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  1. pam de awa uwu

    Me: Dad can i go to the conciert from twenty one pilots? Dad: who are they? Me: The guys of oU Ou Ou Dad: Yes, sure

  2. Heloísa Costa

    Tyler é o ÚNICO que eu deixo gritar no meu ouvido, meu deus que vídeo precioso

  3. Jaden Hansgen

    3:02, I did not know he could sing that fast

  4. Andy Duhh

    Why the pink hair tho


    TS August 2021, let’s see how many people are still listening to this masterpiece❤️

  6. Jason VanCoillie

    I applaud the death of your ego and celebrate your awakening!

  7. Sudaria Damasco

    This showed up in my recommened so i had to click it cause i really love this song

  8. Vanessa Gouvea

    Amo 😍

  9. Benny

    ayy they copied this song from PES\


    Adoro questa canzone🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. Chase Cantwell

    Trench and Blurryface was the best thing ever!

  12. Abdul Rafay Khan Afridi

    we needed this album after all this fuss we've been through as whole world!

  13. I'm Secret

    2021 how old are you guys when first time playing this song?

  14. Un otaku más

    Escuchar esta rolita a las 4:30 a.m mientras escribes en Wattpad es una experiencia simple pero hermosa ♥

  15. Rafii Aja

    I'm from Indonesian

  16. Toni le rigolow

    Meilleur musique

  17. Chudin Art

    Есть ли здесь кто говорит на русском?

  18. Vivek Kumar

    Kuch decrease leb.

  19. Beethoven’s Children

    In “Guns for hands” Tyler is in the background vocals saying “never take it”. This also seems like a song about guns/war, which makes me believe they are still as good as they were back in the Vessel era.

  20. Kye John


  21. Kye John


  22. Kye John


  23. bencober werno


  24. Asher Rufus


  25. Polina Furmanova


  26. Buddy ._.

    Who is here listening in August 2021

  27. Alex

    Fist fill- 1 cup 2nd fill- 5 litres 3rd fill- 10 litres 1 cup bruh

  28. Nichole Brower

    R.I.P Chester. Nice nod. 🔱🙏

  29. Chaitanya Joshi

    i want people to play black parade at my funeral and this version should be played inside my coffin at the end.

  30. HaydenX Gaming

    Miss old day 🔥🔥🔥❤️🤍

  31. Vivís Vids

    This took me on a Twenty One Pilots ride and it hasn't ended

  32. CoochPooch536

    twenty one piløts

  33. Glen Charlie

    PES 😁

  34. Zach M

    Dragons eat GOATs. Be humble

  35. Zach M

    My dog can wink, is that normal?

  36. Zach M

    This song and video is so 90s

  37. Roushan Singh

    August 2021.....😍 Nostalgia 🥰😍

  38. Chay Kulkarni

    Twenty one pilots: beat is a chemical Me heard: weed is a chemical

  39. cub martin

    es un temazo =)

  40. Andrew Hawkins

    The pool must be so clean

  41. Andrew Hawkins

    That's me if I see a monster I'm running for my life

  42. Peace

    I cant believe this song is 2 years old already 😔

  43. Zach M

    If its the end, josh is the little drummer boy. War on LOVE

  44. boko_64

    Man top's new music is ass, I feel like they used to be so much better

  45. boko_64

    I remember loving this band so much in like 5th grade. Oh how times change.

  46. MC MAC

    2021 and still

  47. Giannegil Coloma

    I'm a fan since 8 years

  48. Alx B

    oh myogd this is SO GOOD

  49. Diana uwu

    Saturdei 🤑👌🏽

  50. Kylee Stanley

    Love y'all's music in y'all's next July covert can you plz send these songs or just bounce back plz

  51. Tyler

    this song is so powerful. 100% my favorite song on the whole album. the meaning is so sad, yet the beat is so amazing. I've fallen asleep to this song the first time I heard it. the chorus is so sad though, I've cried to it. it's such a deep and beautifully sad song I can relate to so hard. if I can go to the concert, I'm beyond excited to hear this song. 9239384938948494/10, superior.

