2. Nxataliee

    2020: “roblox guy” 2021: “sliding down a pole into hell”

  3. Jack Daniel

    1. Just because there's gay in it does not make it pro gay. 2. This video is definitely not for children. 3. Lil Nas X is Satan in this video.

  4. Gosia

    Just disgusting, filthy and satanic, even my kids think it's awful. Why are you all selling your soul? God bless you, find your way back to Jesus



  6. Lucy Houda

    Littel difference between Old Town Road and thisシ︎♫︎♪♪♪♫︎♫︎♫︎

  7. cristian josue

    Tremenda Tula la del Lil 🤑🥵😎👍

  8. 700 700

    **pretty ok twerking**

  9. Alien Ghost


  10. Simp_De_Bakugou uwu

    olA?y los comentarios en español?

  11. Nxataliee

    And this.. this is what I’m showing my kids and telling them, “this was our music”

  12. LyfezGood

    What in the world did I just watch? I just wanted to see what was folk talking about.

  13. Jason Sitiah

    We can really see that he gay

  14. Lavin Karwan

    ilike this song🐎🐴

  15. Todd Trosclair

    Is this man saying what I think he's saying at the end or am I mishearing?

  16. Ultra Smarter

    ohh mmmyyy gggood his infinite loop concept really satisfying. amazing music 🎶

  17. Daniela Ayala

    I like the song :)

  18. Cadu Fraga

    While that's happening doom guy is in the back like "idk what's going on but that music's good"

  19. Maddie Xx

    Confused as to what everyone’s problem with this video is? There’s literally no problem here

  20. Aless Leon

    Is sou coul!!!

  21. Cameron Jumper

    Bro people in live chat are ✨gay✨

  22. Mostafa Eissa

    Son of the pech

  23. HowDareYou

    so this song really hit 120 million views in two weeks huh


    *bisexual twerking*

  25. Never Ever

    I'm gonna be honest, this song is actually great when not looking at the video 🤣😅

  26. Mauricio Madureira


  27. Leo

    Ati rupt editu ala

  28. Swax

    Lil Nas = Nah Lil Gay = Yessir!

  29. Yassen eissa

    Fack you

  30. Mauricio Madureira


  31. _.bielzinlx

    Puro satanás, sai fora doido

  32. Eleonora Prokopidou

    I hope God helps all of you🙏🏼

    1. Eleonora Prokopidou

      @Diggy maybe for you. I‘m pretty mature and if you don’t believe it’s ok I respect it but that doesn’t keep me from saying my opinion and for me he exists

    2. Diggy

      i hope he exists so that you get to say "i told you so" he prolly doesn't tho

  33. Yassen eissa


  34. tendousfingertape satori

    1:19 that boom sound literally freaked me tf out I deadass took off my headphones and spent a good 3 minutes trying to figure out what it was before I realized it was part of the song.

  35. maxis452

    This video should be recorded in 4K, to bad we can not see diabolic lap dance in ultra quality 🤣

  36. Sümeyye Erol

    Adam kendiyle sevişti

  37. hudsoneric morales

    Lil nas x went from riding a horse to a devil

  38. Raphaela Brandão

    quem mais ta aqui pelos meme?

  39. Mauricio Madureira


  40. angxll

    lil nas x songs are so unique.

  41. faieerie

    Pop off i guess 😩🖐️

  42. Arethon Epic Gamer

    *twerks aggressively in Ancient Greece*

  43. Tyrone Hooppii-Miller

    GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!

  44. Brenda Caballero


  45. eskeree boyss

    dude he has like 33 different hairstyles in this video

  46. Momina Naimat

    Next theme song of Lucifer

  47. SimGuy

    Delete this Video but cool music

  48. Harjot Singh

    I love the hair

  49. Basab Saren

    How did he get from riding a horse to pole dancing to hell

  50. Mauricio Madureira


  51. jaz.yuu_kitkat

    **confused lesbian twerking**

  52. Mauricio Madureira


  53. Goofy

    The Song Drugs:NO Twe?k:ok lemme think about that Talent:YES

  54. Marvin Gonzalez

    Rap diablo

  55. Sara Mckay

    This makes me so happy to see all the Christians crying over it

  56. iippa LoLz

    Homophobes: being a gay is a Sin!! Go to hell!! Lil nas x: **goes to hell and fucks devil** Homophobes: HOW DARE HE😡😡 like wtf- wheres the logic with yall

  57. Yasmine Ihsane

    This is the worst song 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  58. Pablo Elite

    I.N.D.U.S.T.R.Y P L A N T!!!!

  59. momy_ 06

    Producer: how much drugs we put in the video? Lil nas x: Yes.

  60. jung yassmine

    عيب ياخي عيب

  61. Draper

    why it lick so intense wtf

  62. Mnichu

    ale gej

    1. P0ix

      jprdl ale gejcuch +1

    2. Jessie Pogba

      Lubie jagody

    3. P0ix

      faktycznie ale gejuwa +1

    4. P0ix

      @kacper szewczykowski mega giga gej +1

    5. kacper szewczykowski

      @Mnichu co za gej

  63. Grimmjow Sinpai

    Looks like gay to me

  64. R18

    It won't let me comment I'm here on the 2021 comments so IM HERE LOL

  65. alncnc

    sheeeeeesh this song is just😫‼️ *insert bite lip emoji*

  66. Draper


  67. Kithraya

    He fused Country and Rap together flawlessly, I didn't think it was possible!

  68. Noneofya Biz

    There are many gay conservatives. And this has nothing to do with Nas being gay.

  69. Emilio Macarro Rico

    This video is fucking insane. Insane, but addictive.

  70. Ivan Daube

    this is so sad god is so disappointed he took air max's 97 and made his own shoes and Nike tried to end the sale and sue him god is so disappointed

  71. fadya Elorabi

    This song sucks asf🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤮🤮🤮🤮

  72. Y/N Yato

    I gotta rewatch all his music to find out what the hell is happening

  73. m o r r i t o a e s t h e t i c ; ́ຶ

    _t a f u e r t e_


    Mano put4 clipe bom

  75. SuperElais

    Fun fact: you did not come because of the music, but because of the video

  76. R18

    The day the greatest musical masterpiece was created

  77. Darius Oprea

    For some reason this song gives me 2018 vibes


    This is magic

  79. Diggy

    the heteros™ are upseteros

  80. Paul Jensen

    What does this have to do with a holiday