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  1. Neth Brown

    Mgk more bro more like this one FUCKING fire

  2. Ben Dahlen

    🗑️from Fantano

  3. Christian Griffin

    so bad

  4. P-Wee Ble Ak Wouj La

    RIP DMX 😭😭😭

  5. happybot with100

    “Playing cards like it’s yugioh” yugioh is a old and my favorite card games

  6. CumDeFoom


  7. Hawksley

    [ why am i twerking ]

  8. Joe DaSilva

    Terrible, terrible "song". Sucks that this passes as music these days. Valky was cool though

  9. Paula Landrum

    i like how at the end i realized he walked through the entire house

  10. Logan Mcmaster

    Wtf did I just listen too 😂😂😂

  11. k

    [ violent twerking ]

  12. Izuru Kamakura

    This is lit

  13. Paula Landrum

    1:13 tbh she does look like she can fuck somebody up in a fight.

  14. pisu

    ninja please post more fort nite video, i miss when u post fortnite

  15. S W

    Valkyrae has been Corpse this whole time

  16. Franklin Laing

    This should be on spotify

  17. OJW 10

    Nothing on the original tho

  18. Nawpana a

    Bos 😁♥️👣

  19. Thomas-Joe Gray

    Talk about coming out of the woods with that idea

  20. Masked_Onii

    I know you can play Corpse’s music on streams but can you play this song or will it get dmca’d?

  21. Callie Roberts

    my bisexual senses are tingling


    It sucks when someone says i love you but doesnt want to be with you

  23. Cassidy ferguson

    Wtf did I listen to

  24. Jayda Potato

    Yes rae

  25. Yack Yack

    RIP X 🙏🏾

  26. Marcia Robison

    Literally my current situation

  27. Newdog101 Peace

    This hits hard, mgk u the man at the min

  28. Gabriel Arroyo

    love ye my man

  29. DaddyGreyHulk

    It’s sad I miss these quarantine songs, some of his greatest shit came out of covid

  30. Zac Hulcer Bio bot inc

    Who needs a psychologist when you got M.G.K 4 real

  31. -stupid potato-

    He looks like Ban now from Seven Deadly Sins- AND I LOVE IT

  32. DaddyGreyHulk

    It’s been over a year since this came out and it still hits me the same since quarantine started, still a fucking legend

  33. Farrell Deebach-Carpenter

    Can't get this song out of my head! It's my ringtone

  34. marco castellano


  35. klassenish

    goosebumps all over every time

  36. Skyler Gamblin

    This is the style I looove seeing MGK in. He suits it well.

  37. Tyler B

    MGK shits gold basically.

  38. klassenish

    a masterpiece

  39. Stonedgunner 69

    is it me or is he starting to sound like all of the other legendary artists before they committed suicide?

  40. Psyduck Da duck

    Corpse is a girl?!?!?!?!?

  41. Insight Music

    Is the guy who is fighting kells in the beginning a pro skater? I feel like I’ve seen him with nyjah

  42. MrSleepless

    mgk kinda died after killshot but i like this !

  43. Robyn Stevens And Abigail subia

    Btw, Valkrae is good at this...

  44. chimita churrete

    this made me cringe

  45. Justin Vanleeuwen

    Rip dmx

  46. Eren Yaeger

    Btw was dat Corpse at the beginning with the pink hair

  47. zero budget

    Est4life since 2018 i, play this song every morning im homeless now. I've lost my whole family to the virus 😪 this man keeps me from killing myself everyday. I just want to say. Blu skys

  48. TriXter

    Accidentally listened to this on its anniversary 🙏🏽

  49. smj3productions

    The only thing I like about this song is Corpses voice and Valykrae playing corpse. The other dude sucks tbh

  50. evil chef pee pee

    For some reason his song used to be fire until Eminem destroyed him

  51. Eva Boardman

    Waiting for a return to rap 🤞🏽

  52. Kylie Barnes


  53. Sedated1990

    Valkyrae's part was so cringe holy shit

  54. Avedomine Inferni

    This is actually a good ass song!! Nascar aloe /Mindless self indulgence vibes.

  55. Gunes Yildiz

    I even wrote to Spotify to include this song in their library. They told me in some countries they have this song, and in some they do not. So freaking stupid

  56. Karmin Bullard

    this song has been around a year today I feel like ive known this song for longer

  57. J_XVIII -IV

    I cannot be the only person who's disappointed in this music video I expected it to be dark and disturbing but instead we got a colourful room

  58. bella may

    happy one year anniversary ily kells </3

  59. Greg


  60. m u l a n - ø t

    [ *passionately twerking* ]

  61. marcus bjerre henriksen

    Remember to pass

  62. Natalie Rose88

    The spot in my heart Rihanna's version once held has been taken by this version...

  63. David Flajšman

    1 year since this dropped, 1 year listening this every day and still not enough

  64. VENOM JK

    Tienes que ser bastante zurdo para utilizar esa canción en Blm

  65. Kaelyn Dempsey


  66. Nayia

    I was so confused on why people were talking about the corpse face reveal lmfao

  67. Plain Bagel

    1 year anniversary of this masterpiece

  68. Nevaeh Martin

    thats very metal alt of you kells

  69. Bunny Chan

    So talented. So raw. So... romantic. Not to mention his voice is 🔥, and body like an Angel

  70. Chrystal Garza

    why is this the only place I can find this song, (and sound cloud)?!. Ugh I think this is one of his best tracks

  71. Winter

    Hear me out..Ghostemane and Corpse on a track together?

  72. Cassidy Rood

    Release this please i need it my apple music 🥺🥺🥺

  73. Mariyah Patel

    anyone listening to this masterpeice and reading and replying to comments

  74. Ivan Ventura

    Corpse is a girl?

    1. Geek Idiot

      Corpse ain't a girl 😂

  75. rusty shakelford

    Shit corny

  76. Audi 1

    I seen some cops that wouldnt even give u a chance to talk he was a cool cop. Where i live they escalate every situation

  77. Audi 1

    Cop was cool

  78. Jar Jar Binks

    13 million views in 3 weeks... breaking the internet with this collab



  79. Yana L


  80. Raquel Moncayo Clavijo

    1:54 corps line🐈‍⬛✨