Leo Moracchioli runs a studio in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. This channel contains music covers, gear review, studio updates and other shenanigans.


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  1. Raven Morrigana

    Welp....this will be in my head for a week.

  2. C Moore

    This is right up there with Richard Cheese and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

  3. Highheeled Fagin

    This song already gets me hype, so I specifically looked to see how you made it even more of a banger 👍🏽

  4. Jason 7 years

    Can you do' when the rain begins to fall' from J. Jackson?

  5. Harlechryzz Gaming

    Not your best work, but still a good one, please keep them coming!

  6. Brian M0OAB

    With that mask, he could do some dark version of Buckethead Soothsayer

  7. s h a k i r s h a k シ

    next reggae to metal 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾😎

  8. sidney yendis

    amei essa versão top de mais.

  9. don cs

    Chris chan cover is much better

  10. George Borden

    Definitely better than the original...

  11. Manuel Reyes

    Talking Heads - Psycho Killer The Contours- Do You Love Me The Coasters - Yakety Yak

  12. Linken08

    Gotta do something from MushroomHead eventually

  13. Brian W

    Sorry, every time I see a nose ring, I think of a cow... How sad is that...

  14. Stridulent

    I always love when two artists that I've followed on FIblock finally do a collab together. This one may be the best one yet!

  15. heyholukas

    Keep it up, it rocks! 🤘😎

  16. Zhxbbs 0


    1. Zhxbbs 0

      just pay me

    2. Zhxbbs 0

      swedish woman love plus love = good song

    3. Zhxbbs 0

      no love , no emotions , fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    4. Zhxbbs 0


  17. cArl Pedersen

    I don't catch all your videos so patience please if this has been answered, but have you ever tried to collaborate with an original artist on one of your projects?

  18. Timothy McKane

    "I like that metal cover, it's a nice metal cover!" ~ Some talking donkey.

  19. Mark The Dark

    So....Smash Mouth is just a Black Label Society song that is disguised as Pop Rock song.

  20. david urbanik

    Best content rock is live, next cover will by emegine dragon thunder, you have fan in Slovakia.

  21. mgrocki

    The creativity out of this man to be this consistently good at producing quality content is insane

  22. Dave Duncan

    The audio quality is all jacked up....

  23. The Ginja

    I’d love to hear “I get around” but The Beach Boys (just think it would be cool), and it’s shorter so faster to rearrange?

  24. S4NDM4N_091

    would love to hear an acoustic cover of What It's Like by Everlast

  25. Dirk Schmidt

    You‘re my „thank god it’s friday“! Thanks Leo.

  26. Cydamic Productions

    Simple words.... Epic.

  27. Daniel Tschimben

    One of the massiv powerfull cover! Killa

  28. Shade

    Well I feel old... I remember listening to this in grade 8, back when it was new. Though I can honestly say this song has aged VERY well and its much better than I remember.

  29. Sean Kachenmeister

    THIS IS ABSOLUTLEY BRUUUUUTTAAAAAAL! Thank you Leo for existing and making my day metal!

  30. Charlotte Frozen

    Агонь! 🔥🔥🔥

  31. SuperWolfman9

    Not enough green, 0/10

  32. Matti E

    This is one may favs now... Leo, your badass

  33. Bobby Hempel

    It appears that a lot of people only know this song from the Shrek movie; that's kind of sad.

  34. Pit DarkAngel

    There's just so much beauty in the world, no matter how horrible it gets. Little moments like this make life worth it.

  35. Zero Commentary Gameplays

    probably most of them thinking we wanna see hannah XD

  36. MrMintyfreshsmell

    My face when I saw was pure joy.

  37. Matthias Widmann

    Falco wäre bestimmt erfreut??????👊

  38. BaSiLisKz

    The order has arrived. 5555

  39. HydeKunaga

    Ahahahahaha it's awesome!!! You made my evening, thank you!

  40. Shopnil Jahan

    I'm getting huge slipknot vibes!

  41. Icysilent _

    So badass!

  42. Иван Иванов

    Где такого кота купить чтобы с утра разбудил?

  43. Patryk Mang

    More SPEEEEEEED!! 😂😂😂😂 Didn't know that Leo was a Simpsons character, hahaha 👍👍

  44. TheToni502

    the feminazi anthem

  45. RageAgainstRustyCage

    Bang On the Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren

  46. Ben Knapp

    KISS. DO you Love Me ? Pleaseeeeer

  47. Иван Иванов

    УХХХХХХ! Жуденько-прикольненько-забористо!!!!

  48. Surrender the Ectype [METAL BAND]

    So Sick! Awesome job!

  49. brulsmurf

    Honey, where's my beauty mask?

  50. BB14

    The cover we/i been waiting for. What a bangerrr

  51. AqueductsAreCool

    Who needs coffee when there is Leo? LOVE the way he doesn't screw around with this one: it's a METAL cover from the get go

  52. Perkusista Piotrek


  53. Adam Ginter

    Can't wait till you finally do hotel california

  54. Steven Maillie

    It would be great, when things are normal, to work with these different groups.

  55. Alam Shamma

    OH.. how can that happen! I was singing this song to my kids, when you suddenly SCREAMED it to my face, Love it!

  56. Jake Recio


  57. Keith LaBeau

    its like a fun nightmare !!!!

  58. Lisha Marlar

    This is why I look forward to Friday's. Watching frog leap studio. I'm always satisfied. 😊😊

  59. David Johns

    Drive by The Cars, love everything you do man.

  60. Andrew Blahut

    do heffalumps and woozels from winnie the pooh

  61. Lizardo PAJÖN J

    Lol .... muy bueno. Felicitaciones Leo....!!! Saludos de Argentina....!!!

  62. Ben Manahan

    Leo has way to much talent. I am not jealous or anything.....that was a lie. i am jealous.

  63. adam barsanti

    Better than the original...heavier and faster tempo a massive improvement

  64. Classic Rock Station

    The Cars - first album. Everything begs for a metal version.

  65. Classic Rock Station

    The Cars !!

  66. Nonni Halonen

    Hoooly shit that ending was massive!!! 🤘

  67. Johnathan Munoz

    That fucking whistle lol love it

  68. Михаил Спиридонов

    Ееее! Как всегда круто! ;)

  69. Jesus

    Shrek would have been much better with this version.

  70. Sarah Maun

    If you're taking requests.... I don't think you've done anything by Led Zeppelin. What about Immigrant Song? or Over the Hills and Far Away? or Trampled Under Foot? I can almost hear your version, already. :) You're awesome!

  71. LoCrowTrekdThereAmerica

    Can you cover Bird Dog by The Everly Brothers?

  72. Preston Reed

    Love this. Absolutely amazing

  73. Rhonda Wileman

    Reminds me of my youth! Loved that cartoon! Thanks for the kick ass version of the theme song! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 LOVED IT!🤘🏻🤘🏻

  74. allyson baxter


  75. Daniel Anderson

    fiblock.info/face/videot/mI1mdn6shXSZio4.html Still the greatest version

  76. chris alford

    This was the perfect cover for life right now. Great as always Leo.

  77. Ben Knapp

    Fucking AAA. Keep it heavy as my grammas number 2. Fuck yeah

  78. HDvid


  79. Andras

    Gangsta's paradise metal version in the next time? :D

  80. Spegy N Merbles

    Holy shit this is awesome