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  1. Jay Van Zyl

    Wait... so the sea hag is saying what? Cortez don't use big words you don't understand. All Americans are compulsive liars. Not a big shock or secret and she says he's lying?🤣😆😂🤤🤥👏 she should look in the mirror.

  2. Rick East

    This is more boring than watching paint dry....

  3. anisah.

    what a disappointment of a human... we need real change not this bs.

  4. Jay Byrd

    Don't OD on fentanyl kids

  5. der_ radierer

    This "goodwill and common sense" rethoric is what these toffs learn in Eton. They call it "gently impose yourselves upon the world". Meaning just bully everyone else into submission whilst pretending not to. It's quite cowardly, because proper bullies at least aren't afraid of the conflict. It won't work with the EU. The problems around the NIP can be resolved by the UK implementing what it promised.

  6. Zion Sky

    "We" "we" we".... its funny how they make it sound like a gift.

  7. Phreak is OP

    Only Brits are entitled enough to complain about free money. Go talk to the kid in pakistan who makes 1 dollar a day by working in hazardous junk factories, ask him how he feels about your moaning.

  8. Al Capwn

    Campaigners always ask for emergency measures, then claim they should stay forever when that emergency ends. The same will be with free school meals, the demand they were granted whilst kids were out of school due to lockdown will now turn into a demand they should be provided 365 a year regardless of a global pandemic or not (mark my words).

  9. K L

    Investing in to making low income British even more lazy.

  10. Alfiansyah Ramadhan

    Pake odol/pasta gigi..biar mata nya ga terlalu sakit klo kena gas air mata

  11. Trending UK Reaction Channel

    People in NI won't be getting the £20/week anymore, from end of this month

  12. sailing 360

    Money doesn't grow on trees and I'm sick of free money for dossers

  13. daftjunk2008

    Sunak is such a slime ball. The most stage-managed chancellor in my lifetime; disappears for months on end, spends thousands on personal PR (when the BBC isn't doing it for him).... then presents a budget like he's our saviour, when in fact it's a massive smokescreen for Austerity 2.0 (and further entrenching corruption - Freeports, and sending town bungs to Tory constituencies)

  14. Stevo Maginn

    You know wat my other granny's name was ruby

  15. NCR RANGER1995

    Gonna be a lot of leftover vaccines nobody with a brain wants that piece of garbage. The Virus has over a 99.9% survival rate and you still have to wear a mask if you get the vaccine so there is no point.

  16. domenico di leo

    all these criminals like sunak should be put on trial for crimes against humanity, including the lurid sycophants at the Grauniad

  17. onkar phall

    He is a total rat.

  18. Vàli Tino

    Excellent 👍

  19. Franco Rimoti

    They should help people opening a business in the first place!

  20. Abbas Velleti

    Rule No.1 dont trust politicians. Liars, liars, liars.

  21. Q's Lond

    Its joke British gas just fined 25£ for late payement and there is no help from gov

  22. Fady B

    It's not the governments Job to support people! That's called socialism.

  23. ben ferriggi

    when universal credit and furlough eventually stops but lockdowns continue what are you people gonna do ?

  24. Nabeel G

    his basically saying bend over

  25. Dave weare

    Pure Evil from the Cowardly Myanmar Police

  26. Agg Ayuu

    The 1.5k dislikes are the bums trying to live off universal credit there whole life

  27. L Foley

    Lesbian feminists should stick to mansplaining to each other. If you're sexually attracted to women, you have the mentality of a heterosexual MAN. Real women are biologically programmed to be attracted to the idealised male, which is why they are interested in the beauty industry, not to please men, but to attract attention from men. Of course most feminists don't understand real women because they are NOT real women.

  28. Mr. Skid

    When u gotta act really hurt to get paid but u remember u have something important to do.

  29. Nathan Leigh

    Disgusting Human being....

  30. Aqua

    Bla bla bla. It’s a fixed game. And you don’t know what the rules are. You think you do but you don’t. You can never win playing a game you don’t know the rules too.

  31. mccari09

    Lol it’s £20. Hadn’t even noticed it was added until I saw this. I was a chef until I got made redundant in jan as my pub shut down permanently. I don’t just sit on benefits all the time if I can work. I ran out of money 8 days ago and I’ve got to wait until the 18th for my next payment. It’s such an absolute joke

  32. Tibor Cseh

    It will be more interesting when 17 million people try to live from the 1% of the present GDP at 2025.

  33. hanta sero 44

    I hear laural but at the same time i hear yanny as a whisper.

  34. Lily of the valley

    20£ or vaccine 🤣

  35. Berlin

    Actuallay you need 9.

  36. Arishpa Baruah

    It is Laurel

  37. Ardent Aardvark

    One thing I like about Boris is... he always tries to see the positive side. I like his outlook.

