The Skateboarder's Bible

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  1. Pierre Bonnafé

    Fucking loved it

  2. The Victoria’s

    was that hyun’s double set ?

  3. Kaffee Skateboards

    Yes to Jon Wolf!

  4. brandon anderson

    Man that was a cool ass edit 🤘

  5. Greg Stanley

    Gary Rogers gonna have something to say about that last banger, balee dat!!

  6. david reid

    This part was heavier then my 600 pound wife.

  7. StellarZ

    It made me hurt while watching this jeez

  8. Christopher Crone

    Who's gonna go buy a skate mental deck though?....... .........

  9. Lucas Reis

    insane (also mentally)

  10. mephisto 13

    This vidio is pure art..hail satan..🤘🐐

  11. Maxwell Dimmer

    Why in the hell are there dislikes on this at all? This is one of the best parts I've seen in a long time. My day has been made.

  12. This is Jacopo

    So good!

  13. Casey Aylward

    I got to get one of those pills

  14. Greg Paris Navarro

    Everybody gangster till the rollerblades come out.

  15. David McHugh

    This started with an ad for a female laxative 💩🚽

  16. taslju123

    Fuk ya!!

  17. Cassiano C.


  18. TiredPleb

    What a love letter to skateboarding.

  19. Kevin Fernandez

    Caveman on rollerskates?! Sheeeesh

  20. Lorenz Haushoch

    And yall be talking shite like germans have no sense of humor!

  21. flasholicious

    Fetter Part, fette Mucke! Big Ups!

  22. Brussel Sprout

    I guess the down voters are scooter riders.

  23. Paulo Gomes

    THIS Is mkultra

  24. triplflip900

    Good dude is good. Made that ender look casual, at least until after he landed it

  25. Skatewerkstatt


  26. Isaiah Meraz


  27. jesus skates

    this how jesus skates y'all

  28. tom wynn

    rip daniel johnston

  29. Goyobeko


  30. Felix Drucker

    So inspiring

  31. 8Flux8

    My girl says I move around like that in my sleep sometimes. Now I get it.

  32. w Crespin

    Miles cohoe is Richard Ramirez

  33. Yvng Zennie

    3:21 lmao

  34. Trope

    this edit was sick. that last trick had my jaw dropped

  35. Vince Giambattista

    Thanks Hank

  36. Esra Erdgn


  37. Alex Barry

    terrible skit but good skating

  38. Elliott Woods

    yo i want that pill



  40. AJ Buddha

    This was fire 🔥

  41. Porter Tomkins

    I love thrasher

  42. Lucke Boi

    helmet: am i a joke to you?

  43. Dan O

    this dude is so gnarly dude. He has soooo much pop.

  44. TheBananaKing11

    why does this bloke buzz off burial so hard it's not 2008 mate


    Damnnn I bout shit myself when he gapped that shit on rollerblades 💀💀

  46. Mina J

    this and antonio's video were so amazing to watch skate and entertaining wise

  47. Ian

    Well fucking done that shit was amazing

  48. XboxRacer

    Armani and Versace, but it's a skate video. Epic.

  49. web surfer69

    Guys, can anyone tell what city is this? I wanna visit it one day, hehe

  50. Christian Marsden

    Rollerblading and skateboarding will merge into one sport because of this.

  51. epic fail

    Ender of the year

  52. Same One

    this was refreshing. i miss videos that are edited like this. so much creativity!

  53. Jase Regina

    As good as this guy is at making suits, he may be even better at skating

  54. Hydro Loco

    I've been skating for 15 years and I still don't understand the slappy. Is something wrong with me?

  55. Spliff


  56. Trioxido de dialuminio

    The Last clip was so fuckin craazyy keep sreding 🔥

  57. autentyk

    Fuck, what a great part.

  58. LowProfile Rubio

    1:59 name sondtrackmuisick pls

  59. Baschtie _sk8

    Goosebumps all over

  60. Haitam El Mostafa Ja

    Another DRIP level😍 Giorgi der Hammer🔥❤️ BERLIN030🪐

  61. dirtbloque

    missed opportunity on a hospital flip

  62. giordanoski :D

    Clearly a #fakiehard

  63. Oso 2900

    Skate Moshpit 🥲🔥

  64. stone crop

    dude kinda looks like a white ronney sandoval

  65. t k

    best video ever seen <3

  66. Ricke mango

    Love how lil Wayne def looks like he’s enjoying the shit about skateboarding

  67. Justin McDonald

    One of the best guys skating today.

  68. Andy Johnson

    sick dude

  69. GustMandrill

    Unbelievable thats super sick im proud that a puerto rican like me reaches this far This is such an inspo for a puerto rican like me

  70. JFn Cho

    no lie, scrolled past the thumbnail multiple times. thought it was a VOX story about healthcare lol

  71. Wladislav

    Civilist boys!

  72. Andrew Posfai

    the ender was what did it for me. landed with such perfect foot placement.

  73. Kids of Hip Hop

    I learned to skate at this monument. Greg is a legend

  74. Philipp Bernhardt

    So damn good

  75. Drew Winkleminiski

    Reminds me of turd life lol. skating aint gotta be so damn serious all the time.

  76. Francisco Sandoval

    Que buen video!!!! Yeah

  77. TauPack2222

    This part is fuclin awesome!

  78. Randy Lahey

    9:55 shes about as good as a 12 year old boy. I see why shes sponsored not

  79. Jonathon Parker

    Fucking dope

  80. joshua a

    I flipped my lid when the guy pulled up with the roller skates... 4:19