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  1. Flaten Onabh

    no not helicopter get airplane or big to many seats for helicopter

  2. Sigmund Amal


  3. An OK Man

    If only billionaires in US donated money to crisis like this instead of fictional problems like "systemic racism", the world be a much better place. God knows how many hundreds of helicopters they could've bought to save these kids.

    1. Keith Boylan

      @An OK Man so there is then it's a yes or no answer

    2. An OK Man

      @Keith Boylan I agree. By some blacks and white liberals against other blacks, whites, and asians. And the Democratic party, incl. the president, are leading the charge, together with people like Ibram X Kendi, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Robin DiAngelo, and some mainstream media "journalists" like Don Lemon.

    3. Keith Boylan

      I agree but there is definitely systemic racism

  4. mercy kariithi

    Don't cry dear lady may God connect you with someone or good people you will be sharing with

  5. Maxi Million


  6. Kashif Ahmed Shaikh

    Stolen Assets Of India ...

  7. Chris Rogers

    So ITS Abit Rich Coming FR Cordyn HE ASS Slicker OF IRA Plo And CO

  8. GrimUwU

    69 nice also RIP lad

  9. TheNoNameMF

    The usa is so dangerous. I went to nyc and got robbed gunpoint. The whole country is a shithole dangerous failed state.

  10. Aaditya chourasia

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍 Absolutely nailed it

  11. Stat1C


  12. Hilda Blanco

    They should restore it under the name as ss Douglass MacArthur

  13. bob matley

    not all foreign fighters join terror organisations. some have joined legit residence movements.

  14. EuyunAllah Greeks_called.meChaos

    She outlived her doctors good going

  15. John Ryan

    Its better than addiction to street drugs beleive me

  16. Ashley Moon

    Hello there my Daniel. I love you so much my little man. I have been saying out loud everyday that I love you for years now and I will carry on saying it until I get to be with you. You are my little man and I adore you even though we never met. 😭💔❤😭



  18. blue billiard

    Oh Tom Waters... be still my beating heart!

  19. Satsang Patel

    there was a point in time where almost every french and English king went to war, and now they are like the best of allies and the people of the two nation are like one nation people.

  20. Sharon Carron

    All she did was finding LOVE , and spreading LOVE ❤💝 beautiful human beings.

  21. Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj

    should have at least leave those men with weapons

  22. Bradley McCarty

    I’m 2 hours clean from cutting... I need help but I don’t have the strength to get help (because of my parents)

  23. Nicholle Christine Edwards

    Queen be strong!


    Bruh these people have guts just to come record I don't even have the guts near a bee

  25. Blues Master

    I watch her with a sense of Schadenfreude and I don't like it .She's so loathsome though .

  26. Andy Achilleos

    My sister in law now lives in that flat

  27. andrew kruth

    Social media is another curse.

  28. Omar Harris

    Mad man!

  29. Peaceman67

    Oh...mother natures monthly cycle..😠

  30. Luxury Trading

    Data breach… are you ok. Any app or company which does this should be shut down. No questions. User privacy is paramount!

  31. Mohammed Nabi

    Wallahi my heart breaks. We have everything and yet we are ungrateful, chasing one another and these people who are so innocent yet they are grateful. Ya allah help us

  32. Robert Donovan

    Canada Australia

  33. Robert Donovan

    Farmers the ok over feilds tile contaminated feilds etc un uk us japan too

  34. Robert Donovan

    These jews you claim actual

  35. Robert Donovan

    Any moving judges

  36. Robert Donovan

    War crimes voting parties illegal payouts self and arabia israel location war crimes concussions wow heard that last concussion down force constant all helping bodies organization Billion per state marijuana cost billion per state al media

  37. RJAY Williams

    boondocks was on point wit this one

  38. Cath Walsh

    I’m not particularly a fan of Katie’s, but abuse of Harvey like that is disgusting and she has put her case very eloquently. If Frankie Boyle has said that, he should issue a full apology. What a disgrace.

