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  1. m4rkin d3vil 发


  2. Brian Watson

    He went #1 yessir 🐐🐐🐐

  3. Abdullah Khan


  4. Rosalind Hearst

    Yes sirrr

  5. J Amaya

    You wint hard Yo dam😎😎😎😎🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. J Amaya

    Daddy 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😏😏😏😏

  7. Keon Sprow


  8. Masood AbdulWahid

    anxiety killing me i just what to leave earth he is singing my life RN

  9. Lëåk Çåpåløt

    Polo g don't miss💯💪🏿🙏🏾

  10. 48Fresh

    shut the fuck- i mean please dont talk is the best thing ever <3

  11. Teddy Campbell

    Dababby:rockstar Drake:popstar Polo G:rapstar

  12. Not. Isaías


  13. ツTrickz

    In Chicago On the south and west side you got to protect your life from so much stuff from deaths and other stuff and just because you was raised right doesn’t mean you got to be a gangster smoking ain’t good for you either I’m just saying don’t be a gangster if you was raised right

  14. Eddy Magaña


  15. Stop motion Master

    I like this song but I feel like all rap is these days Is bragging about what they have

  16. Darrell Roach1990

    This is fire

  17. Maleek Arrington

    1:07 I was right by polo

  18. Darrell Roach1990


  19. Serg Rodriguez

    The goat fo sure

  20. Nashaun Jones

    I have come to a conclusion Polo G just doesn't have a bad song

  21. Nashaun Jones

    I have come to a conclusion Polo G just doesn't have a bad song

  22. hope vasquez .

    this song hits when you lost someone

  23. Katelynn Ford

    His son is so freaking cute🥰

  24. HZRD_invis 69

    The goat still #1

  25. Jason Marin

    Man polo thanks for the music im a kid from Chicago and i look up to you so much im trying to be a professional football player and I get hate for it but ypur music helps me keep my head in the right state of mind and you give me confidence if you can I can thanks polo g keep up the records


    Best rapper ever

  27. Fardowsa Ali


  28. Michael Halliwell

    White tees turn to burgundy tshirts and they say im pac rebirth are my favorite parts

  29. Bombardier The Forth


  30. Roman Pico

    Pol g to be the goat

  31. vaehfromda 315

    Idc he die I’m catching a case😒 I love this dude

  32. Bluff Zzz


  33. Richard Perry

    Man i can relate to most of the shii you be sayin you the best out man

  34. vaehfromda 315

    Siri said the #1 song is rapstar #HOF ‼️🙌🏾🖤🦅

  35. RiceClanYT

    i love this song

  36. Dextor

    The vid is called 21 and it has 21 views lol

  37. Dextor

    The song name is 21 and it has 22 mill views lol

  38. Karson Smidt

    I love your music

  39. bubba da beast

    If I can delete one thing in this world it would be TIKTOK for ruining this masterpiece

  40. Gustavo Gallo


  41. Fudge Fantasy

    Polo beat that nigga in chess in 3 moves.

    1. MillionRedz

      Fr lol

  42. SheLuv_Vibes

    Polo, they probably like, ayeee, Lil Tjay in da back he gave a bmw to Tjay, nah its Scorey

    1. MillionRedz

      Scorey literally looks like polo and tjay its insane

  43. Josh’s World


    1. carter bxtch


  44. Mariha Khan

    You hurt that old man lol 😂 I ol

  45. KING_ JAG

    0:49 was form humble

    1. carter bxtch


  46. CGSmithy

    I used this for my fortnite montge

    1. carter bxtch


  47. Thompie09

    This is the only song that makes me sad when it ends

  48. Bombardier The Forth

    Your going to sleep rich tomorrow 💰💙

  49. salma hassan

    These the type of videos we need. No Guns, No Drugs, I fw Polo G because he know how to vibe.

    1. carter bxtch


  50. Jaden Anthony

    Polo rlly said, " OHHHH SH*T. . . A RAT! ITS A MFING RAT!"

  51. Nils Schwingboth

    it was a intesene chess match

    1. carter bxtch


  52. Haiti Baby Jenn

    “ stfu i mean please don’t talk “ ‼️‼️‼️

    1. carter bxtch


  53. VIDunkdoez

    Polo g aka the 🐐

    1. carter bxtch


  54. 刁Pulse_EZClapzシ

    Listened to this cause my friend listens to it every god damn time. Is bussin tho

    1. carter bxtch


  55. Perkaholic

    Before 50m view check?

    1. carter bxtch



    Hey siri why polo g is goat Siri - go ask him

    1. carter bxtch


  57. the weekday

    Get it to 50M

  58. Kieran 02

    who is the number 1. rapper of the world🔥🔥🐐

  59. Orlin Rodriguez

    Polo is the goat no one can tell me he isn't he only drops bangers

  60. m k

    🐐 🐐

  61. Daniel Jones

    R.i.p my bff RICO

  62. TL Beats

    0:11 my dream cars🤑

  63. Noah Plaayzz


  64. mini nozy YT

    G O A T


    let go

  66. Wilbur Juice

    easily the best song of 2021 🔥

  67. Tracy Lenova

    I literally pray everyday for all the ones going out there to get thru this.its been hitting my heart bad.I cry listening to these songs because imagine how y'all going thru it pain y'all feel.this was not gods plan for you ."their plan"not gods.makes me so angry.but hurts just as bad.there's got to be a way to change this.ipray for the families to.BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  68. Kingdjcrazy

    Did y’all see ddg

  69. Kingdjcrazy

    Let’s goo this song is so good

  70. Meme Universe


  71. josh chaisson

    reast and peace juice bro

  72. Jst_Tigi

    the best song of 2021 "Rapstar"

    1. Alexander Notebook


  73. Larry Yun

    yall stupid bastards polo has the best album of the year

  74. Dj Dye

    Polo need to play it safe. Don’t do no stupid shit that will get you killed.

    1. Alexander Notebook

      he doesn't talk like other rappers that are on drugs or shit just watch him talk in his bts he sounds so clean!!!

  75. Robert Moody

    Man polo g just hits different best in the world

  76. A1

    gang gang

  77. Topiltzin Cantu

    More like wiz Khalifa reborn

  78. necro

    background should be a comedy series and music the intro

  79. Davion Crews

    The beat 🔥 the lyrics 🔥 got me in my feelings ✅ the transitions go too hard. This a damn masterpiece!

  80. Jeremy O'neal

    One more million then 50 mil