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Eric Langlay: VFX for Vsauce1/2/3
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  1. shatter glass

    someone send this to kaguya sama fans

  2. vertti niskanen

    Finland mentioned. To the town square!

  3. 7S Diablo FF

    Title : Finnish People of Finland : *We've been summoned*

  4. Morgan Bucaille

    *sees thumbnail* Me: why is there a yellow thumbnail? *sees title* Also me: so what is it black?!?!!?

  5. Mini RedX

    2:47 why is bakugou here

  6. I Love Harpic and clorox

    I think i will won't be able to kiss any girl for now because i am thin and as vsauce said that kissing kills calories ;(

  7. Leo

    I thought the video title said 'tf' lol

  8. Winston Knowitall

    As a Pole I have to mention that Finland lies pretty close to the North Pole. What a coincidence!

  9. Solaris _

    When you're feeling like shit just remember you're scientifically incorrect

  10. Michel Rahman

    How did vsauce 2 and 3 start?

  11. Андрей

    Plot of "Devs" summarized

  12. Jotaro Kujo does anims

    ``sir this is a wendys´´

  13. Zaki rhamadhan

    Me: sorry mw indonesia

  14. rodger2275

    Say whhhhhaaatttttttttttt.........

  15. Aniruddh Yadav

    We didn't forget Chernobyl and it is 2021, The xkcd list is wrong!

  16. Nikhilesh Bagwala


  17. martillo de la justicia

    well now a lot of entertainment is ment for causing addiction and recolect the most data and time it can. Taking advantage of are main based in reward, an example is fast rewrd with tik tok or snapchst videos

  18. sachin hajare

    Did anyone guess the cards right ?

  19. Samuel Lacson

    sup 2021!!😍😍


    You f***k my mind vsausce Zuck you haha

  21. Atilla Mert Can

    Step 1: Enter to Library of Babel Step 2: Click to "Browse" Step 3: Copy this giant thing and paste to the "Hex Name": 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 Step 4: Select Wall 3 Step 5: Select Shelf 4 Step 6: Select Volume 2 Step 7: Go to page 353

  22. Faraz Naik

    15:10 Watch the man doll behind Michael...

  23. BigBroBrain

    It still doesn't explain why my dad went missing for 14 years trying to buy milk.

  24. Yung Fry


  25. Bird Flock

    He never wash his hands 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Jishnu

    Hey look at the chart 5:29.....it says we will forget chernobyl in 2020....but it's the opposite 😁😁

  27. Wheat Eater

    I own the moon

  28. I Love Harpic and clorox

    Vsauce: what if everyone jumps on the earth at the same time People on the wheelchair be like: -_-

  29. bruh

    7:00 AMONG US

  30. bruh

    my last words will be : “yooo god is black?????”

  31. Chris Leone

    I've been using that website for years lol I have so many accounts signed up with names from there. The email thing came in real handy before too

  32. BigBroBrain

    So instead of saying "oh my god" I can instead say "oh my jesus!"

  33. Harris Cheung

    P R I D E

  34. fella

    “the oldest among us”

  35. Alex Fierro

    Nobody: Vsauce: I didn’t really die. But what is... dying?

  36. Nagito Komaeda

    "Hey, whats your child's name since i have one too, they can be friends." *"E l o n m u s k"*

  37. টিটো দত্ত Tito Dutta

    Michael, 25:22 I have one question, how do you still remember that you need to speak out your thought loud so that the cameras can capture it for the show?

  38. Matt

    When i was young, i used to think a lot about things like this. I always imagined that inside black holes is a world like ours but everything is the contrary of here. Always thought there was some worlds were star wars stuff actually exists.

  39. BigBroBrain

    I won a staring contest with a doll once. Burnt it immediately.