  39. Arabian Knights

    My bro and I made the pilgrimage as Canadians in early April 2019 before this ceremony. We had to rent a car because, disappointingly, there were no day tours from Caen. Bro was intensely moved by Pointe du Hoc, but we found all the sites equally worthwhile. I can't say I like to drive and was scared out of my skin by the narrow secondary roads. And roundabouts abound - we have very few in Canada But - the trip if a lifetime. Huge respect to these soldiers.

  40. Thanh Duong Ben Mansour

    gertrude bell was an english woman. i hate her and te video. the video sucks.

  41. Chris Brown

    Is oligarch k paas toh malwares,Satan ka support tha...

  42. popeyeking

    Are they dare if they were alone? I bet they would chicken out.

  43. Zoko Todosiev

    american propaganda


    Better way to kill students then a school shooting

  45. CH

    Now I'll do a lil toot now!

  46. BlameItOnVanity

    War crimes and victims....framed to look like our enemies😔😔😔😔😔

  47. Luc Devincke

    Simply a very dangerous idiot. A luck he was grounded afterwards.

  48. Aanan Henderson

    like everything else he endeared himself and moved up

  49. breadandcircus1

    What happened to these women was horrific, inhumane, all of them deserve a formal apology from Japan government, and substantial monetary compensation. WHERE'S JUSTICE for these women who suffered so many atrocities ?

  50. OOZuqyapD0

    Paid news and of course the protests getting paid

  51. Fernande Krahulec

    It is amazing a simple smile hello how are you would make a difference on older people life.

  52. Maria De lima

    Como eu 🌙não vou chorar meu ❤não é de gelo muito forte isso 😭😭😭💔💔💔🌙

    1. Maria De lima

      Assim q me sinto 💔💔😭😭😭😭😭eu 🌙sou assim 🌙

  53. Suki luki

    Evil’s personnification

  54. Violeta Alipio

    Wait until someone did this to you or your member of the family and see how painful it is to be abuse !

  55. AJ Scott

    So adorable.

  56. Jean Gloor

    Bowie the musicien forever

  57. Prakash Online


  58. Jayrec Aidou Hanabusa


  59. Jisellebunny Gaming

    I just wanted to make this comments 400

  60. Azli Razli

    Back to Africa? Your ancestors brought them to America! Go and learn some history...

  61. Isabella Ruggieri

    Now we understand why thousands of people are dying in India with Covid 19!!! Depopulation!!! An act of pure terrorism!! Cleansing of the earth!! 😢

  62. Sir Shanks

    my left ear enjoyed this... As a mainstream media outlet it should not be a difficult task to get audio correct

  63. Particle Falls

    Allah bless all you people stuck here, it tears my heart to see this.

  64. Keila's Aesthetic's

    aww poor babys):

  65. MB18

    0:56 😂😂😂

  66. john saunders

    should have put him the house of lords,with the rest of the tory twats!

  67. antonio baldelli


  68. Darlene A Ulat


  69. Land of hope and glory

    We and my family moved from England to Wales 18 years ago. We get told quite often to go back home because we're English and it's never seen as racist. What's the difference?

  70. kunal sharma

    That's truly inspiring

  71. Juan Santiago Salariosa

    Go back to America, you American.

  72. margery manukau


  73. Zander Law

    What a VOICE and No in ear monitors or any faff, Great, but also sad story! 💖 🎶 🎙

  74. pA

    Its great that you are leaving and that you're gone now

  75. Gunnar Williams

    They were lucky he didn't step off the train with them.

  76. HC


  77. Boston Blackie

    Why they had to attack another human being is beyond me. Nothing but the lowest common denominator!

  78. kirsty campbell

    You. Mik. Me. Ward

  79. Randy Ross

    I don't know how poeple can deal with that sort of energy! It makes me want to fight! And I fall from War Masters, and Trained with an Asian Master, an Aikido Master, but mostly with his son doing MMA before UFC! And it is very possible I would sneak over to them, and attack the Ring Leader, from the Side, and Down he goes, and immediately go for number 2! In less than a Second! Example: 5 Guys Tried Mugging me once!