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  1. Joseph Syquia

    That's heavy

  2. Somnath Roy

    Useless 👎

  3. Eduardo Espindola

    Haces puras mmds

  4. hansmaulwurf111

    He should wear a helmet

  5. bona azda

    new idea , he is the best ""Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured""

  6. I_am _Human

    nice content!

  7. Pembunuh Bayaran


  8. Arif Setyawan

    Give awan

  9. Manish Bharambe



    FUAAA la re pasencia xd

  11. :/:/

    The seat itself probably cost more if you just bought a playseat and a decent wheel

  12. not _black

    I need the name of the first music he's using ASAP

  13. Life Player

    Clear PS2... Wonderful! Legend Customization!

  14. parry

    If we seat on it it will break 😒😒😒😒

  15. vishu4216g

    you should add wheel in it +injuction in botton like jcb so it can go any where

  16. Vikram Sidda

    can i use it for pubg game ???????

  17. Sanghamitra Roy

    Hi,1st time here. You are amazing. Btw can u make a metal pipe cycle that runs by a motor? That would be really amazing..

  18. Mohamed Dagechi


  19. Jonathanvicenza

    What’s the point of doing this?

  20. killroy

    the truck co2 is too far infront which lifts its rear making it unstable.

  21. Eli S.

    hes into bikes just as much as im into cars :>

  22. Lenny Kihara

    You have been thinking like me

  23. Ed Ward

    Fuck Coca-cola

  24. Muhammad Yunus


  25. just random things I do

    The Simpsons predicted this man making the chair damn they are so accurate

  26. Hacksaw

    Nice edit

  27. Widodo


  28. crempid owo

    honestly seems like an entertaining project that i might have ta make sometime

  29. ABitchOnYT

    And then the next thing you know it, your homies come over to your house to not hang out, *BUT USE YOUR SODA MACHINE*


    Video start at 4:02

  31. Elver Galarga

    Box! Box!

  32. Sanju Sanju

    അങ്ങനെ 2×2 സൈക്കിളും കണ്ടുപിടിച്ച് കാലം പോന്ന പോക്കേ😉😉

  33. AYAN Khan

    So hard working bro like your video

  34. Weerasinghe Thilakarathna


  35. kiran bhiogade

    Wow very cool 👍👍👍

  36. Velocer98

    Legs need to be a pinch shorter but appreciate the effort

  37. Alessandro Erbi

    Man sell that to me please

  38. Jon B.

    Don't forget to check nuts and bolts every day!

  39. Dunya Ahiska tv


  40. JordanMc

    This is Michel Myers in disguise

  41. Mrinmoy baruah

    Wow great idea

  42. Sal S

    Hands down some of the best editing i've seen.

  43. Endy

    The only mouse you get splinters on when you drag click

  44. plumbyday

    I see greasy pants in the near future

  45. Casual Enough

    Making a Monowheel out of Wood | I thought this will be impossible but results were incredible. Watch this guys

  46. zull kimiee

    Dok sedak..xdok pintu

  47. jagadeesh kanna

    The question is. Is it same as pedaling the one wheel drive or is it easy?

  48. Malayah Pierce Jones

    but idk if you will fall

  49. Malayah Pierce Jones

    thats such a good thing to do

  50. David Stratton

    Awesome! It'll be super cool with PlayStation VR!!

  51. Burhmudah

    You didn't build the engine

  52. MUX WHLD

    How to get a tyre's f1 car?

  53. SPOOK

    alright everybody just egnore the chicken just poop

  54. Noiselab Project

    very ingenious indeed ...................... although those thumbsticks will have a big deadzone in the middle which will defo marr the experience

  55. YT_Koran

    GTA online moded cars be like

  56. june juy

    Send it to me

  57. Prasad Sakhare

    Waste of money and time, vehicle with all wheel drive are made so they won't get stuck in sand or cross any terrain. Where will bike get stuck

  58. YousSef AouZah

    Cars: pit stop Bikes: "petit" stop

  59. Erika Live

    I miss this video

  60. FRANCISCO Caballero

    Inecesariamente inecesario.

  61. Kamo Springel

    The Nike logo supposed to be on the outside not in

  62. Kamo Springel

    Not me having that led light app lmao

  63. Mahmoud Mohamed

    صلي على الحبيب المصطفى 💜

  64. rupe53

    power drilling, but no power screwing? Nice and proper use of other tools, then tin snips to cut rope?

  65. Joaco Avila

    that's when he asked me, what is the meaning of life?

  66. Gerald Pratama

    Please try using it on a street where a lot of people will see it or not?

  67. ABG 2.0

    I dont have the timer to do something this stupid

  68. Ely Soto Navarro

    Cuanto km tiene de velocidad

  69. Taurean Wooley

    The chair was made with a fail safe directly after the owner viewed it's failure from too many relaxed people around it.

  70. Mathis Bourcier

    the way you first attempted to remove that seatpost is utterly and completely illegal

    1. Mathis Bourcier

      so is that background music

  71. Timothy Freeze

    I mean thats cool and all but using your buttons will suck

  72. Spoder スポーダー

    its either it works or it impales his ass

  73. Alex Quispe Bruno

    no se ve seguro

  74. DC RyZeツ

    Wish I had 1

  75. Jaxon Lozano

    You should connect the two pieces of wood together that way it’s not uneven.

  76. Brian Reip

    what kind of welder is that?

  77. Coldblooded_99

    Man this dude is fantastic

  78. Coldblooded_99

    Man this dude is fantastic

  79. foster smith

    it be really cool if u could hide the chains inside the tubing

  80. why

    i can’t wait till he makes a working iron man suit out of nothing