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  1. Token

    Congratulations Meghan! Per Amazon books, "The Bench" is on the RISE again in America and Britain. British taxpayers have ZERO power over Meghan.

  2. Renee Williams

    The sad part is this they all have baby Daddy’s these women are sick talking about keeping up with the BS they all stole or slept with someone else men Kim K shut the fuck up talk about how Tristan Thompson already having another woman pregnant and your sisters Jump into that relationship it’s hard to keep up when you’re not gonna put out the real Narrative Will the real Slim Shady please stand up👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Zoila Josefina Carrero Colón

    Please andrei you MUST NEED TO SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH, ITS THE WORST, GO TO COLLEGE AND STUDY ENGLISH.🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Tia H

    Her response to ET about the episode tells me she fucked up big time.

  5. Yaritza Miranda

    So is everyone's with an internet connection it seems buddy lol

  6. Little Sorean’s Pizza ✓

    Wally west to where’s Waldo wtf

  7. Jennifer Lunceford

    Good for Kourtney. It's clear her family is toxic and be hating on her. She out here living her best life and I'm here for it

  8. V Dominguez-Guadarrama

    Lol he wants to be the warrens so baddd

  9. Krystal Sedillo

    I think Kim is right in regards to Tristan. There is a child involved. Jordyn should never be allowed to be around them. That’s just consequences.

  10. Kellee Williams


  11. Destra Wilson

    I honestly thinks Kylie wants to rekindle her friendship, but because of the situation and her putting family first, it won’t ever happen

  12. Sindhu Nookala

    He is a kind of guy who will always be cheating and it won't matter to him how someone would feel. Who knows he must be hooking up with someone while Khloe is giving interview here.

  13. Surfview Gardens

    Senator Frank Church in the 70's, in a congressional hearing, showed an ice gun (like that which was referenced in the movie THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, starring Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway). If the three-letter alphabet gang working on behalf of their puppet masters want to take someone out and have the autopsy call it a drug overdose, all they have to do is add a very strong drug to the water in the ice gun. Because it leaves no entry or exit wounds and if they shoot it at the correct angle, the melting drug contents remain in the body, enough to do their damage and to get the desired coroner's cause of death determination.

  14. Dianne Hill


  15. cyc7lops

    Father's Day isn't for husbands. What did she get her own father???

  16. Fridah Zoschke

    Beautiful Meg......beautiful inside out

  17. Axel Foley

    Fukin Fredo, at it again.

  18. kelly carter

    Khloe ain't shit n since everybody seems to be afraid to say it... sitting there playing a victim... Jordyn life is going great..

  19. cyc7lops

    And soon they'll be reporting on the divorce, and how Meghan Markle took Harry to the cleaners, dragged him through the mud on all of his "abuse," and got full custody of the kids and a boat-load of money...

  20. Dianne Hill


  21. Destra Wilson

    How is Jordyn suppose to apologize when y’all kicked her out like a dog, blocked her on everything and ill treated her during the process. Yes, a mistake happened but y’all didn’t give jordyn the time to explain herself as she should. Now that things are calm you have no ill feelings toward her?? Lol

  22. Maureen Ingleston

    It boggles my mind that someone can write such a pile of sh*t........and make it into a book, the woman's a lunatic.

  23. Kirstin Hood

    Man I'm honestly excited to see the plastic surgery catching up with these catfishes

  24. GlitterBritney

    She only brought up Lauren because of the hate she used to get from her fans , She was just saying how random people still bash her years later about her body and anything she does. It wasn’t even shade 😒

  25. Diamond Mioni

    What the Efffffff.... dud Jordyn to Klhoe... or what did her serial cheating BD do them both??? Bitter veer bitch. Still blaming the girl on the receiving end of a surprise kiss. 💋 Tristan initiated and Jordyn tried to deminsh to spare Kloe delusional ass.

  26. Maria Valore

    What about her father? Hypocrite

  27. kitty boo

    Just leave the girl alone she living her best life

  28. Christina Baird

    lol Kim was not having the nice girl attitude.. she was like let me say what u guys are not saying....

  29. Dianne Hill


  30. deana -j

    How Jordan to say sorry wen she is not d one that tell Kyle sister man to kiss r

  31. Jasonups5

    He wasn’t even alive when this show was on 😂🤣

  32. F Ff

    I love black meat on the side aswell. But white keeps me lean and healthy.

  33. sabah firdous

    I finally understand why the hurt from Jordyn was greater than Tristan.