  52. Tyler

    this song is crazy badass, and is nothing like the rest on the album. just for that, I love it. this would totally set me into a villain arc 😋 my fav part is "badadum badadumbum, we got people on the way we want you home in one piece now." because its soft unlike the rest of the song :DD feels like a soft spot for that person and like a parent feeling ? idk either way, I love it and I give it a 10/10 fs

  53. Tyler

    I love this song dude ! its literally bouncy and I think that's really cute. idk what the meaning of this song is, but I like it. the chorus is definitely my fav part. it feels like summer to me :] 8/10

  54. Quintin's cringe house

    6 years ago this song was posted

  55. Tyler

    this song is so sweet and lovely, it makes me so happy and calm. knowing it was (probably) about Josh makes it so cute 🥺 it feels so lovey and I like that a lot, and it's one of my top 3 so therefore I will be giving this song a 17/10 :))

  56. Tyler

    bro this song is so hyped up for a reason. ITS SO GOOD OH MY GOD. it's so calming and happy and amazing I love it so much and I love the "keep your bliss, there's nothing wrong with this" I get a little childish vibe from this song, like the bliss of being a child and I love that so much because I dont get that from any songs I've ever listened to !! I <3 this song and i give it a 15/10

  57. Tyler

    I love the beat behind this song tbh , it feels really hard headed towards those you couldn't deny before, and I like that. i love how they dont involve themselves in politics but like to speak their mind like this in a song and that meaning just makes me like it even more. i like it a lot and I give it a good 9/10

  58. illuminari

    August 2021

  59. Tyler

    brooooo even though this ones popular it's so good, the beat is something I'd dance to no matter what I'm doing the moment prior, and I had no idea Josh did the high note but now that I know I love it even more 😍 I honestly can't choose a fav part in this song, because there's so many, regardless, I love it and I give it a 10/10 :))

    1. Tyler

      also they look so fine coming up from the water tbhhh

  60. Tyler

    this song has been stuck in my head alllll day, I love it !! the beat is immaculate and my favorite part is when Tyler says " take a hit , join the club " overall love this song and I give it a good 8.5/10

  61. Maria Villamor Danao

    And now Im crying. This song and music video is brilliant. Just got that Feels

  62. Andrew Escoto

    Is anyone gonna talk about how 2 years twenty one pilots were always on the radio😥

  63. Tyler

    holy shit bro I cannot describe how much I love this song so much. this song is what got me into the whole album, the beat is so fucking good and the lyrics are AMAZING. my comfort song, ive fallen asleep to it several times, I turn it up everytime I hear it in the car, and it is 100% one of my top three. love it so so so so much, 194849483/10

    1. Angel Larocque

      Fr 💯

  64. Tyler

    I love the beat to this song and I love all the tiny meanings in the music video!! honestly one of my top like, 6 or so 😭 my favorite part is when tyler says "only smoking second hand" idk why. either way, I love it a lot and I give it a 9/10

  65. Deborah Allen

    Gosh your bringing like well I can't say exact words mesh well music if wow it's totally the whole package

    1. Deborah Allen

      I'm 58 years old this well it says everything with the total package in music words I can't say how much Infinity?

  66. Tyler

    I honestly like this song a lot , its inspirational and it gives me a vibe where there's things going on in tys life and he's trying to be optimistic:D my favorite part is when he's like "I'm gonna sing my soul" and I give it a 8/10

  67. Tyler

    hi! I'm rating each song on s&i so you'll see my comments on all these vids if ur wondering where they're coming from:))

  68. Marshall Mathers

    Aún me acuerdo cuando me notificó en el celular "Twenty One Pilots subió: Chlorine" (Hace 5 minutos) A pasado un buen tiempo desde que salió este temazo :')

  69. Adilene garnica

    siempre digo hay ya no la voy ha ohir como que ya le he escuchado muchas veces pero aun asi no puedo parar de hacerlo ajajja saludos desde el estado de baja california norte {mexico}

  70. Mariel Mendoza

    My older brother passed away 6, almost 7 months ago and we're still wondering what to do.

  71. Lucia Espinoza


  72. Treasure Roberts

    Repent and get right with GOD. KING JESUS CHRIST is returning! Please seek Him,while you still have time.

  73. Anairamy Segundo

    Ya solo 4 meses para cantar esta gran canción ✨

  74. McBroSki

    😭 sings

  75. McBroSki

    :( CRYS

  76. Mezrow XD

    1:51 my favorite part

  77. Sophia S

    It's the Titanic all over again but with a sea monster lmaoooo🤣

  78. Cameraman12


  79. Alcides Perez Ψ

    AAAAAAAAAA love u