1. irem

    yabancı tiktokerların yaptığı şarkılar vs merve bella hadi kapıştırın

  2. Leo Lopez

    Bella Poarch for "Miss Universe" 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. PopToonsTV

    Check out our "Build a B*tch" CARTOON PARODY :-) fiblock.info/face/videot/pYRsjKlqpIbTamk.html

    1. irem


  4. Daniela 2

    Uhh guys listen to Motzart 1768 tell me what u heard....

  5. Mary Grace Maramot

    Wow ZHC is in the music video

  6. Lukboo

    She finally had talent, props Bella.

  7. 悪魔「 Νεzυκσ Kαϻαdσ -υωυ- 」

    ta potente 👨‍🦲🤙🏼

  8. samantha aguiag Azarcon

    I like tgis vedeo bella😊😊😊

  9. BlackBird_011

    Bella I love your song, I want to meet you one day, bye take care Bella, Atte: BlackBird

  10. Joker


  11. JaceAlexis

    8 MILLION LIKES HOLY CRAP and 300k dislikes cool

  12. Bolivia Ortiz

    Llevo más de 10 minutos buscando COMETARIOS en español pero no encuentro!!! Aaaaaaaaa

  13. roblox nia


  14. Juan Castro

    Uhm why is ZHC in there

  15. Dire Cafe

    I love it

  16. N.Y Playz

    I don't get it

  17. Lucia Somerscales

    I like the message to this song, girls aren’t toys, they’re robots

  18. roblox nia


  19. roblox nia


  20. Venha desenhar com a juh

    Eu ja ouvir essa musica

  21. Queen of Wolves

    kinda sad i didn't see any plus sized women :( but i like the message and the song, and the video 😂😊❤❤💖💖

  22. Joshie Pooh

    is it just me or does this sound like another song?

  23. DCUO life

    Your cute XD I love the vid its the best no doubt

  24. Jamie Lee

    Ok I'm in love fr ❤️❤️❤️

  25. harmony alexis


  26. Julio Zz


  27. Sami Jane

    Remember watching this this like an hour after the premiere and cried because I realized I missed the premiere-

  28. Astro Pirate


  29. *K0rnBr3ad*

    literally no one asked for this song.

  30. Олег Пупок

    Воу славянские народы вы что-то поняли в этой песне ато я нихуя

  31. Mackenson Kino Stimphont

    I saw 10 of ur friends I think

  32. Alyssa H

    Put it in 2x speed it's hilarious

  33. Mark Gabriel Aguila

    190 million!

  34. Mirjana

    Ok this is a good song good work bella

  35. Kelley A

    I saw zce

  36. Rodrick Heffley

    It feels like Bella is a robot

  37. Toon Zelda

    weloveyoubella! yourethebest

  38. Lea Mustafa

    Is that zhc

  39. 김창민


  40. Banana Bananosa

    ritorna in iran

  41. FinestToast 78


  42. Stephanie Wallace


  43. Stephanie Wallace


  44. Storm_

    só eu que senti o leve efeito mandela nessa musica

  45. Stephanie Wallace


  46. ANDY GUO

    I find oen I only know zhc

  47. Yiqi Yue

    Wait zhc

  48. Qween's Daycore


  49. Austin Robledo

    O knew it she just go famous by swinging her head there we go another new celebrity that got famous for a dumb reason

  50. Glatik Mas

    Bella I like you

  51. Logan Cole

    Tf did I just see Mia Kahlifa

  52. PureSimple XD

    Wtf its been a month? ALREADY???

  53. carlos f

    Quien es la chica del minuto 0:23

    1. 또는Kyra

      Lá própria Bella poarch

  54. Izuku - Nightcore

    I didn't know that she was a singer 😂

  55. Ackski

    imagine if you just went to Match Made to just make a friend and see it was burnt down

  56. ANJO gostozo


  57. Shawn Matias


  58. Juan Diego

    Aaa dolores aparesio

  59. lucas maximo Juan alvarenga

    mia khalifa

  60. GG_Aldin_GG


  61. Puppy Playz

    wow love it

  62. la qk de tu mama

    Alguien que hable español? :( Que buen tema

  63. Jessica Mei


  64. ayrine ram


  65. Romaine Gordon

    0:01They way how he said the word "women" though

  66. Jiseok Song

    Its zhc

  67. It's Yuuki Milk_Shake


  68. G K

    I didn’t know this was her song waattttttt

  69. ֆօքɦɨɛ

    what in the hell- ZACH BE LOOKING SUS

  70. Leila S

    Idk why but this gives me chrismas vibes and that like Girls aren’t toys or doll vibes

  71. bad girl

    انا مش فاهمة حاجة من التعليقات🧚‍♀️🥀

  72. Mine_dark_ofc_ಥ_ಥ

    Tenho a impressão q já ouvi essa música a um tempo atrás ;-;

  73. Jose Garcia Jr.

    A warning of robots turning back on us

  74. Arlaeeth Corral


  75. Czarina Lizama

    make more music

  76. nycollas ryan