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    What if you use two clocks triggered by two entangled particles and put those clocks at each end of the tunnel? So when the first clock starts, the second clock starts at exactly the same time. I may be missing something, but that's the first thing that comes to my mind.

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  23. Rafael Albertini

    Do you really trying to use classical mechanics to measure speed of light? Omg! 🙄

  24. Christoff Simply

    Bullsh*t! If light is contingent upon the direction from the sun or from the human, and therefore different speeds, you're arguing the bible is right about the center of reality being the human. OK, let's say you ran this experiment from earth to Mars at the FURTHER Mars is from earth, then ran it again when Mars is at the CLOSEST mars is to earth. Would you assume light reacts different? Why? Because Earth or because Mars? It's worth note that I'm drunk when I thought this so I'm happy to admit I'm stupid. You should always include the possibility that people are high or drunk when they think things up. Just saying.

  25. Neville Taylor

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  28. Luqman Muhd

    i like how the video starts with "can i hold it?" "yes"

  29. Algenis Pichardo

    This visualization of DNA need to be implemented & standardized in every level of education.


    Please read the Donald Marshall Revolution website. The world is in danger.

  31. Grow with Nature

    See we actually have knowledge of so many other technologies and better options but corporate greed overrules those as viable options. We need to try and insist on these as consumers. But what other options do we have until we can obtain those options? It's a vicious circle. It's all messed up!

  32. Langolier

    OK! First, a question; massive objects curves space-time around themselves, why? OK! gravity is an illusion. then I call the effect of any mass on space time frame around itself as mravity. Would that make our calculations change? Second, The world is rotating. Every object moving around a circular path at a constant speed also has a constant acceleration towards the center of the circular path. So, the mravity, the bending of space and time under our feet on the solid surface of Earth, is the exact difference between the centripetal force and centrifugal force that is applied in total onto our bodies. For astronauts turning around the world, in a space capsule, the centripetal force and centrifugal force are equal, yet to remain in the orbit they still move under constant acceleration. However this time their acceleration is only towards the center of the earth i.e. centripetal force, which is the force of mravity. which is balanced with the centrifugal force. of the space capsule. Third, General Relativity does not say there is no gravity field or gravity is not a force. Einstein could not have said such a thing, in the first place, because, including him, no one yet knows what gravity is. If, you don't know what something is, there is no way of defining it without a frame of reference to its whatness - pun intended to the limit. This would be the same as claiming that, we know what dark matter is, even though the term means that 'unknown" matter. However, what General Relativity claims is that, space time is relative to observer's frame of reference. In your space ship example, you will not feel that you are approaching to a planet, because your whole frame of reference is effected by the mravity of the planet. Within your space ship, the objects around you, will not give a clue about the presence of a planet unless you directly feel the effect of mravity field of the planet, due to the fact that, your interaction with other objects in your space ship, is negligible comparing to the effect of the planet on your whole space ship. This is similar to that you feel the mravity field of Earth, the same at your feet, and at your head as the same, even though there is a difference which is infinitesimally small. Similarly, the falling man example brings the same situation. The falling man's frame of reference falls to earth together with him. The reason for this lies in the speed of light. The effect of gravity is at the speed of light as well. Therefore, a free falling man may not feel any effect of acceleration but a light that is sent from one end to the other of his frame of reference will prove that he moves towards the earth. This would be very hard to prove someone in space hanging in his space ship when there is a net zero force applied to the space ship, and in fact, you mentioned this yourself in your video. Gravity is a force and it causes a field that effects space and time. Space is bent around all objects due to the force that is created by their masses. Around massive object this force is so strong that it also cause the time to dilate significantly. Massive objects bend space and time due to the gravitational force they create by their huge masses. Just because because we don't know how and what exactly causes this force does not mean that it does not exist. In fact claiming, that electromagnetic forces does not exist and even there is no such thing as electromagnetic field is the same thing as claiming these for gravity. We do not know what causes the electricity and what makes elemental particles charged the way they are. In case of gravity, though, it can not be explained with the similar concepts and formulas of other forces.

  33. GeoDrone

    The solution is to get a beam of light to travel in a circle. Maybe to travel around a black hole just outside of the event horizon. If the size of the event horizon is known then the one way direction through curved spacetime is a straight line.

  34. Nathan L

    I love rewatching some of your older videos. It like a refresher course in between new releases.

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  47. Nitish K

    Why can't we use quantum entanglement to sync 2 clocks (theoretically). Entanglement particles can transfer data instantaneously.

  48. William S

    I misread the title as synchronicity!

  49. LexTNeville

    So there are infinite universes where everyone is really surprised at the outcomes of each experiment, except this one, where everything is a bit more predictable and stable? Nah. Unless this is the only one that matters.

  50. Asymmetrical

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    I feel like i have no brain, you did explain in a lot of ways that was clearly simple, and neither this made me get it. I can't picture how the space is curved on earth so i'm being pushed up instead of pulled down... I get the theory, maybe the math, but my imagination is messing up everything. Kinda hurts.

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  74. Kai-Made

    Louis, how did I know you would be I am so thankful for you brother, and people like Veritasium here...bringing this issue out into the open. Keep up the good works guys! I look forward to seeing your content...

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      something is strange with youtube, can't comment on posts from certain people?! Anyone else!?

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  80. Captain Bananapants

    Why couldnt the michelson-morley experiment be sited on this problem? Having a single beam take two different journeys at 90deg to eachother and terminating at a single point would eliminate the need for timing since if there was a preferred direction then they would terminate at different times. You wouldn't need to measure the speed then just the difference, and if there were a difference then changing the orientation could provide incrementally more accurate data on what the preferred direction of light is. With that we could measure the amplitude of difference in the speed per direction relative to the speed in a two way experiment and determine the speed of light in particular orientations. My education is only highschool physcs though, I'm sure someone has thought of this before.