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  1. Олег Штрикуль

    Ministry approves too

  2. sYnchr0

    That bass line is Thicc.

  3. ALEX


  4. sYnchr0

    Never heard of Gojira before. 3:35 ... ok, I have to listen to all of their stuff now.

  5. KNAVE

    such a shame this has come out during a time where music videos are largely unwatched and unappreciated. if this was the glory days of Scuzz and Kerrang etc, this would be winning awards and shit. Such a great animation

  6. Beggar Wall

    Anybody know what the video is about?

  7. KNAVE

    A scanner darkly/waking life vibe

  8. KNAVE

    that fill (?) at 2:08 will never not be ridiculous. Is it a shuffle? idek

  9. Matej Petras

    Everyone here talking about how they ended up in the same world, but I think the point is different. They indeed got to another world, but they realized, that it's not a new world, but rather a long time abandoned one. They realized, that people never learned and this won't stop.

  10. Влад Скобляков

    this song like mantra


    Grand !

  12. Braxton Marshall

    15:23 that emotional scream is legit the most badass thing ive heard

  13. david revuz

    une fois de plus c'est une réussite totale bravo à vous et au travail effectué

  14. Arnab Bhattacharjee

    Magma is an amazingly underrated masterpiece coming from these guys! 🎉🙏☀️

  15. David Vincent

    Surpuissant, super morceau🤘

  16. Muhammad Kenken

    Pure sick immortal.

  17. Savda Savda

    Grosse grosse claque ❤️

  18. Cícero

    Wtf Mario has a shirt on

  19. ThePalomaRoja

    I like it, the sound of the album is perfect, it's tribal and it totally communicates content.

  20. christophe foucart

    pourquoi max n est pas dans la vente d objets pour la foret amazoniene.

  21. Jacoby Burns

    Jesus this band is awesome. I realize why France played so great of a role in the founding of the United States. Que Dieu benisse la France!!!

    1. Teekzie Du 21

      I am french 🇲🇫🇲🇫🇲🇫

  22. littlefury

    I think I spotted a Blade Runner reference in the video. It's at the 4:09 minute mark when the fugitive turns into a woman wearing a transparent vinyl coat, running away for her life, like the replicant played by Johanna Cassidy (ZHORA) when chased by Rick Deckard.

  23. Nebuchadnezzar

    environmental comments vs boingboing comments vs musical comments hmh.

  24. Digital Mayor

    to stop the amazon from burning what do we as individuals do? The deforestation for farming is only going to increase as population continues to rise. I mean, its a good song and all,... its great that we are aware of the problem, sucks seems no solution.

  25. Lianna Teruel Serret

    este tema esta de puta madre guys!!!!

  26. cav

    1:51 Does it sound like Pantera?

  27. seiom jvony

    hm, now I realised Gojira's vocalist sounds a lot like Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke

  28. Jordan

    The cool thing about trees is they grow back!

  29. lunardestruction

    The hu anybody?

  30. Braian Chozas

    Groove as fuck


    Vibes of the Tribe 2021.we are still alive.

  32. Ela Nabulsi

    Dziekuje i kurwa, Yeah!!! ❤️❤️😂😂😂👏👏👏

  33. Obi Kenobi

    If you look closely the one dancer is wearing a house arrest bracelet... this is fake news

    1. seiom jvony

      que se vê vídeoclips sobre nosso país. Estamos tão focados no que existe em outros lugares que esquecemos a importância da nossa própria terra!

  34. William Robertson

    Amazonia do BRASIL

  35. Kris Machado

    Esse é o perigo quando boas bandas entram na opção: "Lacrar sobre algo que Ibope!" Lamentável...

  36. Kris Machado

    A W E S O M E

  37. Diêgo Pessoa

    MÚSICA MUITO BOA! 🤘🇧🇷 Os caras são fãs do Sepultura !

  38. Airton Junior

    Seu país tem boas condições ambientais? Venha para o Brasil e conheça a Amazônia antes de criticar o q nem conhece. Saia daqui se for atacar nosso país. Admiro muito o som mas cuidado como trata nossa terra.

  39. Hogo

    2:04 to 3:26 probably one of the best moments on gojira's discography

  40. gravydog1

    Holy fuck they are ungodly heavy. That sound, just nails it. And hey, Charlie kept his shirt on in this video so bonus.

