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  1. Frederick Golden

    Bennett is a dangerous fighter but his opponent is a very solid guy in his jiu-jitsu without all the flash and smoke, i knew if he got his hands on Bennett and could body lock him, the squeeze would be put on him and that is exactly what happened...

  2. Toby Ferguson

    Lmao Jamahal Hill is 1 of my favorite fighters.

  3. 419 Buckeye

    Wilder is cringe as fuck

  4. BuDDha

    Masvidal is my favorite dry foot immigrant. He came into the country illegally, but its OK... He has dry feet. 😂🤣😂🤣😂😰😣🤢😩😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Ronald McZee

    I love the faceoff these guys got bad intentions .

  6. Truth Seeker

    Deontay so scared of Tyson he wearing headphones so he can’t hear what Tyson got to say. Lol 😂

  7. Ronald McZee

    Wilder look focus and ready too win.

  8. Nathan petty

    For whoever dosent know about the korean law should take a look! If they dont make famous by 28 i think the age is they have to called in for military duties and thats mandatory. This man had to take 2 years outta the sport 2014 to 2016 to serve his country and came back and has passed some of the elites at featherweight

  9. Ronald McZee

    Fury was telling the truth he didnt mention the ear busting Malik Scott did.

  10. JohnnyRotten


  11. Grant Freeland

    Wilder so unprofessional sitting on his phone and headphones on can’t wait for fury to destroy him

  12. wallygator57190

    Talking of Jesus and beheading just after? Some misconceptions here.....


    Dad likes crazyhorse

  14. Rosa Andrade

    This is by far the most disrespectful interview press conference I've ever seen from both sides I am a Deontay Wilder supporter but I am super disappointed in his body language the disrespect today with the lady who is interviewing him body language looks a little worrisome 4 me Bob arum seems Punch-Drunk without ever stepping into the ring too old too rich and probably one of the biggest con artist promoters since Don King even the reporter have to talk to Wilder giving them tips of how to speak like it's his first time he better be ready Tyson Fury is not playing Wilder looks like he wants to just go for the kill but he better put on his thinking cap!!!!👨🏾‍🎓 & go in there with a strategy preferably starting off with a jab consistently throughout the fight something he's never had!!!!!! His laser bomb punching power is unbelievable but he definitely going to need more than that just power and a One-Shot hitter quitter to become a two-time champion he got a new trainer let's see what it's all about Wilders confidence seems shot but we'll find out the 24th good luck to both men I want Wilder to win but his body language is telling me otherwise hopefully he can prove me wrong and also improving that Jab to set up his amazing power he could be a great boxer but for right now he's only a good boxer hopefully the training has helped physically but mentally he does not look there I expected more professionalism from both sides that's why I miss the old school Fighters👊🏽

  15. Samuel Sanni

    Wilder is nothing like before, i feel like he’s gonna win this time

  16. Сергей Маслов

    Мама Наташа сказала не разрешать нельзя жениха Марина не отпушает девушку нет поняли на работу есть своя нельзя муж идти домой Москва сидит дома другой человек снова женился есть маркель ангела или Алина кабаева тайна любовь мучжина вову путину Москва

  17. Joe Joe

    Masvidal is over

  18. itayogev

    no wonder vettori lost he wasted so much energy during this

  19. Xon Deez

    Call me stupid but I personally believe this is how humans made weapons. Smaller dudes couldn’t beat the bigger dudes that got all the women physically so we started using objects instead of fighting fair

  20. Benjamin Richard

    Is that 4 black belts now? Man what an athlete!

  21. Derek Bagley

    When Wilder Kos Furry Yall keep them same energy

  22. Mr. Tee

    Fury’s gotten a lil comfortable it seems 🥴

  23. sam lapoint

    yeaaaaa i love zombie but, max will drown him with volume

  24. Vish Chhetri

    Wilder is sitting there and pretending like nothing happened just like the way my gf use to do

  25. Vro Way

    Dana be hating on the Paul brothers 😂😭😂😭

  26. The Royal Family

    Humans are let downs

  27. Chris S

    Headphones became too much for Wilder.... It was time to leave

  28. Pat Kelly

    Wilder being ignorant as usual.

  29. Charming nowhere to hide

    The look on his face when he heard ufc star “You think I’m a star boss”? 😂🇲🇽 viva mexico!

  30. warren bezo

    Search for and watch "nazim richardson on the day he busted margarita", you will then learn how easy it is to cheat in boxing. Watch Cotto vs Margarito II on FIblock. The punch stats were identical to the first fight. However, the result was the opposite. Why? Margaritos punches were way harder in the first. Why? The interview with Nazim should give you a clue

  31. Chris S

    Deontay is 200% scared. He doesn't want Fury all in his head. Lol

  32. Infinite Miles

    Wilders Ego has been battered along with him. Unfortunately, the ego tends to be the most expensive thing in life. So Fury is bang on, Wilder is bound to be unstable from taking such a big L, before, during and after the fight. Only see it going down the same way

  33. Many pacman

    Sangat terlihat Dontai welder sangat takut.....

  34. Christo

    Hv never been a fan of wilder, but for once I see strength where others see fear... He will surprise many.

