1. DarkDragonLord

    When someone told me it was bo Burnham I wasn't completely surprised bc it kinda sounds like him but the beard threw me off bigtime but love these bangers dude

  2. Ava Guzman

    This is getting more accurate every minute the internet is up. It scary how accurate this is getting...

  3. Random Stuff

    this song just feels like growing up if that makes sense. or like a relative u havent seen since u were a kid b/c they ended up being an addict or alcoholic or smth just kinda bursts into ur life again

  4. Joe Flitton

    Dr Robotnik has a great voice.

  5. atticuscb

    Can't believe I never noticed the aspect change when he gets to the bridge and starts talking about real things and then it shrinks back when returning to basic insta posts....very nicely done.

  6. Kristina Plumb

    i hate tiktok for getting the end of this song perpetually stuck in my head a full 10 years after this release

  7. Axaxaxaxaxen

    Rocking that Heisenberg from Resi7 look

  8. MG

    This is Accurate and hilarious

  9. Jack Wade

    That laugh manages to scare me almost every time I hear this

  10. Porkchop poo

    Bo Burnham is the new Les Claypool

  11. Mckinsey ward

    This is perfect.

  12. Bella Woodbury

    This song gives me chills

  13. Marissa

    You’re refreshing, so talented! 🙌🏻

  14. GeeGee

    I feel sadness and determination what a beautiful piece of art this song and special is.

  15. ipodincluded

    this is fucking fantastic

  16. JaxonHaxon

    As someone who suffers panic attacks, the aside at this point of the special hit me so hard. I'm sorry Bo, if it's any consolation you have created true Art and you're inspiring.

  17. Autumn Storm

    Where do I buy it so I can give bo my money

  18. FlawlessLego

    “Nobody. Tosses. A dwarf.” -Martin Luther King

  19. Olive_camembert

    This is literally so accurate

  20. Kerri Cooley

    petition for a collaboration between Bo Burnam and Marc rebillet

  21. Cece Romano

    This entire bit is genius, the way he twists the words of his haters and turns it into art and as the audience gets louder he gets more into it adding instruments to muffle the sound of people saying they think they know him… it’s like he’s making those words the little voice in the back of his head so that at least nobody else will have to hear them. And then when he slams down on the speakers and the stage lights up behind him, it turns to a sort of fit of rage, like he’s not happy to be on that stage but at this point he has an audience that he has to please and so he puts on a face and starts dancing but the lights go out again and the voice says his name and it brings him right back down to reality, with darkness surrounding both himself and his cheering audience. And they’ll both walk away from it, but the audience will walk off to get dinner and continue their simple night of entertainment, while he will walk away only to continue recreating that same thing for the rest of his life. Especially after watching Inside, I just get the feeling that he’s enormously, unfathomably burdened by his own endless, prisoning stream of creativity.

  22. leo marques

    Go to 3:09 for white woman with sexy hobbit feet. Thank me later

  23. Vina Marvin

    Ya lord🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Georgia Landie

    Its no less depressing being a consumer than a creator on the Internet

  25. Maria Zyka Yamog

    I cannot believe this is the same country singer in Parks & Recreation. loving it.

  26. Rialto 2020 Care

    This is so racist

  27. Nicole

    the long hair makes him look like a charismatic cult leader (but without the negative connotations), and I mean that in the nicest way possible

  28. Georgia Landie

    I wish I was so creative when Im depressed like Bo. I just like stare at the wall for days.

  29. unxprienced

    This song is immaculate and i just realized what it reminds me off. OCD by Rhett and Link

  30. Kyle Johnson

    Tears welling up. 🎶a goat cheese salad🎶 Okay, I’m good.

  31. Pablo Vianna

    Ty Bo, this special helped me to digest better all the things I have been felling during this trying times(P.s: I am a physician)

  32. obscurally

    Bo looks weirdly attractive here 1:10

  33. z

    my breaakdown i get to choose the music thx.

  34. jayden's cottage

    I'm surprised he wasn't an emo kid

  35. AndeOnYoutube

    Everyone is saying welcome to the internet was the best song. They should hear this

  36. Th3Mafia

    absolute gold.

  37. Jada Wilson

    Male siren?

  38. thunderWolf

    Why is this is so good?

