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  1. Israbelle Elzaquelle

    but who is mostest closest to mercury? :(

  2. sydney southwest


  3. Isaac Heppner

    Ok sweet! I'll start this tomorrow!

  4. Feet Friends

    I’d be okay if the week was 5 days. 3 days of work and 2 days of weekend will do just fine. None of this 5 days of work, 2 days of weekend. That’s way too much

  5. Steven Sandoval

    less sleep

  6. Cheese Grater

    Thanks for the tutorial. Busy this week but I'll definitely try it week.

  7. Exter Yeet

    When you look at paper and begin to realize the very fabric of our universe

  8. seeforkat

    interestingly this works similar to the golden rectangle, where you can divide a larger golden rectangle into a smaller one and a square

  9. Kenna Rajora

    5:00 Reddit in a nutshell.

  10. Paul-Thys

    Leave you 3 year old daughter 200 people behind you in the queue. Aaaaand relax...

  11. Eren JAEGER

    Yeah but what about weekend plans that require 2 consecutive days

  12. Ярослав К

    So basically, I can hurt people with memes?

  13. StudioGhibli

    Thank you. <3

  14. TofuDaTurtle

    This dude just played the game "everything" with just a piece of paper

  15. Caleb Smith

    11:59 is my Daily dose of existential dread

    1. Caleb Smith


  16. Rakshit Sharma

    “Not every child matters” Prince Harry and Meghan’s children:

  17. Stripysniper 187

    🤨 I don’t like this

  18. Dub-J Scrub-J

    Doctor: You will die after taking this pill _hands me sugar pill, I eat it_ Me: **Dies**

  19. Jeremy .S

    Ah, the limitations.

  20. Sour Lemonade

    yeah ok sure tell that to us. We survived a pandemic that was a big deal without being the worst deal at the same time. Beat that, idiot.

  21. Stone Sparkes

    Delta needs to hire u


    Let me tell you a secret my friend and all those who read this...it not on how many days you work, it’s how much you get paid, we all have about the same amount of hours a day but yet CEO, Dentist and other jobs make more and some how can get weekends off, well that’s just it, if you got a higher paying job and work 2 days in a week making the same amount as someone working 6-7 days a week, doesn’t that seem better? So my suggestion is to get government or city jobs, don’t work fast food that just promotes lazy ness and don’t work for a grocery store, people can deliver food now, this is the future it’s time for us to evolve and stop being greedy and giving debt to our college students and those who graduate out of high school, pay them higher

  23. Jucha Jucha

    as a law student the last time i had a truelly free weekend was in January, the next time is in July (if im lucky)

  24. George Martin

    I always find troubles a deminishing way to describe what actually happened in NI. Terrorism, murder, rape, guerilla warfare. Trouble is something a school boy gets into

  25. FixedKarma

    The difference between us and the horse is that horses have be designated work in their history, we have been designated to live.

  26. Yeetus • 100 years ago

    Looks like it got delayed for 8 years

  27. Honor Webb

    Yea, I got nocebo.

  28. Lucy Persnickety

    The next time my math teacher ever talk about geometric shapes in class. Me: Hexagons are the Bestagons.

  29. First Last

    instructions unclear: I'm now a muslim caliph...

  30. Clara James

    if i were a teacher i would just pronounce it ur-Ahn-us

  31. ILLumi ._.

    Without having a day off back to back This looks like the definition of insanity

  32. Blaze071234

    "That one didn't age quite so well"

  33. Eusei

    Yay nevada gets noticed

  34. Enric Winters

    I’m playing that game for sure

  35. MysticBug

    Monday🤬 Tuesday😰 Wednesday🥲 Thursday😅 Friday😃 Saturday🤣 Sunday☠️

  36. Somebody

    I already knew the study was fake, but I still got a headache 🤨

  37. Adrian Martell

    A sheet of paper: I know you want to bend me for a seventh time but my head hurts

  38. Jx10

    I think i just got brainwashed

  39. D. Vindo


  40. MrQuinnzard X

    "In-law" is a suffix

  41. Gr8est Funnygum

    Someone visiting Nevada: What was that boom noise? Is there an Earthquake? Are they nuking us?! Nevada resident: No, they just do that every Thursday.

