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  1. David Roberts

    Hi Mary that was awesome next the take off great video 🚀❤️🇬🇧👍David

  2. Norbox

    Io A Pasadeno li guardavo e vedevo dei bambini delle scuole medie

  3. Th3DevelsLettuce

    Its like every week they seem to get quicker and quicker if they keep speeding up they might have to re evaluate the project timeline dates haha

  4. Alex P

    Why are the static tests so short? And why if they have all the tanks filled, roads closed etc, they dont perform several tests in quick succession?

    1. Lensflare Deviant

      I think they're only making sure they all start up without issues. I don't know if the test pad/stand can take much more than that! :)

  5. tho

    Something wrong on this concept, no-way for have a good landing . it is visible... something missing ... impossible landing solution with this design ..

    1. Lensflare Deviant

      We'll see.

  6. Ephraim Madondo

    I am team New Glen

  7. Ryan Graver

    it doesn't look like it's going fast at the beginning but later it's really traveling 6x the speed of sound

  8. iamjadedhobo

    No more bits of concrete flying about :(

  9. Stuart Edwin

    God speed sn10,fly high land well.lets put this one to bed.

  10. Ralph Wagenet

    I can see venting the LOX tanks if pressure gets too high; how is pressure managed in the methane tanks?

  11. banana junior 9000

    That is a remote compacter...

  12. D H

    I was wondering how those big white temporary structures will fare during a hurricane...

  13. Prakhar Chaturvedi

    What if sn10 have crashed landing

    1. Michael Deierhoi

      Just like before with SN8 and 9. Figure what went wrong, fix it and try again with SN 11 which is stacked and ready to go.

  14. Paul Brunton

    You lucky Americans , best wishes from Gillingham south east England.

  15. j-Tube

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that nosecone is not for SN15. Unless we've seen some sort of labeling on it that proves otherwise.

  16. A Smith

    Awesome! And no music with some moron yacking. Great video!

  17. TH3mrBROWN

    Why is the audio different from how it was during the livestream, seems more suppressed/quite now.

  18. Dominic Lanza

    7:22 looks like salvaged parts from No nose cone tip on SN15. Does that indicate a new header tank iteration? What will the new nose cone tip change(s) be? Looking forward to seeing SN15 test flight! Really enjoyed this episode. Thank you NSF team.

  19. Андрей Воробей

    Наладчика надо, двигатель троит, походу саляра бодяжная)))

  20. H][A

    Respect for scientists from Japan and US universities.

  21. mORE Mining Products INC

    Meanwhile, another spacecraft engine was producing forward thrust during the forth round of testing, then the RUD occurs. Blew up the converter, not unexpected. Repairs will take a few days, once repaired, the engine power can be increased to Max, currently @ 33%. After completion of the fifth round of testing the demonstration prototype of our new electric spacecraft propulsion system will be sent out for independent testing and validation. CTO Douglas Renzoni

  22. burper2000000

    SN15 got a nose job, looks fonky

  23. Tom King

    When and what time for the flight test.

  24. Алексей Ковко

    Wait your broadcasts March 1

  25. Sheriar Irani

    SN 10 is the chosen one. Will be a absolute success.

  26. Andreja Vani

    I think SN15 will be first BIG success...

  27. justininvestor

    this channel has nothing to do with NASA its just a money scam

  28. A


  29. Äjãy_Çõñstāñtïñê

    That sounded much better than the first one.

  30. Andreas Prethaler


  31. Ivy Stiles

    Most folks think living in the clouds mean you live in the high mountains, but I think SPI/Boca Chica could give any mountain top a run for it's money. Interesting that they've left the tip of the nosecone off until after both sections are welded together. And, because soooo many trucks like to get their pictures in Mary's videos, I really think Das needs to cobble together a portable telescoping mount that'd get above the riff-raff....

  32. Pasha Defragzor

    forks crossed

  33. Invisivel Lucas


  34. Ezra Starkey

    Chills to this day

  35. ViT2S

    Hoping a successful launch again..

  36. Tim Folkins

    OMG - could Trench Roller be any cuter??? I think that's a hoodie opportunity!!

  37. De Lin

    As always Mary captures the important moments with quiet dignity.

  38. P5ychoFox

    11:00 Just taking a break sat atop a Starship.

  39. repo4

    4.15 - me after a dish of Jjambbong

  40. Jean Carlos Rodrigues

    Deviam por menos ajudarem a faser uma nave descente 🙏🙏🙏😪😪😪

  41. Jean Carlos Rodrigues

    Poxa seus covardes ajudem a espece x

  42. SKM

    That was the longest static fire ever!

