owlmostdead

    Soon to be had for 1/3

  30. Nick Vaudry

    But how does the house do in Tornado?

  31. Marcy Marcy

    I wish I was a mosquito living in Dita's house

  32. LAUS art

    Cool but some poor design choices by the architect and the interior designer.

  33. De Vries

    This is what i envisioned every time i built a big house on minecraft

  34. Kalila Watson

    Doesn't anyone want to know what happened to her glass of wine? :D

  35. Robert Eastman

    That is beautiful property. If I had a net worth of $250 million US, I would buy it. The agent didn't say anything about the zombie hoards coming up from Atlanta.

  36. N. R.

    Formerly owned by Kenny Rogers?

  37. William Drijver

    Horrible house, horrible climate, and good luck with the 17,500,000 mosquitos from that lake

  38. Paul Bright

    I wonder if the cars are included with the home?

  39. Amaya Walker

    burn it down

  40. nomatter! keep going!

    I adore her😇🥰🥰💛💫🤗

  41. ian1856

    So, you might want to try starting a sentence without "so." Gets real tired, real quick. (And, yes, I know that should be "quickly.")

  42. Cal Knudsen

    Perfect for a horror movie

  43. Tom


  44. alex n

    Charles Boyel's son grew up so fast

  45. Franco Brown

    I'm definitely feeling this one 👍

  46. Jesi Piuma

    $15,500,000 and no pool? Nah

  47. Nene Levy

    I wonder why she moved, this house is to pretty!

  48. Sam Ikenberry

    Are the cars included?

  49. Mary Abdel-Malik


  50. zachary low

    This is a perfect house for a drug lord

  51. I Hate Dill

    I love it...

  52. Humayra Yasmin

    This is giving me sports star's cribs episode from 2003 vibes

  53. Mar. Fer.

    How many times does she say "patio"??

  54. yeet.

    Wow, such a stunning house. Not my aesthetic, but gorgeous

  55. Anne Tuntun


  56. Bin Own

    Once u step in u feel u r aging direct omg lol

  57. Josh Payne

    Yes, but you'd have to live in Georgia. Maybe Mike the My Pillow guy will buy it.

  58. Ducati Drew

    Not sure the staircase meets code. 🤫

  59. Deborah Webb

    I think Zach has no guy in his life right now. I am a straight saying this but also 68 years old with a lot of mostly, co-worker association with gays and lesbians. I don't know why this is but I find gay men fantastic to be around and enlightening, but most lesbians have not liked me at all. Whether it be gay men or gay women, most are very smart and accomplished. I have a fifth cousin who was gay, and the only gay guy not friendly to me. He was a real estate attorney in Texas and I think his "wife' was also an attorney. My most recent boss was a lesbian and her "husband" had the body of a defensive linebacker but was still a "she."

  60. Martha Kahnwald

    Pierce brosnan’s house in Malibu for 100mil compared to this beauty for 15mil. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤯

  61. Oliver Lawford

    Tear down

  62. Skeptic Seeker

    why is it, the richest people seem to have the shittiest taste?

    1. Rachel

      They’re probably just... elderly

  63. William Drijver

    Impressive driveways one google street view. And 178 hectares is a lot. But still....if I had the money, no thanks.

  64. Előd Gligor

    Its so hard to see him with other woman🥲

  65. Its Shünmi

    I literally just watched a video of this house selling.

  66. Yachiru Rin

    such a nightmare :<

  67. The Opinionist High Quality Opinions

    Having heard that this monstrosity was designed by the owners makes it even worse. Who on earth would've deliberately designed THIS??!! Both the outside and the inside of the house are so tacky that I wouldn't be able to spend five minutes there without feeling ill. The grounds are very nice though, despite the statues. I'd like to know why these people find the need for three, if not four, bars in the house and in that horrendous "car barn." The "Old Time Theater" and especially the "Old Time Barbershop" are the absolute worst!!! Though I could go on for another hour about this place, I'll spare everyone. I do have to thank AD though, for the wonderful laughs I got from watching this video!! It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!

    1. The Opinionist High Quality Opinions

      @UnderTails No. I'd much prefer the antiques I grew up with in the Garden District of New Orleans. I find your comment to be hilarious. Ridiculous, yet still hilarious. 😂😘

    2. UnderTails

      Tacky? What do you want a plastic white couch with a rock as a table?

  68. Jason

    old persons home

  69. Nathan Greenberg

    This lady is insane if she thinks she's getting 15.5 in rural Georgia

  70. Veronica Ojeda


  71. chibhatt24

    I hate not having money :(

  72. american dream

    If i wanna buy it where can I buy It?

  73. wadda funiture


  74. Techno

    "I don't cook, I either order or eat out." He is spoiled lmao

  75. chillerinstinct1

    It would be a nice detail to know, what upkeep/maintenance cost come with this house

  76. wadda funiture

    Hi friend

  77. MR GUPPY 101

    Location ,location ,,this one sucks 😂💩💩💩

  78. joeyat

    15 million to live in a massive pit... Views of a dirty forest in all directions.

  79. C Peterson

    This video should have been about 5-1 minutes longer, they totally glossed over the property and other smaller buildings.

  80. Jack Tsin

    The ticket both give me the creep.😱