  42. William Wallace

    tl;dr CGP Grey is the new VSauce and exponentials are crazy

  43. Karen W

    Now I know why the put acid on paper tabs

  44. 김현모

    1:11 It's a bit humiliating that this video considered North and South Korea completely seperate countries. Division of Korea is the sadness of Korea. This might have been better : Korea through China

  45. Yougi

    Work is da poop

  46. Alexi

    Unmarried and not have a girlfriend. Bro this is literally a job for me

  47. userasdf

    I remember when they did something like this in school and like pbs zooming in on a family at a picnic in and out. I really hope this becomes that for the new generation.

  48. José Alberto Damián Cárdenas

    It feels even more different after watching Seaspiracy

  49. Roku

    So if Charlles dies before the queen. Then princess anne will be the next in line. If charles did not have any descendants of his own? (William and george)

  50. Leaders Of the Old School

    I laughed so hard at “Cough, voting systems... cough.”

  51. docobe

    How have I never heard of you? I watched a video about getting people on a plane and then this magic. This may be the best video I have ever seen in my life (I am completely sober, but that was absolutely magical).

  52. makai

    my school has wednesday off now during online school but we also have our full weekends, i can vouch that it is significantly more productive

  53. Dethred1

    Screw you, I just watched this right before bed! Haha

  54. PurpleKey

    JoJo fans explaining part 7:

  55. The Addict Of Gaming

    What is I just take the bishops with my rooks?

  56. Nox

    This vlog has a real zen quality I really love.

  57. ToxicPronoun

    Yes officer, this video right here is encouraging acid trips

  58. LlamasOnJUPITER

    interesting how it only took maybe 40 halvings to get down to an atomic scale but with a similar amount of doublings we were still at least on the planet earth

  59. CooperTown

    Hahahahahaha -Cries in one day off working 6/7 days by week for 8 hours everyday-

  60. PandaChips

    Like SAW!!!

  61. Monkey_on_Call

    This sounds more so like common law than admiralty law.

  62. RamQ06

    The last bit actually scared me a little

  63. Spooks :D

    I wouldn’t know what to do, I’ve never been on a plane

  64. TheBoss95

    Well no more charles

  65. Sãns mönkè


  66. Ocerios

    man must be an engineer, because he failed to even note that not all cars are smart cars, and they can suddenly die, or have catastrophic issues like a tie rod blowing out from SOMEONE not fixing their damn car. We COULD make every car "smart" my installing a rasberry pi, wiring my very, but stick up two sensors like vr light houses, lokking out the front, back, and sides form two opposite corners of the cabins. its possible but nobody cares.

  67. Jayden Ford

    I don’t believe in the Illuminati or similar things but with all this rigor there has to be SOME underlying corruption to get this position.

  68. Preeti Kumari

    Thank you

  69. The Dark Manifestation

    as an indian, I can say by the time we get to 5th cousin, we have much more than 1000

  70. Lonylon

    1:35 Mr beast: let me introduce myself

  71. Doug

    As someone who currently has Wednesdays off school atm along with weekends its amazing.

  72. yes papa

    If I was the president of a surrounding country I don’t think I can resist invading the neighbor

  73. Tofurkey

    He kept bringing up pencils having stuff to do with hexagons but didn’t mention that most pencils are hexagonal from the front.

  74. Jiudp's Channel

    i work a saturday yes, and a saturday no, How should I do?

  75. Sonic 95

    I miss the gold days back then it was less traffic

  76. Danny the Dan Man

    They wrote it wrong, they meant 2021

  77. Tuckers Baby

    My department at the hospital has it set up like this: - Work Monday-Wednesday - Off Thursday - Work Friday-Monday - Off Tuesday - Work Wednesday-Friday - Off Saturday & Sunday Repeat

  78. Plague Music

    Feels like an old processor when boarding

  79. Leonard Genetia

    Hello Pentagon stan

  80. matrixripp09

    4 10hr days is best