Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.

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  1. Émerson Santana

    Nice doritos

  2. Burger Nugget

    “So one day”

  3. noodle man

    There is a bird's nest behind them in the tree at the start of the video

  4. Mario Barajas

    Don't stretch dodgers just out I like it I like it I don't know if you can about to cry but just don't please

  5. Jhon Marco Miraflor

    Should wait until it cool

  6. GAM3RK1NG

    Looks like a Dorito

  7. バイキンマン


  8. Ivan Christopher Saldaña

    you do know that glues don’t stick just for a 1sec.you gotta wait man

  9. Epic Enderman

    Does anybody else remember that movie where there where a bunch of snow tunnels and like 6 kids almost died in the do the construction

  10. Syvylamor Pastor

    2nd version of Dougmar

  11. Camron Kilpz

    Use a plunger

  12. 1HOUR


  13. fat mario the third

    This ball has a better character growth than most of the Star Wars Sequel characters lol.

  14. Lal Ro Lian

    Nobody: Litterally nobody: Me:from 2:10 to 2:13 the bottle has not moved not even 1 mm

  15. Rakib Amin

    My Future Kid, Tiktok or Food. Choose wisely.

  16. Divine Light ReKyndall’d


  17. Divine Light ReKyndall’d

    I think you said thrown off the bridge

  18. Jayden Roberts

    No FIblock videos are stupid

    1. Jayden Roberts

      I'm not trying to be mean but you got to do something better than that like other

  19. Jason Noicaro


  20. jay

    It didn't dry🤦

  21. ƎYE

    Fun fact: it doesnt work no mattet how long you keeo tge glue there.

  22. LUVBTS


  23. Quinton Anderson

    I think u need to add a little fridge

  24. Lauren Stone

    Kinda looks like a boat made out of ramen noodles

  25. Vivvid

    Imagine someone going under there when there’s a tsunami

  26. ً

    it looks like an unseasoned dorito

  27. CDLM DiazMtz

    You should do a swimming pool in it

  28. steven lalhmingthanga

    Mon:what are u doing Me:Don't worry I'm just gonna accidently damage the car.

  29. Semi Zaku47

    Put more balls in there

  30. bill braski


  31. Joseph Mann

    I think the moral of the story was the informat fooled him into ruining his automobile

  32. Ali Robinson


  33. Sean

    Use more glue sticks

  34. Siena Hardy

    Try getting boiling water pour it on the dents and then get plunger 🪠 and stick it to the dent and then pull it off I don’t if it works though.

  35. AbnormallyNormal //

    We’ve reached the point in youtube history where people don’t know about “Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This?”. At bare minimum you need a tin foil door to protect your nuts. Nobody like burned nuts

  36. Rhea RFL

    Wait for it to dry

  37. Average forza player

    Dude pulled faster than my dad

  38. Karan Thakur

    He is the type of guy who kills his mother to get a step mom

  39. The Ultra Mega Alpha Werewolf


  40. Emily Deinlein

    I am so super proud of you and keep on following to see more! Keep up the great work and dedication!!!!🤟🏻🤗❤️💋

  41. Nat Live


  42. The soul survivor


  43. qasdina hanafie

    *Dont try this at home* Bc we gota try this outside 🤣

  44. Antonio Holata

    you have to let it dry

  45. Ay yo

    Your family definitely went cheap on that storm shelter

  46. Cassandra Young

    You should probably get a table and put the table in there and then you can make your own office inside of the storm shelter 😎

  47. Puga Magar

    This video is indeed 'Cap'

  48. Funkie Dunkie

    yall really believing it would work even if he had waited proves humanity is egging downhill

  49. MysticGallade

    Ok but wtf is it that they found? I can't even speculate on it since they don't let it appear well in the video

  50. Easy_ Sha

    So, the dude just fucked up his car even worse

  51. joeybigy

    Get a job bro

  52. StarFox 76

    Snakes hide in there lol

  53. Sniperdmh

    It looks like dry ramen noodles

  54. iLoyal

    Damn boy why you are so kid, you need to wait so that the glue cools🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  55. kittykhate 2013

    Can you do Ariana grandae sorry I got wrong spell sometimes

  56. Puti,Ernesto D. Jr.

    tiktok boys will always be tiktok boys,Always dumb

  57. EDY BEE

    Its not the glue sticks kid its your DmbAz

  58. Gilbert Pambid

    I like the im a trained pro

  59. Macrina Velez

    He has to let the it dry

  60. Macrina Velez

    He has to let the it dry

  61. Shalywa Cameron

    Key word of every start of his videos : so one day

  62. Dylan Hamawi

    That car probably had thinner metal

  63. muhammad ghema


  64. Latisha Stroud

    That's fucken dope i will do that so i don't have to play nintendo

  65. IcyX15

    Cologne. Key. Can of closed beans. Firework.

  66. Dustin Afton



    How about setup a projector n turn this into a micro home theater😃

  68. Rain drop

    It’s all fun and games until he goes out there one night and finds a clown living in that thing

  69. Sedrick Jackson

    Fill a bigger one

  70. Herpes16 Queen

    Oh my god I hope that's his own car that he bought

  71. Joshua Dell

    Bruh imagine apartments being like that

  72. Sheev Palpatine

    “We wouldn’t NEED flex seal if you wouldn’t keep BREAKING SH**”

  73. adena ingle

    U should do some different colors

  74. Addison White

    Do a plunger

  75. Jeshua Pereira

    Can I go I have a tornado warning

  76. Charrii Brooks

    Don’t try this at home... I live in A small farm town in Idaho where we literally have to PLOW our driveway. This is a normal thing for us in the winter

  77. Nuri MCBE

    He could have easily dropped that weight in his feet

  78. _Error_ :]

    _HEY_ _IT_ _WORKED_ _OMG_ _LOL_