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  1. kayk wick

    Where is my security 🤔😕👀?????????????????????I will not be able to speak because money is on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. ObgVEVO

    Biden's reach stretches far i guess 🤔

  3. Maty in Thailand

    So sad to see this, I love Thailand and hope everyone live in peace

  4. CorruptedError#

    2018 - MS 13 2019-2021- Covid 19

  5. Bugsy

    One for the boys

  6. Jen Beage


  7. Raymond Foster

    If ar-15s and walls are good enough to protect joe then they are good enough to protect my family.

  8. lucarioshows

    I swear this comment section is just absolutely plagued with brain rot

  9. coolwater55

    Trump did not write that note about Prince Philip, but it was good anyway.

  10. coolwater55

    Harry and Meghan wrote one tiny line that was cold and impersonal. Sorry, they did not pay tribute.

  11. graced one

    Prince Philip was a member of "the Greatest Generation". He did not have an easy life. In fact from the very beginning he and his family led a precarious existence. I admire his attention to duty and his humour.I am grateful to God that He allowed the couple to be together over the past year. Waht a gracious and precious gift! Plese pray for Queen Elizabeth and her family.

  12. Sikandar Ali

    Islamic people don't drive suicide vehicles? wtf... If your talking about terrorists... they not Muslims... smh.

  13. Vanessa Wade

    May he rest in peace,this day is my late husband's birthday,may the angels hold the queen and family ,and comfort them threw this lose🙏🙏🙏

  14. Jason Douglas

    Sure dudes in Britain can learn A lOT from BLm rioters and Antifa thugs in the States!

  15. Teresa Peet

    Charles is so genuine with his feelings, no hollwood-type 'acting' detected. 😪

  16. Gordon Bradley

    Once a Tory Forever a crook !

  17. RK

    Huzzah! Another dead racist elitist

  18. See my playlists

  19. See my playlists

  20. No Name


  21. Liam Roy

    Looking more and more like that preist from peaky blinders

  22. Thisaru Sithara Hemachandra

    He took on a mammoth task for the sake of his loved one and soldiered through it like the one he is! I have huge respect for this man. Rest in peace your royal highness!

  23. Alex Bowman

    Whenever I see a British artillery gun firing blanks I can’t help thinking of the many Indians the Raj soldiers had tied to the front of cannons to blow them apart.

  24. KingDevin

    RIP king

  25. Sam Mwangi

    Watching from Kenya... It's Saddening.. African leaders what do something about it....

  26. Gared Alkon

    Evil man

  27. Ghastify


  28. Gared Alkon

    That’s madness I really don’t understand the plan of this ! I’m not taking vaccine!!!!!!! That’s absolutely nonsense

  29. Abdisamed Mire

    Ok when did they reach masambique im muslim but this gone far we have act imediatly

  30. Benji cotto

  31. YPeezy

    Did they eventually get help?

  32. Situ Rajbongshi

    Erdogen had want her to sit on his lap

  33. John Thomson

    Did boris just get out of bed, so untidy

  34. yengkhom jollison

    work of allah

  35. enjoy youtube

    Seems like corruption how these same people pretend to be law givers whilst breaking the same laws they make to make people poor and live of food banks in court for not paying fines whilst they corrupt people get rich and do favours for friends

  36. Andrea Zabinki


  37. A Merry Kin

    Gaslighting has become the norm for MSM.

  38. Roy Bhaj

    UN seems to be part of ISIS Sure they coming money first

  39. Rs232 Rj11

    ISIS took like 4 months to come back after Joe Biden took office.

  40. Jordan

    I’m sorry, can someone explain what’s wrong about this? David didn’t get what he was asking for?

  41. Scott Deaton

    No disrespect intended, but Charles and Biden looks slightly like they are evolving to be each others doppelganger.

  42. rifaan hamza

    This is drama by the multinational companies. Northern Mozambique Is filled with rubies, natural gas,oils..etc. So the companies want the civilians to Leave that area,so they hire mercenaries to do this .this what is happening every where. So called isis is a western concept .conspiracy are Happening everywhere wherever there is wealth

  43. Julio Defreitas

    Rip prince Phillip.

  44. PartTimeTourist

    I wonder if the Vax got him?

  45. Emile Sorenson

    My condolences to him it was a lovely ceremony have a lovely funeral ❤️❤️❤️

  46. pynaetlb or else

    Germany wants them, send them there.

  47. Mr Graft

    Why does he look like Alan Partridge here?