  34. Snapdax

    my god, she's was so beautiful girl before, i hope "he's" will be happy like he pretend to be, but i have a doubt, more and more persons "discover" they was a boy or opposite since few year of since for ever and want to make transitions, spacelly the stars it's curious, it's pretty strange, like a emerging disturbing problem of our time, 2020 will be the begenning of "Identity Age" ?? i'm not hostile of the persons who want doing transitions, if they want do it this ok go head (without the propanganda if it's possible) but in few years maybe 10 years (I'm exaggerating of course maybe 20 years) normal people like me will become minority don't you think ?? like "you born has a boy and you really are a boy ? you never thought you're are myabe a girl ? or non-binaire ? you're weird bro !!" lol so now, how "he" can play "Vanya's role" ??

  35. Mike Anderson

    They are all a pos

  36. Rory McEckron

    We all know that Kim holds grudges even when it has nothing to do with her. Remember what she did to Taylor I feel like Kylie can't be friends with her anymore because she is always with her family and they wouldn't want Jordyn around

  37. AI Sofia

    Khloe is so stupid for being together with Trinston again and why should JD apologize to Khloe lol

  38. Iyana Johnson

    Jordyn already cleared up what did and didn't happen. And Kylie got some nerve cus wasn't you the same one that started going w tyga WHILE UNDER AGE, knowing Kim and Chyna was friends. And Jordyn didn't do nothing to your family, Tristan is the one that keep stepping on your sisters heart but yall, without a second thought welcome him back with open arms everytime. 🤔

  39. M J

    You can tell when they speak one thing but think another. Smh


      You took the words out my mouth, they are so Fake!!

  40. Brittny Lacroix

    I hate them

  41. Sᴜsʜɪ sɴᴀᴄᴋ

    So honestly, when Mila and Emma were younger.. we’re they actually smart? Or did THEY’RE parents and sister tell them what to say? I have a 3 year old brother and he doesn’t even know what a iPhone is.

  42. Abhirami Velu

    She has replaced Kim and Khloe

  43. Singi Shameless


  44. diamonddoll1008

    They tried to bully Jordyn and it failed. They are mad that people called them out on their BS.

  45. Channa Taylor

    How’s the baby supposed to mend the family together when the issue is still race!?! How? 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  46. Ana Bolivar

    Honestly she was a family bestfriend ...... whom all of them shared many years with her not just Kylie. I honestly would feel very betrayed and hurt and wouldn’t want you back in my life. I am positive Jordan already knew how Tristan was and yet she allowed herself to be put in that situation with him . Also, If it was some random female ? Goodluck to you Boo, you’re irrelevant. However, yes I’d still work on my relationship for the sake of my child but girl once that man cheated just once I’d be like deuces we can be great co-parents/besties whatever but never again together.

  47. Susan Mumper

    Sounds crazy shady.

  48. MsAquariusoul

    It really kills me how all of them except Kourtney have got with someone else man/did another female dirty but expect an apology and empathy for the Jordan/Khloe and Tristan situation girl bye Jordan is doing just fine and Tristan still is and always will be a cheater

  49. Expat Lifestyle

    There was nothing to be forgiven for , Jordyn did nothing wrong. There is nothing for Jordyn to apologize. She should focus on Tristan who is serial cheater. I hate this asf! Meanwhile Kyle is getting all types of procedures to look more like Jordyn. Talk about being insecure

    1. Someone with a name Pink

      Are you a moron?! Imagine your family friend kissing and grinding and then when you want the truth, your family friend denies it and the backtracks and then makes an appearance on a show with more lies! And she never apologises for breaking your trust!

  50. Potato

    “She did something to my family” what did she do??? HE kissed HER. Jeez.

    1. Beth 1220

      SHE let HIM kissed HER

  51. sweetgrace bernal

    We love you klhoe

  52. Nancy Cali

    What about black Chyna? Lol

  53. bbygrlpt2

    Girl needs to lose some weight and wth happened to her front teeth😳

  54. Ursula Lawrence

    Just get married and see how long it will last...

  55. tyler manter

    I can’t stand this guy he is an idiot i I want Elizabeth now

  56. Airgold Music

    I am sure Jordyn doesn't care about Khloe's forgiveness! How do you hold on to a cheating baby daddy/boyfriend and then keep trash talking Jordyn? At this point they should just leave her alone!!!!!

  57. Keiera Womack

    I second nothing of them other girl said sorry at the end of the its your man job to respect you. And only things can be allow are the one you choose to and the thing he do.. Once a cheater always a cheated money fame means nothing people don't change they get smarter at what they do..!! And didnt she take him from his first baby mama jordan. How ironic what goes around comes around. Period.. But i hope she loves herself enough to not allow her self to be treated like that Not like she needs his money.. He can still be a dad.. But dont let trying to be a family stop your happiness.. Bern there done that...!!