    1. Massive Cunt


  41. Jim Portis

    Love that they're all playing natural finish guitars,/bass and Mario's kit is black and tan...

  42. johanplush3

    Too good

  43. Nathan Brennan

    Can you unlike a song twice ? Fukin shame, you can’t ....

  44. Nathan Brennan

    Best Godamn Song Ever....

  45. Fernando Espinosa

    live Sepultura!

  46. Lionel ANDRES

    Superbe morceau, message puissant, mon fils de 8 ans aime les dessins animés; la nature et apprend la batterie, c'est son titre de référence ! Great song, powerful message, my 8 year old son loves cartoons, nature and learns drums, this title is a reference for him !

  47. yannick lebel

    Mario and abe mix drumming c'est top!

  48. Lionel ANDRES

    Comment c'est possible de n'avoir "que" 119k de j'aime sur ce morceau qui te prend dès les premières écoutes et qui en plus délivre un message extrêmement puissant. C'est peut-être parceque nous sommes si peu à apprécier ca que les forêts sont toujours brulées... How is it possible to have "only" 119k of likes on this track which takes you from the first listenings and which in addition delivers an extremely powerful message. It is perhaps because we are so few to appreciate this that the forests are always burnt ...

  49. dude erdna

    I am not gay, but Joe Duplantier is hot.

  50. Eddie Toruno


  51. Sick F. Machine

    The more I listen to this song, the more I listen to this song. It just gets better with each listening.

  52. didier d'agostino

    ça joue les amis ! VIVE LA CULTURE,VIVE LA MUSIQUE ! mes amitiés ! (ex batteur du groupe P.VIBES avec David Jacob (Trust)

  53. Emanoel Luiz

    Amo meu idioma então vou escrever em português mesmo! hahahahah, quem quiser que traduza (como eu faço). Muito bons, eu pessoalmente gostei muito! Não é sempre que se vê vídeoclips sobre nosso país. Estamos tão focados no que existe em outros lugares que esquecemos a importância da nossa própria terra!

  54. troy betsen

    I blew out my headphones playing this video, thanks gojira

  55. Aniquin Stark

    Gojira is the ultimate workout music. Adds at least 25 pounds to your max

  56. Tonda Zivny

    Finally, one thing that France can be proud of. I like them much.

  57. Sherap Djazz

    Every Tune Hits You Hard😇

  58. conz1012


  59. emmanuel boitel

    Un titre un peu biscornu de gojira !! Je crois pas que ce sera un de leur top. Clin d œil à roots...

  60. ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος

    Thrash has been a gift to our generation. In the 80s and 90s it become a voice when we started witnessing so many injustices in the world but media kept silent (and the music industry was talking about hair and glitter). It became the focal point for bands to establish this voice like my beloved Sacred Reich. Talking about contemporary issues and raising awareness is a necessity. I am glad to see Gojira ( and some other like Body count) taking the challenge to continue this great service and speak up. There are no countries anymore or national issues. Issues are now global and effect everybody. We need to address injustice wherever it roots...

  61. Sven

    anyone else wants to shout " ROOTS, BLOODY ROOTS"???

  62. andivax

    Try Andy Wallace for producing next album

  63. james melton

    this is wat weneeed...

  64. Emre Zafrak

    20 days to go

  65. Mason


  66. Ji Cé

    Génial comme d'hab / Awesome as always

  67. Tedi rahmat

    have sound music equipment karinding etnic from my country

  68. Srag

    Hello police? I'd like to report a fucking massacre breakdown

  69. Vohasiiv

    I found the name of this band in the comments of an Aurora video. I'm not a metalhead. I usually click off as fast as I can when I hear even a single scream in a song, but I'm definitely intrigued by this band so far.

  70. Marcelo Scafi

    Sounds like Jaz Coleman !!! Amazing !!! Killing fucking Joke !!!

  71. aldo carvalho


  72. Dibbo 92

    Kick Ass 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  73. MrAtomicDon

    Makes me proud to be French. GOJIRA! 🤟🤘💗

  74. Mario Reese


  75. MrAtomicDon

    i hope the haters perish by wildfire.



  77. Kody Peklar

    Here from buttsimpson

  78. maryam carymi


  79. KB7

    This beat is sic!