  38. old man Gaming

    another politician not answering the fkn question

  39. daniel clitheroe

    Surely the majority of people affected by the pandemic workwise wouldn't qualify for Universal Credit anyway. Those who are will have the £20 a week extra for a period after the lockdown is due to end. I detest the Conservative Party but Rishi Sunak is I'm sure trying to do the right thing: not everyone needs income from employment to pay for their living expenses.

  40. Abc

    I miss these days 😒

  41. KandyKush 420

    Again showing how far detatched from the reality of the people they "work" for they realy are and again showing they couldnt give two 💩 about what happens outside their circle of criminal friends! BS from day one to line the pockets of the rich... i take it amazon etc will still be paying 1% tax? 🤔

  42. Rill

    How many English people are in India's government?

    1. Per

      non probably

  43. The Chosen

    Its just han solo trying to get the falcon back. I'm sure the usaf most likely shot him right down as well as soon as he was away from a target rich environment

  44. naturalmystic1


  45. Guardian News

    EU postpones setting date for ratifying Brexit trade deal ►

  46. Cherrykye Waters

    Those CEO's and all that they're the real illuminati's

  47. NLTops

    Did anyone else notice that this guy is only talking about how they'll be "investing" billions upon billions of pounds into all manner of things. Meanwhile he's failing to mention that the debt has risen to over 2 trillion pounds since their government came to power and total debt is now higher than GDP.

  48. HappyHour Harry

    Is this test real

  49. Bryan Sin

    Thats racist. Get him outta here. That hurt my feelings.

  50. Euro Man

    He looks and sounds like he’s knackered , rambling on with total nonsense . A shocking embodiment of Brexit . A shambles .

  51. Baskitt Beauty & Botany

    omg imagine all the millions of people who will have better life with the money from that

  52. C Richards

    :32 Get your words straight. He's one to talk

  53. Darren Hawkins

    Married to a billionaire this parasite doesn't have a clue

  54. Brendan Duncan

    Ah this is the more fair and just UK he was talking about

  55. TheCudders

    I love how we don’t even need to comment. The like ratio says it all.

  56. Adam Balogh

    In the meantime self employed people can hang themselves

  57. Gabriel Cavalcante

    Justin Bieber is so old 😭😭😭

  58. кавказ

    May he Rest In Peace

  59. Quite Frankly

    People call it cringe but it’s just straight up bizarre

  60. AG AG

    Thanks Obama.

  61. Mike B

    Reminds me of the start of that film 'The Thing'

  62. Greenhands Kelly

    Funny how NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE even stopped to think how Brexit would even work in Northern Ireland back in 2016.

    1. Ardent Aardvark

      Because that was not the issue. We deal with matters as they arise. That is life. The UK made a decision to leave the EU. The matter of dealing with that was the consequence. Life is all about decisions and consequences. Nobody thought we'd be tied to a political union when we joined the EEC. Some may have done but the decision was about a common market. We've left the EU. Now we have to deal with the new paradigm. That is actually the pattern of history.

  63. Teds Cornish Watch Reviews

    Cut your own pay for a change 🖕🖕

  64. callaghan728

    Just dump NI. Westminster doesn't need it.

  65. Son Of Shade

    Since when was Brexit an issue of common sense?

  66. DC:90

    No goodwill from the EU

    1. peter kelly

      British Government breaking international law ! We will end up being an untrustworthy country that gets ignored by western democracies in the near future . LITTLE ENGLAND

  67. Lady London

    Are they going to creating job opportunities for those forced into unemployment due to the virus?? So basically they've anticipated mass unemployment & are unwilling to offer these individuals any real financial sustenance whilst they try to seek jobs that will be few & far between. So if the virus hasn't killed people off - poverty will.

  68. Woody

    Let's be honest the tories need to go!

  69. Automated Message

    How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood' Welcome to life.

  70. Philip Robins

    not enough , never enough , and Sunak we have had enough ,


    No shock that Boris did a lot of talking but said absolutely nothing. Barriers in the Irish Sea are inevitable, who does he think he’s fooling?

  72. Stevie Hind

    What a c u n t

  73. Crakacoldone

    all the mps need a pay cute and there need to start living on minimun wage or off what there say people can live on on benifets in stread od there top 1% ers wage

  74. Jay Man

    I’d cut their right to vote too.

  75. Motivation 4 Winning

    He’s racist

  76. Ego-Smack-Sequel- -Kindred-combustion

    I have never heard laurel

  77. Tazmaniac .1

    Indian politicians are the worst they try do the job over the top even the white man is more fair

  78. Bad Alfredo

    This is dum

  79. Stephen Humphrey

    so the poor get kicked in the nuts as usual make the rich pay more

  80. Kish Deval

    This is the party people have voted for Conservatives...while they live it up the NORMAL WORKING PERSON gets poorer..