The ultimate observer, ISMO is able to make people see familiar things anew through his unique perspective. ISMO uses his outsiders point of view to find the humor in the most ordinary things.

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  1. Shriram Studios

    Amazingly talented to make simple facts sound so humorous 😂😂😂

  2. Henri Aho


  3. mikin lirou

    Whats your opinion on spiff coin 🤔


    Ismo is so funny. I would like to see a live performance.

  5. mi$ka

    onse hauskamies

  6. Cosmic Frequency ᚠ

    Awesome stuff as always..really looking forward to see you in Finlandiatalo!

  7. BeerGod Jeikki

    Entäs nauku maija pimpero piia? :)

  8. BeerGod Jeikki

    Semi neuvokasta.

  9. friedrich markus

    10 Opticians disliked this ...

  10. vyu gg6cy

    Denmark's annual medical conference, Doctor Week, was held in Copenhagen November 11-15, 2019. Medical professionals attending the conference continued to pay attention to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) state-sanctioned organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. Representatives of DAFOH (Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting) discuss forced organ harvesting in China during Doctor Week, an annual meeting of medical professionals held in Copenhagen. The five-day event was attended by approximately 3,500 medical professionals from Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. A small number of Nordic doctors and nurses also attended the meeting. The international non-governmental organization DAFOH (Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting), hosted a booth and informed attendees about the Chinese regime’s live organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners, people from Xinjiang and Tibet, and Christians.

  11. Birgitta Jönsson

    This was a new joke for me. Very fun!

  12. MamaBoard


  13. Mikey McMikeFace

    Excellent. Great material!

  14. Joona Vuorisalo

    No nyt pisti Ismo masentamaan. Ainoa plussa meni sitte siinä.

  15. no k

    Eipä siinä mitään mitä jätkä

  16. Dauber

    So good to see you again 👁👁

  17. PockASqueeno

    At last, another Ismo video in English! And a hilarious one at that! 🤣

  18. Afrohare

    Great stuff, as always. Still, I have to wonder about all the "FINALLY some content in English!!11!1oneone" comments: he's a bilingual comedian, having started to perform in his mother tongue literally *decades* ago! Him posting material from his old Finnish language specials is *nothing* away from *you* .

  19. 🌍 Mister No

    A man of his word. Thanks Ismo, you're a badass after all.. Looking forward to your next video.

  20. AsciiGDL

    I laughed so hard that now my ass hurts

  21. A A


  22. Nakki_Boii

    Päivän naurut tuli tästä 😂

  23. Koreviking

    Laughs in Norwegian.

  24. Koreviking

    We still hunt whales in Norway. The meat is very tasty.

  25. Marina Leal


  26. Warren Welch

    I love u girl

    1. mikin lirou

      ongelma yleensä pahenee.

  27. rainystorm88

    It’s been too long since your last video! Thank you :)

    1. timomastosalo

      Too long - what happened to you when you didn't see any new videos from him? Did you lose appetite, or have too good appetite, or hurt your wrist doing an eye test at an appointment?

  28. Certainly NOT the best pianist, but still

    Time to check if sex is not bad for your eyesight. And for this experiment the optician would be needed even more

    1. Marina Leal


    2. timomastosalo

      Good point, our still pianist

  29. Aracely Guerrero

    You need to make these videos longer

    1. timomastosalo

      You mean like long ass videos?

  30. John SwedishPride

    he really deserves a much larger audience.......

  31. Kita-Risti

    So, he didn't see that one .. coming?

    1. Mikey McMikeFace

      I see what you did there. The video is almost clickbait, though. I mean, the title, wat. 😋

    2. timomastosalo

      Optionally he saw all too well, and now can't see him anymore.

  32. BLU

    I just rolled over and died

    1. timomastosalo

      Where are you commenting from now after death?

  33. Ramona Grunder

    no niiiin! uusi video <3

  34. Kenneth Duell

    The best in standup. The best.

  35. Ali Kazemi

    a Genius ,My fave. i love ismo

  36. Hin

    i like this shit

  37. Boris Latkovic

    oh how brilliant...very witty and intelligent and the delivery as well....amazing

  38. Argantonis

    Let me guess: Ass

    1. timomastosalo

      I see. You didn't get an A, but a C. The correct answer is more like: Eye You see? But maybe one day the eye has moved to ass as well. And then we have to see with the ass. the h-, whole world that we can see.

  39. Jag Plaha

    This guy is too freakin funny. Love his comedy! Check out his English learning on the word Shit!

  40. Dr. K. Wette BE

    My problem is my cousin is my ophthalmologist...

    1. timomastosalo

      @Dr. K. Wette BE 😂🤣🏁

    2. Dr. K. Wette BE

      @timomastosalo No, my glasses are ok now. Just change the wipers from time to time. XD

    3. Dr. K. Wette BE

      @Emily Robbins WHAT ? Very strange country you have, if you have to write that down in the laws !

