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Cold Ones is a Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Anything4Views and co-hosted by Maxmoefoe.

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  1. Jack Chapman

    Yes we are man drinks kApache for breakfast and old j for lunch lol big Blackpool piss head lol

  2. avoidpurge

    max throws up like he's a toddler spitting out his food, he doesnt care

  3. Matt Harper

    You need to try Malort, it's a Chicago classic

  4. Cheezygordito

    Bruh how am I just now seeing this for the first time. 2 hilarious Australians drinking hella alcohol, I should have to pay money to see this

  5. Truse Official

    This is gold

  6. Sav

    wait is that max lmao

  7. sahalanimation

    chad : AHH THERE'S A FIRE!!! max : 😃film it yuri

  8. Logan is here watching Your video right now

    Max here: *$1400 AUD!?!?* Max now, spending $5,000 AUD on a king Bach animation: *ONLY A SPOONFUL CHAD*

  9. Sam Cooper

    why is toemad in the corner

  10. Lee Jay

    @shoenice give the man his props if you mention him 🤣

  11. Scott Free

    I guess you don't have everclear or Bacardi 151

  12. Daniel Arredondo

    10:59 *australian mating noises*

  13. Fredrick placht

    drinking paraphernalia

  14. MNINR

    Only German product on the show and it's the only one that works, German engineering babyyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. the begining technichian

    Why is pyro geting gay

  16. PROTO. Gaming


  17. Bread Milk

    Those outfits and the chef music took me way back. I miss the old gang

  18. Rebecca R

    Makeee more of these plss

  19. James Creations

    Chads an absolute chad

  20. Wiktor

    95% alcohol is avalible in almost every shop in Poland

  21. Izuna Wolf

    " it's fine, we are animals " ded

  22. Neon Black

    I would answer

  23. Booii

    "Buy my art on patreon.. it's cost $5" bruh what😂

  24. NeedSolsa HD

    Yo y’all should buy it without the ad preview and then watch the ad after lol

  25. Ilmari

    I lost it on the bear form sound effect. You bastards

  26. simplydoz

    You can take shutty Smirnoff and filter it using a charcoal water filter. Most of the flavors are from oils and other crap in the water. So if you filter it, it doesnt really change the alcohol part, but it does make it taste WAY better.

  27. Blood Ghost


  28. Yoda Minch

    Chug a jug of bad moonshine and make a donation found for eye surgery next👍🏻😃👍🏻

  29. Ryuko T-72

    Its been so long since I've seen videos like this...


    Max was ready for that watermelon to splode

  31. Bryne Uno

    The Silent Bob who drinks

  32. Tori Barnes

    they actually drank so much holy fuck

  33. Tori Barnes

    Can anyone explain why they have a gemini sign

  34. DaytimeSpecial

    Lushsux is a hack. Putting all these dumb memes and pictures of american bs everywhere. Lame af

  35. Alzidan Ambadar

    They should try oolong tea

  36. wwk I am

    2:02 haircake momento

  37. William Winn

    a brain is missing.

  38. Maca

    I used to watch OnlyJoeyD

  39. Eric Gonzalez

    I’m here for my favorite part 4:22-4:27

  40. Maca

    The tap dancing elmo omds, Your editor needs a raise for that

  41. Jerome Jerry Jay

    Hey do you guys do commissions? I was wondering how much you would charge to say one word on one of our songs. And by one word I mean "one word".

  42. Josh Rayne

    They’re coming after me *Scoooobyyyyy*

  43. Dalia Hurtado

    seven months in covid

  44. enigma amgine

    Sheesh that hangover must've been hell

  45. Paul Cholewa

    16:29 “Did Chris Watts invent this product or something?”

  46. Josh


  47. Ace'O'Spades

    the cup is a bit sus though

  48. Robert Hicks

    i would answer mate

  49. WaddaGun

    S H O V E I T U P M Y A S S

  50. ginnie

    I love how most of the comments are just people thirsting over Pyro

  51. William

    Test acid next

  52. SirInconsistent

    1:02:25 He lost a braincell at that moment RIP.

  53. niduoe stre

    “Drink responsibly” Anyways let’s spray paint indoors with no respirators or eye protection

  54. Sata

    let me on the show

  55. markipooLIVE


  56. Jordan Newsom

    I MAY (or may not, can neither confirm nor deny) be a smidge not low rn but.. Did Chad’s beard and hair not get longer as they got to the higher proof booze and got drunker as the shots started to catch up with them..?? I literally swear to God it did!!

  57. B Kain

    Need to send these guys a bottle of Gem Clear from the states. It's pure grain alcohol 190 proof, it's basically jet fuel.

  58. TeddyMainG


  59. Healthy Cloth

    Hey guys,we are trying the world’s strongest alcohol.Also it’s homemade

  60. BJay Laura Croft

    By Oliver Age 24

    1. niduoe stre


  61. Tennyson Roberts

    Lol my family owned most of the lands of Scotland and where kings and lords

  62. Alex Agustin

    Chad is immune to physical damage and Max is immune to poison.

  63. William Zimmerman

    This video made it feel like something was in my eye.

  64. Zaim Ipek

    I like that you use proper, Australian microphones.

  65. Thumz420

    2:08 LMAO the noooo

  66. Cory Berends

    If I was Sean Evans I would slap the unoriginal trash out of both of you

    1. Cory Berends

      @2001 Honda Civic HUH?

    2. 2001 Honda Civic


  67. Alex Agustin

    I miss when it was edited like this

  68. spook show

    You better quit before you get cirrhosis of the liver. This shit will catch up on you.

  69. Schurtz Fielder

    I pop this on as so I'm not drinking alone.

  70. gotskils udont

    im confused because the idea of the video is good but watching 2 grown man acting stupid dosent do it for me :P

  71. Jaz Nuyle

    what kind of jumper does yuri have?? i must know

  72. Kult_Snxps

    Fun fact: Max’s name is deez

  73. Jehu Medina

    Please play drunk games lmao

  74. M4rvelous 23

    11:31 you’ve looked like a blimp for the past 6 years

  75. Jhayzer Jhon Tanglao

    that shit bussinnn!

  76. Chico Meow.

    Deez 🥜🥜 ... Read more

  77. Chantek the Rangy Tang

    Cutlery 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