Official FIblock channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

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  1. Ryan Burzumato

    Cancel David

  2. PrinceOf Persia

    Im so happy to watch David podcast every week ,love u david!

  3. Daniel Dorta

    This is becoming more of David’s Podcast rather than David’s and Jason’s please let Jason talk and stop putting him off to the side


    Talk show or podcast?

  5. Preston Shackelford

    "UNO DOS FUCKING..JUMP" diplo seems so chill and funny.

  6. Nomaj K


  7. Ryan Brennan

    Diplo is quite funny. Who would have thought?

  8. j Obus

    Dislike this video for JASON guys... GET THIS COMMENT UP SO WE GET A LOT OF THEM

  9. Mr Martins

    You need to involve Jason more it’s just not the same without him

  10. Javier Leija

    Damn, people are complaining about Jason not being there yet half the podcast was "old school" this time. It also must suck that David has been saying for years that he wants to be a late night host and now that he's finally dipping his toes everyone is like "fuck that we don't wanna see that" 💀

  11. Briana Sanchez

    David, are you ok? That laugh can’t be real! Take a breath, it okay you don’t have to force it! 😩

  12. bowen voowy

    Madison - “I never wrote a lyric about you” David- turns to honey ad 😂

  13. Nicole Von Mutius

    I’m 15 minutes in and annoyed that Jason is barely present. I’ll let this play in the background bc Jason gets paid for it, but I’m officially uninterested in this podcast now. I honestly never thought I’d say that, but it’s true.

  14. LyshaLabRat

    I don’t personally care about ANY of this BUT I really do find it very interesting that so much dirt is being pulled up on David and Jason right now, and it seems like the only thing people can talk about in the comments is how Jason is now sitting to the far left? It’s just super interesting to see where the fan bases minds are at😂

  15. luz

    Who’s Jason?

  16. salazar1303

    correct me if im wrong.. but does that candle at 45:30 still has it's money stamp?? LOOOOOL

  17. Alex

    This david guy seems like a serial killer to me

  18. Jacklyn Tomei

    Cut Jason you don’t need him

  19. j Obus

    Where Jason at in the thumbnails and why isn’t he sitting next to you? I thought you guys had this podcast together but now it seems like it’s just David and Jason is some extra

  20. G T

    Jack reading that note he wrote for David made me emotional....what the fuck Jack.

  21. Evan FL

    wow this podcast has gotten so bad miss when it was just jason and david and not having a guest every episode

  22. Karina

    i want more jason :(

  23. Valerie B

    This is a horrible podcast.

  24. Dina Vibes

    Anyone else feel like diplo isnt feeling Jason? I feel bad. And the camera is barely on jason. He probably feels like he shouldnt include himself. I feel so bad :(

  25. Ellzville

    the comedic timing on the end shot *chefs kiss*

  26. Rhian Corcoran

    Anxious about her shoes on the fresh cream chair all the way through 😅

  27. Spam Garbage

    Errybody complaining but i like this format, guests on then just dave jay and natalie. Good stuff Edit: people grow and want to do different things, yall complain too much thinking yall own david, what if jason likes the shift, or theyre just finding how to do something new give them a chance.

  28. janita f

    Where’s Jason❗️❕❗️❕❗️

  29. Dina Vibes

    If you couldnt tell WE WANT MORE JASON! I used to laugh out loud like i was talking with my friends and now its just mehhh, and the cuts and frames are so random and dont flow. I know its new but i feel like it should be better

  30. Yaqob

    They should get Cardi B on the show


  32. Elena Chazhegova

    The grubby gruesome unshielded presumably test because violet laparoscopically record of a false familiar famous cocktail. warm, fancy eyebrow

  33. Oscar Aragon

    They’re deleting comments

    1. bowen voowy

      Welcmome tooo vIeWs

  34. Joce Rm

    Seath should be next on this pod cast

  35. Oscar Aragon

    They’re really ignoring everything lol

  36. Angry Lyrics

    Without Jason it's kinda boring 😓

  37. G.nk4 _

    Next views should be with logan paul

  38. luer 02

    Ya’ll should chill , tf?? Its their fckin channel, I bet Jason and David be knowing what they’re doing.

