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  1. Waqas Badar

    I asked my cat to say "maa" to see if she obeys me. She just slapped me in the face.

  2. Tariq ali

    She really thought about it

  3. No No

    Well goose how did you expect that to end

  4. Arijit Singh Is Love

    I feel bad for laughing

  5. Gicy Johnson

    Awwwww... how sweet

  6. susanlbk

    Whoops! 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Mann ki Bakwaas

    That's how I sleep on my wifeys shoulders

  8. Internet

    "He is beginning to believe"

  9. _defect chamberlain

    David Bowie origin story

  10. brethebruja

    That's it....I'm getting a burro!! 🥰

  11. N A

    Please kiss it 20 times for me because I'm right dying of cutinosaurusing

  12. Boomer Kingzley

    He’s starting to Believe

  13. daimyo2k

    LMFAO =D I remember my kitten doing that all the time

  14. LINA

    👁👁 '''(🔻)'''

  15. poopy poop

    The sound she made has nothing to do with that he asked. Just a coincidence!

  16. Rochelle Cordero

    i feel so bad for laughing 😭

  17. Ewerton Silva Rafael

    I need speen my boe

  18. hbgriss

    No one messes w that lady

  19. Jesus

    My cats name is Lucky 🥰

  20. Gabriel Torres

    It's wild that Cats can't taste sweet things. Seems like even puuurfect creatures has to have at least 1 flaw.

  21. mappy minho

    I believe I can fly

  22. Alf Zepo

    that was very cute. may God bless you all in chat! Please check out Romans 5:8, John 3:16, and 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

  23. Metal Head

    Will you do another video, I really want to see ( gum gum ) , this donkey is so lovely

  24. Hemant Meghwanshi

    Girls after heavy makeup :

  25. Darkcore dude

    They need to chill😂😂

  26. Muhammad Ahmed

    So sweet Mash-a-allah

  27. Talyah R

    No wonder people think they see big foot. This guy is huge

  28. M C

    She looks very pretty 😍 n

  29. Venus Momo

    So, Will it be a reset or the race continues? The far left guy did had a fair start, the rest got totaled. What do you think?

  30. Taizun

    Carrying his? CARRYING HIS WHAT?!

  31. kingofatlantistv


  32. G00K

    what a weird name for a boy.. Mary

  33. Ary M

    That was incredibly cool. This simply shows how much animals are smarter than we ever give them credit for.

  34. JustA Farmer

    For some reason I imagined this to be a meme and the cat fell into the pan. Sorry

  35. Nsitseo

    Cleanest win of my life

  36. playdatetoyou

    I am very good at talking with them...

  37. S S

    Who said cats always land on four feet 😂🤦

  38. Firestar4041

    Such a polite lil "meerw"

  39. Esko 420

    Stupid humans

  40. whYLiE09

    OK but the elevator broke

  41. Mariam Vimal

    With Little Women in the it!

  42. zack5757 hamzah

    This cat literally does nothing but I laugh so hard lmao

  43. Paras modi

    I think cat is thinking for copyright claim 😂

  44. F30 Dane

    Me rn

  45. John Faris

    ALLIGATORS AND CROC needs to be extinguished...they had millions of years...

  46. Haniya Fahad

    the poor thing has seen enough to last him a lifetime.

  47. ̇Anurag Rajput

    Lamb be like this is the wisest fool I have ever seen.

  48. Tayyab Iqbal

    You know a video is going to be great when the description is longer than the video.

  49. Noah Irving

    Here before this blows up

  50. Jotsukko

    Brother, what did humans do to you?

  51. ̇Anurag Rajput

    Guy: maaaa Lamb: you fool it's mehhhhhhh

  52. hégémonie cosmique


  53. ̇Anurag Rajput

    For 6 seconds lamb was having identity crisis.

  54. Cho Koon

    Hey, are you still breathing?

  55. The Only Boss Of Me Is ME

    My girlfriend does this when she wants my chocolate.🍫

  56. Tarvu

    "I was just wiping my forehead... what?"

  57. X tech tips

    The anxiety the horror my life flashed before my eyes and then finally she said " maaaaahh "

  58. Jelyn De Jesus

    HAHAHAHAHA awit!

  59. Finness

    She did it on her own time.

  60. Saba Saba

    Beutiful cuttttie .👧 .cuteness overloaded. Her hair was so pretty .ummmmmuah😘😘😘😘😘😘... i like goats too much 🐐🐑🐏


    Cute kitty 😍❤️

  62. Kitkerts _

    It fell on it's back :((

  63. Jibu Georgekutty

    I never believe teacher told me donkeys have no brain.

  64. frask f

    Mmmm yummy, floor tomato

  65. Keith Hawkins

    Now a moment of silence 😔

  66. Ashley Brock

    Ouch 😣

  67. Ghost Burgers

    I also get excited whenever I see white stuff land on a woman.

  68. Gato 008


  69. Jj Hh


  70. navylaks2

    This restored my faith in humanity 🙃

  71. Derkas Mightier


  72. Cory M.M.

    I swear, as soon as one of their legs start slipping, they freak out lol.

  73. Being human

    *Everybody falls , the gate fails* _Yet in comments everybody is talking about the extreme left guy who succeeded_ _That's how the world is_ 🚴 _Everyone salutes the rising sun_ 🌤️

  74. Samia Mim

    The dog looks like he is not impressed 🤣🤣🤣..

  75. Sophie Robinson

    One of my cats turns her head sideways and lets the water run into the corner of her mouth.

  76. Amal M

    Been there ,done that

  77. Chom Chom

    Guy: Can I get a maee Lamb: I count atleast ten grammatical errors on that

  78. Gaurav Joshi

    0:07 watch the gate

  79. Ryan Pe

    How could you say no to that? 🤣🤣🤣. That was funny. Wish my cats did this but nope they run so fast and go head first into my bowl so that they know they will be able to get at least one good bite real quick lmao

  80. Mark Newton

    That's the lazy edition, can't touch that!!