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  1. E

    Flip the table

  2. Tylor Hamman

    Don’t both wires just spin opposite directions making it look like they are moving but just stupid in tact?

  3. ImABonker

    Chris: just blow it Me: *plays golf until the red piece goes away*

  4. ꧁༺༻꧂

    Grafity defying? Its just the pressure building up from blowing thats stronger then the grafity pulling it down

  5. Z'z mom Channel


  6. smak myass

    Use a vacuum cleaner


    А перевернуть никак?

  8. Taven Carey

    literally a vuse pod

  9. Lil money

    I think I did everything right but I’m still lost and now I think his an alien

  10. Lies and Deceit

    “You can’t touch the brown cylinder.” *proceeds to touch brown cylinder*

  11. Galileo Chiu

    Basic physics, but still cool

  12. Utubeisrunbyfags Utubeisrunbyfags

    I’m getting those

  13. Jack Smith

    Trust me when I say if I want them apart it'll happen reguardless of the trick physical strength over mental strength all day every day I'm 6'1 350+lbs I'll grip tf outta them ends and pull like hell and trust me when I say I got them apart I fr did it this guy just lets the wire flow threw his fingers the second you actually get a good grip there coming apart

  14. Scarlett Foster

    Me getting acrylic nails to do this trick I'm technically not touching the brown cylinder my nail is

  15. Taylor Xoxo ✔

    I love how this is so detailed and realistic and then the remote looks like something from the 80's and is bigger then my PC 🤣😆

  16. Superior 2


  17. PreHeatTheOvenTo350

    That would piss me off lmao

  18. TheRealQuiv

    The air particles that came out from your mouth touched the brown cylinder so u still touched it >:)

  19. Roira-Anti✔️

    I am sure I will break it apart since I can just karate chop it

  20. Memes react Memes


  21. Marc Angelo

    That's creepy...

  22. TheVR_gy

    Something similar to me when I blow on something and something “comes” out

  23. Z M

    Where can I buy this?!?!🤩

  24. Big Man

    Wow. I look good

  25. pvz fanboy 8659

    Just push it over

  26. Izushi

    This is so ez

  27. Regina Napitupulu

    Is that gojo's seal?

  28. Aniya Max

    Have u tried pushing it?

  29. RJ CAMUS

    I am the watching the space my whole life, you can't trick me!!

  30. Kyle Gray

    The auspicious delivery ultrascructurally decorate because rake histopathologically travel over a dependent click. absorbed, eight gliding

  31. Kodolu

    It's an eye-pad

  32. Urbancorax2


  33. nicoelprossj73

    Que miedo

  34. Unniregular_guy

    Well yeah... You're just blowing air underneath the cylinder, therefore pumping it out of the brown thing

  35. Alex Cozma

    At 02:00 when you put the puzzle on the table there is a short cloud animation and a sound effect. Where can I get something like that? Is there a site where I could buy effects like that for Sony Vegas?

  36. tsai judy


  37. sinner 13 Halloween fiend

    That shit is sick that's kool as hell 😈😈😈😈🤘🤘🤘🤘

  38. meme boy

    I want one

  39. ป๊ะป๋า เรน

    It's like Master Kojo.

  40. bearYT 2

    Fuck you I got heart attac

  41. A N I M E D R E A M S

    Chris: "There's only one way to get it out of there." All the nail techs out there: "Watch me."

  42. Rainbow Sunshine

    Can't you just put you finger on the red and tip it over then push it out for the other side ?

  43. Zyxvth

    I have no mouth and i must scream

  44. Richelle Harrilal

    When I saw the eye I said oh HEEEELLLL NAWWWWW

  45. Douglas Bull

    Id dip that in slime then throw it at my Brothers face its so gross

  46. James Ramirez

    Chris: Theres only one way Me & my extremely long nails: No

  47. Daddy's Boy

    Is that Donald trump

  48. Piotrek X5


  49. PreHeatTheOvenTo350


  50. Grim Reaper

    So human in hell what is your wisdom "I want to become a dice" Ehh what?!?! 2 days later: Oh lord...

  51. Blooper Dooper

    My new sleep paralysis demon :D!!

  52. Aphidgamer 246

    I’m glad we’re all thinking what I’m thinking

  53. Pranshu Aggarwal

    Plot for a movie where aliens defeat hoomans and make die out of prisoners

  54. Icy Jay777


  55. Art shop


  56. yoyo _wasup


  57. Anthony Arellano

    This fucking creepy human cube gave me nightmares

  58. Mad Dog MB

    Me using something call momentum and dry fingers

  59. William Van

    I'm... not ok with this

  60. Chris PM


  61. PhoenixCrimson

    There are, 2 WAYS! What stops me from tipping it over? I dont have to touch the brown wooden casing to knock it over. Ez

  62. James

    Wtf how😧


    If you don't get the angle right you will probably die

  64. Whiss

    Or you can slap the red piece and make it fall to the sound and get out thats 2 ways maybe there more that we havent thought about yet

  65. Crash Gaming

    I want this for free ..

  66. Daniel Forbes

    0h my g0d h3 cr34t3d ch0cl4t3 0ut 0f n0th1n9 😱😱😱

  67. The quiet kid

    Just stab it with something so the somethig gets stuck in it then take it out...

  68. VIVIT-R


  69. Aji Rahmi


  70. Anthony Parry

    That's just a Qanoner that succumbed to the vaccine.

  71. Sai

    Why was this created... Honestly, why?! *;_;*

  72. Daulton Tawney

    Spiderman: "Bitch please"

  73. Estevan Ariel Scalsavra Ferreyra

    I bet I would be able to separate the pieces

  74. Kevin Totte

    Holy fucking remotes! That thing is massive. You know smth is built to last of the actual remote is bigger than the thing it controls.

  75. Crash Gaming

    Where can we buy it from ?!

  76. Aleksandr Kulizhnikov

    Фу бл***

  77. Golden obsidian playz

    Just fill it with water-

  78. Tundradog2000

    Open the eye and touch it

  79. Anthony McDermott

    I think I get why it does that look in the comments of this comment to see

    1. Anthony McDermott

      I think the air blew threw the sides of the cylinder and the air pressed up under the cylinder cuz of the pressure and the air not having enough room for all the air so idk if this is true or not