  39. Tiny Pickle

    Can’t believe they cropped Jason out for 80% of the podcast. Kinda sad to see the way this podcast is changing

  40. Kristin G

    Yikes david really doesn’t take these comments into account eh lol. We want more Jason!

  41. Gavin Rue

    Why’s everyone so butthurt about the guest, It looks like they are doing half guest, and half just the vloqsquad chilling

  42. Nathanael F

    You should try to get a talk show host on next. Like Jimmy Fallon or something

  43. Danika S

    Cancel David 2021

  44. Kra Tos

    Poor Jason Nash it took him 30 min to get a word in.

  45. Moriah Matovich

    I’m sorry is Jason just there to help with the ads?

  46. James Hernandez

    alright, im really loving this host type thing davids doing. i can see this becoming a huge thing for his future.

  47. nicole flynn

    if you wanted to make a show it should have been separate to ur podcast it’s a podCAST+1

  48. Jason Adams

    gives us more Jason

  49. Gavin Rue

    I want to see an Impaulsive and Views collab, it would be funny af

    1. B K

      Impossible logan is jealous of david

  50. nicole flynn

    when Jason is not even in frame

  51. mariah ayala

    David’s fantasy of being like A- List celebrity and a host of a tv show is going to kill his career... I already hate the fact that he put Jason in the same seats as the “guest” now Jason’s not even getting a word in.

  52. kendra banderas

    I'm bummed the podcast isn't the same anymore...

  53. BoziGotSauce

    Jack Ü guy

  54. Pierston Salinas

    Get Elon musk

  55. Shelly

    David’s trash and idk why no ones talking about it

  56. John 159rr

    Dillon looks like the bad guy from lazy town

  57. Sonia G

    It’s just nice to see both Jason and David I always use to just listen to podcasts it’s like my friends are back in person you 2 make my day!!!

  58. princess peach

    Honestly I hate how this podcast is turning out....if Jason is kept to the side, only getting a few words in, I won’t be watching or listening to this podcast anymore. So disappointed... I was so excited for this too.

  59. PK the Ronald Reagan Stan

    And he has the audacity to go on like nothing happened. “Don’t worry guys I never ruined anyone’s career I promise the video is fake it’s a deepfake I swear”

  60. Warren Anderson

    i was not expecting diplo or “thomas” to be so funny lmao

  61. Chris Rosenberger

    Wow I didn’t realize how bad we need a Diplo and Dillon Francis podcast. Great guests

  62. Fatimah Adjiet

    Ngl I cried when I watched the ad too

  63. Fatimah Adjiet

    I’m so glassed it’s LONGER than 4:21

  64. legomyfrodo

    Accountability is cool. You should try it

  65. Tim Barba

    Is that Jason laughing in the background?

  66. Justin Kobus

    It's the Blackberry guy!

  67. C. FOYD

    WE WANT KOURTNEY!! and mase!!

  68. Mauro

    When did david become so commercial

  69. Assia Zerrad

    What if you invite Liza next?

  70. Gamie Namish

    Ohh so its Carli Incontro i always thought it was Carli Icognito

  71. Lauren F.

    suggestion: more jason, less guests/interviews

  72. Mohammad Ashmit

    Diplo and Dillon huh more like the fortnite guys 😂

  73. Keeping Up with Justine

    David, we want jason in!!!

  74. Alissa Anderson

    Jason's laugh scared me because I had no idea he was there 😂😂😂😂

  75. Banks

    My stomach hurts

  76. Omar Bolbol

    David Dobrik is a VILLAIN

  77. Nold Lominos

    Dillon Francis is a fucking cop. Don’t tell him shit

  78. ILisy7

    I love Jason’s personality lol and I love how excited they were for Nat. She looked so good!

  79. Staci McIntosh

    Is Jason okay? HA.

  80. Christopher Leonard

    David . Stop. Laughing. Into. The. Mic. It’s. Fucking. Annoying.