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  1. Augusto Fernandez Rana

    alredy miss u legends

  2. Chris calli

    Truly pioneers of the music world. Daft Punk 1993-🫀

  3. Frame Rate

    *flashbacks of daft punk robot rock*

  4. Ali Osman

    R.I.P legends

  5. Fredy Castillo

    Gracias por su tremendo legado! por su excelencia! ... que triste. arround the wordl!

  6. Kaleb 9


  7. Konrad Niewiadomski

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  8. Caesar Corona

    So are they really going to end up there

  9. Dr. Flick

    "Make it better" Goddamn wrong, nobody else could match their level. 1993-2021

  10. F.B.I

    The end of legends❤

  11. quananh bui

    Why there are dislike

  12. Temmie


  13. Vile Runner

    We didnt deserve you, thank you for all the good times... Hope to listen to you, one more time...

  14. Ulises Machado

    Thanks for everything, I love you guys

  15. Pasharelu'

    No...... :(

  16. iamanoob99roux

    what does engineer gaming mean

  17. travis sizemore

    Daft punk yall are legends bye.

  18. Brent Merdian

    Thank you for the love you helped me see 😢 what legends. Thank you

  19. SleepyKoalabearDGY15

    Huh?! What does that mean?!?!

  20. Dobi_Coqui

    My go to song when I have a long drive or when I'm on a plane to my home back in Puerto Rico and blast it on high as the clouds clear and you can see the island shore from the airplane's window.

  21. Javier Ortiz

    Covid´s favorite song

  22. Nolan Brooks

    There work is over😞

  23. kastertalkie

    Wait, if Love is the answer don't go

  24. Joe

    Thanks for all of the music I have been a huge fan since I was a kid we will all miss you And remember you thanks for all Goodbye robots it’s sad to see you go

  25. terminator 2000

    Au revoir (i dont know if thats how you say goodbye in french)

  26. wintermute _

    Ya'll think they gona pull a surprise and do alive 2022? One can only hope



  28. Beats Kartel

    Will the Gold One continue the journey alone? ? 🤔

  29. 콘초

    Legends Never Die

  30. Greg

    Just one more time, please.

  31. Zumteifl

    What in the world is engineer gaming and why is everyone refering to it?

  32. Tea Eye

    I watched my roommate dance to this on top of a helicopter in the hanger bay of the Reagan.. Ps die commas and periods

  33. brendan mulqueen

    I love this song so much i took the effort to learn all the lyrics!

  34. Giri Waryanto

    i used to love listening to you legends when i was 5... thanks for everything u gave us i cant right now im crying it lasted 28 years... well not everything can last forever❤️❤️❤️ Goodbye guys❤️...

  35. rock pacino


  36. Zeev Sh

    Not fair, u should have released at least one more album (old school like) like you said after RAM :(

    1. Lance Smith

      True 💔💔😭😭

  37. Naru




  39. Leenah Audio


  40. Alessandro Cavenaghi

    Vocês jamais serão esquecidos, obrigado!

  41. My friend here justin Is cracked at fortnite my guy

    I will miss you so much 😢 but I guess it's the time

  42. Orkun Babacan

    When I was in elementary school, our English teacher gave us homework to write lyrics from a song. I just wrote Around the world, around the world x100.

    1. Orkun Babacan

      That was my best homework

  43. Speezy

    engine air gaming

  44. Haydon Clampitt

    omega funk

  45. MrSantaHat

    2:00 the moment you have been waiting for

  46. gabriel godoy

    Como que este tema no se llama ''Vamos Perú''?

  47. adrienneclark62511

    I love how frenzied and urgent this song is. It’s like we’re rushing to get somewhere, you can hear the song catch it’s breath at some points but it’s an adrenaline rush until the very end when it finally reaches its destination and just falls off gently without the drums. It’s almost like a sigh of relief.

  48. Jagannath Ugaz

    x: no puedes poner una frase por 7 minutos DP: around the world, around the world, around the world, around the world, around the world,


    You know I didn’t even know who they were until know.

  50. BionicFlower 6126

    When you realize a lot of meme songs are Daftpunk.😔

  51. ??????????????

    The future of music is WE RABBITZ they made a remix of this and it's better than the original

  52. juan andres cristancho cristancho

    No`ombre que tristeza que las cosas acaben así :(

  53. Jake Dragon2009

    This does bring a tear to my face... Maybe not one tear... but many.

  54. alt plus f4

    Our work is *never over*

  55. douma

    One more time plsssss :(

  56. SACHA200 Minecraft Fortnite

    I am very sad 😭😭😭

  57. Lonny Lorgueilleux

    Alors s'est la fin😪

  58. baylith katan

    I grew up with you. I'm sorry to see you end it. But you ended it on your terms, and changed the world, hopefully for the better. I still remember the first time I heard your music. One more time, just waiting in the car for my parents to come out of a store. Late at night, just looking at the stars.

  59. Michael Poellot

    My top 4 of daft punk songs 1: I feel it coming 2: Around the World 3: get lucky 4: Harder Better Faster Stronger

  60. Ioan Roberts

    Mad that this was half way between 1980 and now

  61. Das Kaiser

    one last time

  62. Mu chim Gho Ta ri


  63. 60kdepp

    Thank you Everything! You'll be missed.. you're a legend Can we Press f to pay respect?

    1. 60kdepp


  64. b e l l

    seriously? 😭🇲🇾

  65. Anastasia Nicolai

    Wtf i'm shocked

  66. Dextron005

    One more time i'm gonna celebrate... Very poor choice of words for this situation..

  67. 王宇凡

    So...am I the only one guy who heard “around the weirdo” ?

  68. Vege Karables

    This gotta be fake, cause like i mean if they really broke up, wouldnt they have shown their faces, so they will just make more music with the same style, music? Doesnt that still make them together.

  69. Androide Gamer

    Yo Solo Vine Por Los XD Viva Latinoamérica 😎

  70. MHTRIfreedom

    Thanks for everything :)

  71. Cristian Camilo Acosta Ortiz

  72. Biscuits

    0:54 make sus?

  73. Patata Chikita

    No me la contes

  74. Rickate

    Bueno a recordar será...

  75. Matroxx_15


  76. najt doudis

    thx for all guys :_(

  77. andreselvro 2021

    a bad news to start this year

    1. Lance Smith

      I agree it makes me sad 😢

  78. Prop Man

    The lyrics is so boring, but they still made it into a banger. We'll miss you guys

  79. Alberto Mejía

    please no more comments of:, daft Punk breack. Thanks :)

  80. Zsombor Blgh

    Sorry but I don't get it. What happened? I have never known these guys. please somebody tell me whats going on?

    1. Lucrativecris

      Daft Punk was a French electronic music duo that had hits like Get Lucky Around the world Robot Rock Da funk etc they just called it quits