  43. Scott Brady

    looks like someone left the kettle on

  44. Gruff Tor

    Can we please just rename this the SN13 and get it over with. 😷👍🏼

  45. Sid Tovey

    I'm excited for SN15 despite not having a clue what is materially different to its forebears!

  46. Dan-Erik Westerholm

    Send it now please!

  47. Eduard Šajgalik

    5:11 BN2 sections?

  48. Peter K

    9:10 and it's definitely more pointy... :-)))

  49. Mateus Honório Da Silva

    I'm very excited to the next launch 😅

  50. net shaman

    There is one engine that starts earlier than the others , and stops later too... Not a big deal but ...

    1. Lensflare Deviant

      @TCV12 Space shuttle did the same thing.

    2. TCV12

      Normal and by design. Starship and Super Heavy have staggered ignitions as a way to limit potential damage due to off-nominal start ups.

  51. net shaman

    Go , go to the stars !!!

  52. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Spectacular !!!!!!!

  53. Micha ROSS

    I love Starship !

  54. Urban Rider

    I can wait to see this shit crash

  55. Dan Runi

    What's up with that subtle distortion/wiggle, mix of atmospheric and telescopic shake? Look kinda like the perspective change you sometimes get with stabalized footage

  56. STARSHIP #spacex


  57. Anthony Zalev

    was there anything wrong with the engines after static fire or are we all good for a launch next week?

  58. Divinicus1er

    At 1:39, is it drilling for the Orbital Launch Mount Tower's foundations that we see in the background?

  59. Pablo Giavi Blanco


  60. Michael Stewart

    any speculation as to why there are a significant number of engine swap-outs? I thought they came from Mcgregor already tested and ready to go.... are they not being transported properly? is there a major difference in the dynamics of how fuel is delivered from testing and from static fire? (just a curious arm-chair 'rocket scientist' here:) thanks

  61. Anthoney King

    GreatVlog nice and Clear can see all 3 engines Firing Great Job thank you

  62. Van Quyen Nguyen

    ich hoffe dieser mal ist gut funktionen und nicht passiert werden das genauer wie Elon Muck geplanz .

  63. Dylan Kopff

    One day we will have star ships but come on that's a bottle rocket

  64. Milanka Perić

    Wooo🔥🚀👌Ooo ooW 🎥🔝😲

  65. Luther Hendricks

    Time to fly...and land!

  66. Yak

    the trench roller is adorable

  67. Pelle Brink

    please say they will assemble the table where it is right now and then ship it down to the launch site and lift it in place?

  68. Marcfx

    Many thanks Mary 🥰

  69. Allan Kohout

    They should do it 3 times 3 minutes apart in a row just pretend its falling from 10 km up that way no RUD.

    1. Alexander Mascini

      That doesn't really help because the issue is also the ignitious from the horizontal position. Gravity normally pulls the propellant down to inlet. Now this isn't possible and pressure is kept by adding helium but they went for pressure due to adding heated gasses of preburners.

    2. Patrick Stewart

      The biggest issue with this is that it's not using the same tanks when it relights. It's using the header tanks in a horizontal position and then the flip occurs. So, performing a test like the one you described isn't very useful.

  70. Mauro Zirbes

    Wow! Incredible view! Thank Y'All!

  71. Raşit Reis

    Launch is tommorow?

  72. MrPerser

    Didnt they just do a static fire and swap an engine like 2 days ago? Their progress is actually crazy

    1. Lensflare Deviant


  73. john smith

    I can't wait to see if they will perform the landing flip earlier thus giving time to relight all 3 engines then shut one down. I'm very glad it isn't me that has to calculate all the thrust parameters :) Let's GO Sten.

  74. videorab

    There were some flames seen AFTER test fire from the beach camera. Problem? Perhaps one of the raptor "overruns"?

    1. Felix Fischer

      I think the raptors always burn a bit after shutdown. I have not seen that the first time and in the past it wasn't a problem.

  75. gilbondfac

    shrapnel during ignition !? problem ?

    1. Malsesto HD

      Where do you see a shrapnel?

  76. Heiko Wagner

    That vent well - i hope. xD

  77. Dany Chang

    Go space ! Mars looks so good

  78. Dāvis Kalniņš

    "New Glenn’s Tank Cleaning and Processing Facility 0:32" - looks exactly like "Launch table" 7:03 in this video

  79. Christina Velázquez

    ""I love it "".