    4. timomastosalo

      So you still need to see each other?

    5. Emily Robbins

      Not a problem in 41 states of the USA. The other 9 states require proof of nonconsanguinity before you can legally have your ophthalmologist see you in this manner.

  41. Jag Plaha

    Always Mr. Funny Finnish guy! 😊

  42. weldabar

    Some funny word play.

  43. silver1

    The best part for me is usually After first minute

  44. Kerry Custom Knives

    You look kinda blurry...

  45. Occam's Razor

    The flow was perfect..'

  46. Dr. Sami

    Louic CK approves!

  47. Cosmic Dust

    LOL! I can not see you any more.

    1. Miika Kontio

      Great punchline


      That was perfect, was kind of expecting some dirty joke about misfiring into the eyes, but that was such a better and more wholesome punchline.

  48. ColinBurtonPlays

    Ismo, sinä olet todella hauska.

    1. SirTyperys

      @ColinBurtonPlays it's pretty obvious: too formal for a comment. many finns would leave the "sinä" out.

    2. Vivek Soni

      @ColinBurtonPlays And yes, Ismo is absolutely funny. Bad that we are missing out his contents in Finnish

    3. Vivek Soni

      @ColinBurtonPlays Of course it is obvious. Well, I had started learning it coz I had a client based out of Finland. But being a non speaker, I think you used the words very appropriately. Cheers!!!

    4. ColinBurtonPlays

      @Vivek Soni *LOL* Is it that obvious? I resorted to Duolingo because Ismo is so funny in English that I wanted to understand him in Finnish. _I still don’t!_

    5. Vivek Soni

      Learning from Duolingo, eh?

  49. Katjuskainen 76


  50. Cassie

    Osteoporoosiin valkovenäläinen.

  51. Halqaad Team

    Pliis kaikki suomalaiset auttaa seuraaja 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🙏

  52. tyranni

    I see Ismo posting a vid, I go ahead and click.

    1. timomastosalo

      @tyranni Yeah, but I guess Stevie has really felt her.

    2. Ramona Grunder


    3. tyranni

      @timomastosalo yeah, but have you ever seen Stevie Wonders wife? no, well dont worry, neither has he.

    4. timomastosalo

      Glad you could see it

  53. tarun sharma

    After long time finally we have your video in english ☺️👍💐👍👌

  54. Katja Koskelin

    Kyllähän se näin on. 👍🤣

    1. Kurjistaja

      No niin.

  55. Anders Engman

    Finally! A video in English. :D

  56. seatedliberty

    That was very funny- I've really got to hand it to you... actually no wait, I think you've handed it to yourself.

  57. Ayan Adhikary

    This guy has HUMOUR ❤️ ASS was my fav video. Keep it up sir 👍🏻

    1. timomastosalo

      Think he was... having it... up

  58. Yogi

    You are a Genius !

  59. D Stanoev

    Definitely worthed testing that myself next time at the ophthalmologist

  60. carecree888

    Ha! My fave Finnish man taking about how he “finishes”! 😂

  61. Cason Wrightt

    Finally english content! Love the comedy

  62. Virgo

    Great to watch you again!!

  63. Lindsey Hiccups

    That's some good shit 😎

    1. Marina Leal

      Some good ass shit

    2. Jag Plaha

      That was "the shit"

    3. timomastosalo

      Glad you could see that shit

  64. Pilkki Jaakko

    No pakko oli tulla heti kattoon

    1. timomastosalo

      Näitkö jotain?

    2. fdagpigj E

      Kyllä se varmaan yhtä näölle haitallista on riippumatta tuleeko kattoon vai vaikka talouspaperiin



  66. Kalle Nuppunen

    Fortunately there are new planets...Perhaps we should send Ismo there to a sample of human intelligence?

  67. Man ne

    mukava katsoa tätä 7 kaljan jälkeen arkipäivänä

  68. Juha Huovio

    Viiminen timppa suvin. Suvi sama, kesä.

  69. å

    Pitää kokeilla tota jallupiimää.

  70. Thirsty Wolf

    deadass this was awesome

  71. Charming nowhere to hide

    Minun sukunimi on Ritari :D

  72. Ask to seduce Miss

    Hahahaa!! 😂

  73. Jukka Miettinen

  74. 10 000 Tilaajan Haaste

    Liity haasteeseen mukaan ja tilaa kanavani.

  75. ismo pesäpallomaila

    yy arr sou good i äm yur idool

  76. Bosco Singson

    I laughed alot... Thanks

  77. fouoii gyhh

    Such a pity that I dont understand Finnish 😢😅

  78. hen ko

    Minun sukunimi on Ritari :D

  79. 10 000 Tilaajan Haaste


    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      Palli Aasikivi?

  80. turbohc

    Ihan hassu, ei naurattanu kuitenkaan :) No offence Ismo!

    1. Joanna