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  1. Sousou_du#26 i

    Le second degré de se type avec son sérieux me tue 😂🤯😘

  2. Steve Steve

    I gonna draw this but apocalypse like.

  3. Marian Vasilache


  4. Rafayel Karapetyan

    You crazy🤣🤣

  5. Marian Vasilache


  6. اركان الفهد

    تحكي عربي

  7. Selim Çetindaş

    O bisikletten düşsen ne olcak

  8. Settar Qeniyev

    Robot penis?

  9. Flight Dude

    Absolutely smashing the limits of a 3D pen

  10. Samuel Tieman

    At first I was like, "Wow no ads? What luck!" And the I was like, "Oh I know why. Because I'm a moron that forgot how FIblock worked." Like 30 seconds later.

  11. Cristhian Solis

    Jajaja is the increibiboll xd

  12. مصطفى جاسم


  13. x

    Imagination at its best




    Sir please use the handgloves 😑

  16. Arafat Hossain

    Why?????? Cannibals

  17. Jhon Bayron Bravo Díaz

    not THE Q where did you sit

  18. I don't

    No foot

  19. Saleh ben Jenin

    You have made the sitting look so natural, excellent precision on this project💪

  20. Mohamed Amine Zaim


  21. Артём Артём

    интересно, сколько у вас людей крафтят? палевно что не главный герой делает)

  22. Captain Jack Sparrow

    ok but what's the point of this lmao

  23. borj villas

    i wont use this on my hand anymore

  24. Mohammad Bilal


  25. Gustavo William

    Stonks demais slk mano!!

  26. borj villas

    4:55 DAMN that car is lookin hella hot 🥵🔥 (no pun intended)

  27. Anass Rf

    4:29🤐 4:57🤐

  28. Soso. Lhi

    0:15 sale dislexique

  29. PopRainbows

    I just wanted to see the gameplay I didn't rlly plan on making this

  30. Дмитрий Форекс

    Переднее колесо стоит не правильно нужно зубья направить в другую сторону

  31. Flight Dude

    The cardboard guy had no idea who he was dealing with

  32. Theflex Flex

    Verry nice

  33. Aldo Tereza

    É muito lecau

  34. Gabriel

    4:12 at that moment I thought Bruno Mars music was going to start 😂

  35. Kevin O'Brien

    What about removing the tire rubber, then wrapping chain around the rim and welding it on?

  36. João Derzi

    3u achei muito cu

  37. Slimothy Soldier

    584 ppl disliked bc u flipped them off!


    Próximamente en un poco de todo xd

  39. Ron Mitchell


  40. Алексей Гладких

    А еслив падать с него

  41. Anthony Romano

    I swear officer I didn't see that pedestrian.

  42. Anthony Romano

    Keep the carbide side down.


    Messing up such a nice bike

  44. Francois Dupont

    for those libtards out there.


    "bro i have this lit idea for a yt vid"

  46. Jeepdogs Camping

    How much i want one 🤔🤔🤔

  47. Giu Gdfh

    Вот это топ!! 🤣👍

  48. Kalder

    I don't know why YT recommended this to me, this is like the worst paint job on a controller / console ever.....

  49. Richard Koehler

    You wouldn't want to fall off of that bike seat .

  50. James

    Have the same exact looking guitar with my Fender Squier. Only thing I'd change cosmetically is the pick guard to white. This was hard to watch.

  51. DJ Coman

    If you fall you ganna hoi your ball sack

  52. LaZyKrAzY

    God job!

  53. Xtream Gaming

    You have disk brakes right

  54. Ahmet Çali


  55. munesh saxena

    This idea was SpongeBob's patent😂😂

  56. Danielly Pantoja

    Muito incrível os seus videos

  57. no worries

    Imagine riding this cycle in Bermuda triangle.

  58. Sarah Amony

    جميل جدأ

    1. tesla- sport

      As-salamu alaykum

  59. Angel of Death


  60. ArdTheGamer

    Its an Icecle

  61. ༺ Lesslie nataly༻

    2:12 My mom told me if I saw that, I was going to stay ciega._.

  62. euller_FF_ gamer

    Aqui está o comentário brasileiro que vc procurava

  63. Devi Veerappan

    This toy will boom in market I'm sure about it. Big sale big profit 🤑

  64. Slimothy Soldier

    What is this video?!? 🖕

    1. Slimothy Soldier

      The emoji means nothing

  65. NILS Wenske


  66. Cheesy Man

    А поцык то из рашки

  67. Alex Schwietz

    how thick is the cardboard with holes?

  68. Xuka Chan

    Dm bó tay với phát minh này

  69. Cubicoid

    next up: how to make a monitor out of wood also include the pc that would be called the wooden set

  70. Tazerboy10

    "When you put rubber glove on plastic bottle and when you give squeeze; you get middle finger that say f--k you..."

  71. Cubicoid

    I like the part where he take all the keys out of the keyboard

  72. mikakami93

    I'll buy if there in store lol

  73. Sehrane Memmedova

    The end


    You are insane bro

  75. Samuel z1c4

    Em 2021 teremos carros voadores em 2021 kkkk

  76. Skip Van eldik

    And now ps5 😂

  77. Bilal Ucar

    Why didn't you make inventions but someone else does it?

  78. Феруза Сапарова


  79. Mrym l مريم

    Let me reach 100 subscribers before the new month People when see this comment:😡