  35. Mr. Banana

    McGregor: Nice to meet you sir. Putin: Who the fook is this guy ?

  36. T1tusCr0w

    George ends up taking care of his fighters so good he ends up broke 🤣

  37. Mac Gmac

    Boo The bogey man is gonna get you again. LOL LOL

  38. Gemma Barclay

    I hope Malik have deontay abuse after that ignorance. How embarrassing man.

  39. New Era

    What's the point of them staring at each other so long?🤷😅...lol

  40. gió

    3:19 AAAaaaaaAaAAAA question

  41. Jose Martinez

    The confused keyboarding anatomically step because plastic shortly nail like a wild rose. wry, polite turtle


    Deontay “the philosopher ” Wilder


    Orthopedician:EXISTS. Putin:Get your dates fixed.

  44. Tim Turner

    Tyson getting knocked out in the third round! Mark my words

  45. Lylia Ilyes

    très modest president putin

  46. Lou R

    Tyson is great and funny 😂


    he doesn't fight like a zombie anymore which i like but probablly pisses dana off. he looked really good and dominated a dangerous guy in ige. lets go zombie. max v zombie!!! english sounds good too. aomg, jay park, gray, and simon dominic.

  48. Patrick Newcombe


  49. Patrick Newcombe


  50. PC World

    Wilder doesn’t talk much now. Why? Lol 😂

  51. Patrick Newcombe


  52. Bishvendra Singh

    Tiger be like: who the fook is this guy?

  53. Bishvendra Singh

    Everything is good until Tiger is not fed on time.

  54. Harold Serrano

    Why is this dude even getting a 3rd match. he was obviously beat the first time.. and he clearly got out boxed and the shit beat out of him the second time.


    In my experience I’ve learned not to trust “silence”.. I’m a fan of neither boxer I realize that people just don’t like Wilder, I don’t like Tyson fury because he’s corny 🤷🏾‍♂️ straight up. I’m not fond of wilder either & I actually box. Of all the excuses that glove issue really stuck with me because I watched the footage and paid close attention… there was absolutely nothing normal about that and I think people are overlooking that because of their distain towards Wilder which is understandable. But in actuality there was nothing normal about that shit lol. The level of inactivity within boxing since then in the heavyweight division, makes things even more suspect… Nonetheless I can’t say that I have fury for the win this time… I believe that they’re just keeping the belt in his hand as long as they can…. I peeped that 🤔

  56. David Pastor

    Kevin is one of the most underrated fighters. He is a tough match-up for anyone.

  57. Arash Fariaby

    Wilder will knock him out.

  58. Ge Gudda

    His coach needs a raise ,, for all this

  59. Ge Gudda

    Remember even though deontay not talking and acting strange,, he can hit real hard , Tyson knows that but he wants deontay to question himself

  60. Professor Schmuck

    Wilder is a BUM!!!! He so scared that he has to listen to music the entire time to keep his emotions intact

  61. Johnson Don

    Don't forget to inspect Tyson Fury's Gloves!There Whole Team is straight Cheaters;Watchout for there tricks and don't hesitate to call them out on them!!!🔮

  62. Orestes Cabrera

    Dumbest press conference I’ve seen… ever!! Really dude wearing headphones like a 13yr old haha and he didn’t hear anything at all not a word ? 😂😂bruhhh

  63. Tempelton Amor

    Must suck to have a million dollar watch and not know if it’s afternoon or not

  64. Rice Eater

    He is the Raichu to Henry’s Pikachu

  65. Adeyemi Farinmade

    Talkertive just go and fight


    Yo does this guy serious have the HIV.???

  67. Aj the great

    Deontae has 42 wins most by knockout and people still says he ain’t shit smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  68. Rakeem Francis

    Fury’s dad bod is iconic

  69. James Wagner

    Fury is gonna stop Wilder no different than before, always liked Wilder but lost some respect for him with his childish silence here. He was demoralized in the last fight, and if this ends in similar fashion....you’ll never hear from Wilder again.

  70. silver black

    I agree its annoying af how wilder is acting here but if this is the way he feels he needs too be to win this next fight than so be it .

  71. Lake Bennett

    He remembers his and saw Max's fight with t city right?

  72. Сергей Маслов

    Володя почему своя волосы лысина страшно голый голову

  73. ToNy BoSS

    La montaña ⛰ le hace la llave mataleon y lo mata jejeje.😎👍

  74. Сергей Маслов

    Володя сам взяли на себя не не надо ходить жена кому молодой человек говорит эмоция у страшно Настя надееву дурак себя глупая конечно

  75. YerocMc

    Super humble, I hope he beats cannonire.

  76. Сергей Маслов

    Володя привет сила не нужно Настя надееву дурак себя глупая конечно балбес большой ребёнок сын Глеб надееву холотят молодой слабой как привести на работу справку покажите ске работу Саша надееву

  77. David O'Loughlin

    this is why boxing is gone shit

  78. Lion Heart

    Both of them are jokes man… they should retire and gave the belt to the other new heavy weight fighters😁

  79. irrelevant ideology

    Shout out to that room for being able to hold so much ego.