  58. Mary Reinsmith

    Mcds use to taste WAAAYYY better

  59. Maya KG Dhakal

    How not beautiful Khloe looks!

  60. Marie ghislaine Seldon

    This woman is full of shit.... ....Jesus you can't be more fake

  61. Ruby Marlene

    It’s very clear that Kim is still angry at Jordyn.

  62. Theresa Robinson

    Lol I have a lisp. It's not that deep.

  63. Roc

    Ew. I can't imagine how traumatizing it was for Jordyn who was a young girl intoxicated and preyed upon by her bestfriends sister's bf and getting blamed for all of it. 🤣 Khloe no matter how hard you try, you look like the idiot. Idk what female is like Oh... maybe I'll have a baby with this guy who just got another woman pregnant. And you want us to believe your the victim. LMAO. Money doesn't buy smarts.

    1. Roc

      And further more... Khloe needs a New therapist! We are sick of hearing Jordyn's name come out of the mouths of scandal city.

  64. Elizabeth ole Nnana Kalu

    This Jordyn storyline thing has gone on for years, Jordyn has moved on and they are still talking about it. I'm not excusing what Jordyn did but she was extremely sorry. But Khloe and her sisters were mean and wanted to end her career. What Kim said in the reunion is that the reason why they didn't have the same energy for Tristan is that he has a daughter with Khloe. At the end of the day, Khloe has decided to stay with him knowing his cheating antics. Jordyn has moved on but Khloe is still talking about it pls let's move on.

  65. Nini Prom

    Khloe always having excuses for cheating Tristan 🤦🏽‍♀️. Khloe’s friend’s boyfriend/men were not off limits no loyalty 💅🏽

  66. Naaayyc Xo

    Jordyn could give two f about these girls and I am so proud of her for not letting these bullies win over her. Kylie is a fool she looks like a fools acts like one speaks like on and she truly knows she is one that’s why she cares so much about what people think

  67. CarlaDNews4U

    Kylie looks old as hell omg she is aging like a damn banana!

    1. MsAquariusoul

      I was just thinking the same thing All that plastic have aged her

  68. Ann Montoya

    Molly does not understand she does not have to act like a fat white desperate girl she only picks on black men flaunting her company and money she's digging through the trash why don't you learn to love yourself maybe if you're lucky your daughters will have a role model and turn out to be decent women if not they're going to turn out exactly like you.

  69. Kaylee Brown

    So it seems to me that Kylie just doesn’t want to be friends with Jordyn anymore and it could have nothing to do with the Tristan situation at all. Maybe they’ve just truly grown apart and it happens all the time with best friends. I think Kylie and Jordyn would have reconciled by now if that wasn’t the case.

  70. Rat Mcgee

    She’s just racist bitch

  71. BAD SEED

    I actually do not think its Jordans fault at all. The common denominator in this is Tristan. Tristan being a celebrity athlete knows exactly what he is doing to flirt and seduce young women. Kim really needs to STFU, because in reality she is a home wrecker to Sahna Moakler and Amber Rose.

    1. Sekai ii

      And is she keeping the same energy with black Chyna? She has a full Kardashian baby. Double standards... Kim should really stfu as you say

    2. Kath Lo

      Oh so if my friend’s boyfriend kisses me and I kiss back, it isn’t my fault? You guys are favoring this girl too much. She def has a fault in this as well

  72. Nyambura Njogu

    Why would you ruin the opportunity of being Kylie's bestfriend 😭

    1. Nyambura Njogu

      @C Nope I get your point 👏

    2. C Nope

      Don't think it's an opportunity. I have read from ex friends that. To be accepted u understand u r supporting cast. U tow thier line and they can do things to u that u can't do to them like take ur man. That's not ideal in friendship to me. I see no blessings unless I really only care about the check. If I want to be ur friend this sucks

  73. Nichole Sloan

    She doesn’t talk to Jordyn but she talks to Tristan when he cheated more than once. If you do things like this you are participating in misogyny.

    1. Francesca Deyo

      They share a child she has no choice whether or not to talk to him, Jordyn however, was KYLIE'S friend not Khloe's

    2. Nina Marise

      Why should she have to talk to Joryan? Tristan is her CHILD'S father. You can't compare


    When did Snake Eyes turn into an Asian man from a disfigured blonde white guy?