  40. Decenium

    look at that handshaking, so 2019

  41. Noa M.lemieux

  42. Zealan Tanner

    Golly now I’m hungry

  43. Heyoyo10 Gaming

    6:30 Genghis Khan's total sum of Great-Great Grandchildren: *_Weak._*

  44. Versus

    5:54 am I having a stroke or did I see the word simp in a 2014 video

  45. Sashi

    Me who uses these as fur material in Substance Designer

  46. Boomer Bunny

    Ruond earht reel faat earht? BIG REEL

  47. The Brosss


  48. Arin Baun

    Hey, Vsauce! On the off chance that Michael (or one of his producers) reads this comment, I'd like to propose a topic for a future video: Why? I mean, not about anything in particular, and at the same time...everything. The origin of reason. The ultimate question which comes to define the human experience. The genesis of curiosity, and how it has set us apart from all the countless lifeforms that have come before us. And even how curiosity manifests itself in non-human lifeforms. Richard Feynman has famously tackled this concept, but I think Vsauce could break it down into a more comprehensive and less *ahem* abrasive segment. I feel like this is a concept that is ripe for the Vsauce treatment. (And if this is something that has been discussed in the past that I may have missed, I would most definitely appreciate a link to the video in question!)

  49. Tesseract95

    Traduction, the world is a fractal

  50. Ishak Sebi

    Who came here after watching FlyingKitty's YTP?

  51. BigBroBrain

    The scariest thing ever is when your mom calls out your full name really loudly while holding a slipper

  52. AREEB

    After all these years I still don't know where arr my fingers.

  53. The Anonymous Guy

    Hey Vsauce are u Michael?

  54. Soccar Guy

    In Dutch you pronounce it the same *XD*

  55. Lenoviukas

    I never knew cutting chocolate had so much science added to it

  56. Yeah Boyz

    The moon: i'll be back

  57. Essi Leaks

    I speak Finnish and I live in finland

  58. Tanya Chacko

    The way he says ‘say whaaaaatttt!’ 🤣

  59. RadicalShuz

    So it's supposed to be V Sause Mm got it

  60. Prime Phoenix 6174

    8:12 He didn't say 'as always,thanks for watching' thereby following what he said...

  61. Viktor Karlsson

    ❤ it! The Channel that is.

  62. koba

    As a little kid I use to think of this. That what if when I wake up the next day I'm not this person anymore. That I wake up with complete full memories but in another life. And that its all made up on the spot. And that I forget my other embodiments and who I was previously. I'd never be able to know.

  63. Elena Sisenko

    "I know whats 0÷0" -shaggy

  64. Richard Ames

    If we could transfer our brains to other bodies that would make us Time Lord's. We could live for thousands of years.

  65. Namyzarc


  66. Richard Ames

    Alien descends to Earth on a pillar of fire...the world panics...we all die in days...the world has ended. R.I.P. Earth.

  67. InterSeptX

    What the. How the.


    So what toaster oven is he trying to sell me on?

  69. Jack Johnson

    I speak Finnish, but I have never noticed that the name"jVsauce" is pronounced almost exactly as the Finnish word "viisaus". (The difference is that "Vsauce" is pronounced as "viisaas" and not "viisaus".)

  70. Nefertitinin Mutfak Robotu

    11.04.21 Bi bok anlamadım git ingilizce öğren gel

  71. fella

    “One nostril inhales air better and faster than the other” My left nostril when I wake up: haha fnf ost go brrr

  72. Redapo

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  73. BeastBox? Wow

    Me in 2050 with a true colour moniter

  74. Samuel Tillett


  75. Cation

    "What's your daughter's name?" "Spooker"

  76. Aleksa Zlatković

    I got clickbaited by nothing

  77. daksh

    This is not a comment

  78. mardybum0

    0:12 i still can’t see the horse

  79. Lexos aka alex

    Send a dedicated flat earther to space without a space suit and the last thing they would see is that the earth is FUCKING round

  80. ZED Maxim

    Or there's 2 ball in the mug... Amazing