Hey, I'm Eric. I play games and produce music.

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  1. Ryan Matelski

    Bro it’s 2021 and I found this

  2. azat62

    I said nOOOO

  3. • AllieJoys •

    The video that made me realize I was bisexual:

  4. Scuty One


  5. Mazin Zahid

    Hey what is ur guitar model?

  6. Mazin Zahid

    Hey what is ur guitar model?

  7. Crocs Caday

    This guy is born for music.

  8. David Aronson

    How does The Doo have 4.94M subscribers, but this video only has 1.4M views? Somebody please explain this to me. Have 3.5M subscribers died?

  9. Rockunderthemoon

    How to be you dude

  10. Alexander Mcbee

    "woahohwoahah kill me"

  11. The Goat

    Last guy just gave up

  12. Diane Gabertan

    love how killer queen is here wait is this a jojo refrence?

  13. Rockunderthemoon

    Request on your next Omegle can you play rage against the machine or gun's n roses songs please

  14. Felix Tan

    Kingdom Hearts vibes

  15. bl4kke836

    pov: you’re here in 2021

  16. Xander Pascua

    My question is how do they know ab this

  17. JustWithPranav

    These videos cure my depression

  18. L

    when i open omeagle there are ony shaking diks

  19. Rockunderthemoon

    Tbh I love guys who have hello kitty, barbie or princess guitar I find that attractive and cool🤘

  20. Cristian Ojeda

    Doooo you had me DANCINGGGGGG

  21. a0b1b1c2

    I'm dying rn. My Google was picking up everything you guys asked. And just repeated it at max volume!! Lmao.

  22. F_R_E_E_Z_E

    4:14 Needs a Full Version

  23. Whazgoodcuhhhz

    Pretending to be a beginner 4?!?!?

  24. Michael McGrady

    Dooo I've been going through your vid again and I wanna say thank you for making great content. It's been helping me through a tough time. You rule dude!

  25. JOKER

    Believe it or not but I just discovered thedoo and I gotta say this man is amazing.

  26. Michael Mendes

    Man now that's some unreal guitar playing!! Mindblown

  27. Oyaloo

    PLS he even knows how to play piano he's so talented what kskksks

  28. Dia

    2:24 im dying inside whyyyyy he didn t ended 😭

  29. KLG

    Dooo by the small chance you see this I have the perfect app for you. It's called spoon you should check it out and you dont have to show your face I think it would be something you might like

  30. Caleb Schoepske

    *playing guitar on omegle but doing what i usuaully do*

  31. Skunkyli


  32. Gnarly_ Cro's


  33. Ace Xvon

    dude.. these girls @ 8:48 had the longest shocked faces ever

  34. HardSalami_69

    Dooo: plays guitar like he's never played before Strangers: It's ok just practice Dooo: Shreds his guitar like its a piece of cheese Strangers: WE WERE PLAYED LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE

  35. Joseph Pavelka

    Why does this man’s arms look like he can choke Godzilla out?

  36. Luca Nicolo

    This was the first doo video I watched. Wow I am happy I watched

  37. Istiaq Zaman

    Homeboy was about to go super sayan this is sick lol

  38. Bharath Asl

    Can you upload karaoke of this song. Please.

  39. Purple Dino

    Mcnasty sounds like he could actually sound. I wouldn’t doubt it either since he is a musician.

  40. Logan’s World


  41. kawa

    hAnDs DoNt mOvE lIkE ThAt

  42. grayling08

    Man... you are amazing!

  43. King-_-WarBoy PS4

    'PLAY THE FUCKING GUITAR!' I was crying bruh

  44. Overlord Maniac

    Next Video 1min Guitar playing, and 9min Raid SHADOW LEGENDS

  45. Fumez Fan

    Can you pls play freaking out the neighbourhood by mac de Marco

  46. Raccoon with Accordion

    Please do more of these and smash brosm

  47. Scott Byrd

    Eclipse and Ascend on a 42,000W audio system. There's bass that has busted the glass out of my explorer 3x... Love, love, love ur sounds

  48. AU Automation

    You should start playing songs in games again to get reactions, that was great as

  49. Luciano Rosica

    His version of Digital love by Daft Punk is very similar to the David Escobar version, great!

  50. Tropang Apat

    When the covid hits plans ruined.

  51. Zerus

    10:00 i wasn't prepared for that

  52. Yusoff Amer

    Aot song pls

  53. FreeKid I. K

    i laughed so hard at 3:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😂😂

  54. fdz 2


  55. guitarist_oo7

    That lastest guys : yeah she a girl i think i can beat her *when her play / a guys : wtf? Ok we need to put my guitar on that shelf and say good night

  56. TechMantra

    Aerowings 2 menu music 4:13

  57. Fan Fun Gaming

    5:46 that's pretty damn

  58. Foxツ

    when dooo plays the piano it's so pretty

  59. Arturo Cordova

    And you say you can’t tune your guitar into a piano

  60. Bay Burçin

    music service: 1:20 4:10 7:04 10:02 12:15 16:15

  61. Sven V

    Look how annoying I am... 😂😂😂

  62. TheDooo TheDooo


  63. PlayWithPanda

    Imagine post malone reacts to ur rockstar cover :D

  64. Andrew Gallo

    Guys on the guitar where he shows the switch thingy there is a lot of fingerprints maybe thats his and u can use it to find his face

  65. sharkbate12

    There wasn't a point where I wasn't laughing

  66. Minor Gamer

    i Is your guitar bass or electronic

  67. Jwhym Jonas

    Titel checks out

  68. silver knight

    Plz make a video on ran online -old theme song if you can

  69. Craig Atkinson

    Senpai notice me!

  70. sharvil kamble

    6:55 Usain Bolt be like:😶 can you take my speed 7:55 again 8:25 agaaain 8:58 agaaaaaaaaain

  71. Abdul Aziz

    5:23 Play me something. Now Sure. Bitch 😂

  72. majka.krajina ramic


  73. HackdotX

    Play me something. Now. Sure... ᵇᶦᵗᶜʰ

  74. s0uldeep

    13:00 that match

  75. James S.

    Needs a voice synthesizer.

  76. Miller Pulepule

    ayo the dooooooooooooooo, everything that we hear in the vids for example: the bass drums and stuff lol, do the people on omegle hear them tooooooooooooo?

  77. V I S H A L * V I S U A L S

    The Dooo Sounds like Natt though!

  78. Melih Ünal

    6:01 +the dooo? -yea *disconnected

  79. mangboi simte

    You sound like Dream..

  80. oz Aksu

    7:13 is no body going to talk about how good this teen is dancing 😂