  39. Ecastilla

    This video makes me confused about my sexuality

  40. Zukio_AminoYT

    I fucking love his glasses...

  41. Deanna Lydia

    Litch sounds & looks like Adam Driver here tbh #changemymind #ordont

  42. faiz f

    The most whittest woman in the earth... Karen? No, a BO

  43. Minuka Rodrigo

    This sounds a lot like something Weird Al would write lol

  44. Xander Marf

    There's more check marks here than there are at my schools finals

  45. Benjamin Davies

    He said fortnite lol

    1. leona msp


  46. legacy games

    Anyone gonna mention how well he aged

  47. Muhammad Amri 4 Teratai

    How to unstuck a hand inside a pringles can.

  48. Maximilian Khais

    I watched this using the internet

  49. Grey

    "He's out of line, but he's right"

  50. ZarBloxPlayz


  51. goname31

    A goat cheese saaaaalaaaad!

  52. Cassscookie

    For a strange reason, i feel like this is art.

  53. lskjznN

    Soy de boquita

  54. Sweet-Lemon


  55. DJ Milk

    bo burnham end of the world special

  56. Cassscookie

    Sounds like a great disney villain theme song, only that it's 18+

  57. Squirrel_food 23

    I like when bo quickly use his light remotes to turn off and put on the lights

  58. Melody :0

    This is amazing, however, I think "A World on Fire" is and will always be his best work.

  59. Bunne Bunne

    this is the same guy who said " a good boy, a bad boy, a good-bad boy, a half-good, half-bad, half-boy"

  60. GetDatPromo

    Why in the hell does this keep throwing me back to the Columbine high school massacre. This song is sooo Dylan Klebold. He never wanted any eyes on him and would be embarrassed to be noticed but on April 20 all eyes were on him and when Bo says get your f$&&n hands up, get up, it’s Dylan in the library, it’s almost over it’s just begun, honey the world already ended !

  61. Ruben Pascual

    I just realized this could be talking about religion

  62. Mahoro Chan

    *that’s when i realized, songs CAN help you escape reality*

  63. B AZ

    Thank you internet for showing this material!

  64. Noe Conti

    Thank you bo ♥

  65. 4th

    dear lord please tiktok don't take this

  66. Blake Lohmeier

    Anthem of the next decade. Entire thing is one of a kind art when so many people needed it, even if they didn't see it. Respect

  67. Carnalitatis

    Wegen des Altschauerberg Anzeiger hier. Meddl.

  68. sanders.locked

    help i used to listen to this song without feeling anything and now i cry over it🏃‍♀️

  69. Pavanan M S

    saw the whole thing in Netflix.. Now I completely believe this guy is a genius..

  70. Gavriella Perez

    3:52 you’re welcome 😉

  71. Sofia Almeida

    You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for your amazing songs and your beautiful voice. You and your work are unique. The world needs you.

  72. Zak J.

    Bo Burnham is the cure to all of society’s problems.🧪

  73. b3n

    wow this song is so sad. :(

  74. Laura Pickard

    The absolute fucking talent of this guy. Mind blowing.

  75. Conner Diers

    Art is dead describes this like "just an attention attractor" kinda fits with this with like look at me vibe of this song

    1. Conner Diers

      @Darth Senate and why not?

    2. Darth Senate


  76. Nathan Gehman

    "Could I interest you in everything all of the time" *Me looking at my 137 open tabs in Chrome* - This is about me isn't it?

  77. Froggie Spit

    This is just depression apathy: the musical! 😭

    1. Froggie Spit

      I mean it in the best way

  78. Elijah Davis

    This special kicked up a lot of shit for me…i dont know. I don’t have words, ya know? I lost so much over the past 2 years and I think this special brought all that out into the open. This song in particular has been on loop because despite its overwhelming sense of doom, it’s not romanticized or used as a way to gain views like so many other things. It’s just stating the fact that world ended. We all lost so much and we retreated into ourselves and the Internet alike. We’re traumatized with not knowing where to go next; if we should even go anywhere. There’s too much fear, too much pain, too many unknowns. “Got it? Good. Now get inside.”

  79. Ryvern Terrus

    I swear he could pull off a cosplay of Heisenberg.