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  1. zijuiy wttuy

    Jo, I hope that on next time u and Sasha are finishing on fair play, I don’t like unfair, and I hope that u with Sasha have good relationships)

  2. James Meachin

    You are the true champ 💯🥇FIS are such melts, pathetic decision!

  3. Odin Røen

    Hva heter den genseren som dere brukte i den ta flaska konkurransen

  4. Faze_ Bruh

    Når blir den neste videoen?

  5. daniel oliveira

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  6. soinu foig

    Хороший ты чувак, Йоханнес! :) Понятно, что будем болеть за наших, но и тебе искренне желаю побед. С уважением! And welcome to Russia!

    1. zijuiy wttuy

      Ehä miä tästä mittää ymmärrä

  7. Ullan M

    Det där guldet blev du rätt och slätt rånad på.

    1. soinhu foitu

      i was mad because it was clear that he tryed to push you out because couldnt compete with you in the sprint

  8. niduoe stre

    Ничего не понимаю, но ты, мужик, провел великую гонку на 50 км

    1. soinhu foitu

      Ehä miä tästä mittää ymmärrä

  9. Na zwa

    Thank you Johannes because you had bad day then I realize that mine day can be also bad as yours, this keeps me up!

    1. soinu foig


  10. Åsmund Solli

    Det var en helt riktig disk

  11. Руслан Пещеров

    Great! Johannes is number one!

  12. mimi lolo

    2:30 with brown sienna

  13. Malene Livollen

    9:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Руслан Пещеров

    Johannes, don't worry! You are the greatest skier in history!

  15. Евгений Нафиков


  16. soinhu foitu

    Jag tycker fortfarande du förtjänar guldet, du gjorde inget fel! Heja dig🇸🇪🇳🇴

    1. niduoe stre

      If FIS-rules allows blocking people in the finish, the rules must change. The viewers want to see exciting races and fair finishes, not winning by obstruction. The best skier of t

  17. Алексей Тепляков

    Какой твм мужик. Обосрался на финише и ноет как девчонка

  18. mimi lolo

    📽️🎶 nice

  19. mimi lolo

    Congratulations 🎉👏♥️💙🤍

  20. Deku DeKu

    Fucking asthmatic!!! Fucking doping team!!! Bolshunov number one!!!

  21. Алексей Степанов

    Слабак. Позор. Во первых бегает на "витаминках" так еще и честно выигрывать не умеет

  22. Sindre Hovland Christensen

    Du er min favoritt

    1. soinhu foitu

      Mine gratulasjoner til hele teamet - resultatet av mye arbeid! Takk til alle som var med på å trene og takk til familien.

  23. lyf45mo

    You have no one to blame but yourself.All you had to do was pass on the left,you are the best sprinter you should be able to pass the Russian .

  24. Anja Vallentin


  25. Joanna

    Йоханнес ты крутой пацан, мне нравиться твой стиль, твое отношение к спорту и жизни🤘

  26. Martin Trætli Aarvik

    Helt enig med deg du e vinneren

  27. Adjuct

    Ehä miä tästä mittää ymmärrä

  28. kumitapuli

    i was mad because it was clear that he tryed to push you out because couldnt compete with you in the sprint

    1. Joanna

      The boomerang always returns. Especially the ones that are made in Russia:-) If you are as great of a skier as you tried to prove to the whole skiing world even using your

  29. Kirill K

    You always tell "he, him, his". Alexander is easy name to speak, if you respect your opponent)

    1. Kirill K

      @Haakon Eldevik I heard it not only in that video, Klaebo very rarely tell "Alexander" or "Bolshunov". Its not critic, just my observation.

    2. Haakon Eldevik

      Bruh, let him be... he made this video the same day as the run... now they’re all friends again so shut up. Happy ending

  30. MacHenrix

    Thank you. I heard you thought that athletes should be part of making a world a better place. Standing against indifference gets my admiration... Keep up the good work... Golden man

  31. Prinz Eisenherz

    Klaebo=Rambo!!! You're not the Champion! It's okay. The Winner is Bolshunow!!!

  32. jjjh ghj

    может хватит ныть все время,принимаи дальше допинг, в старости скажется если доживешь

  33. Niklas Nilsson

    If FIS-rules allows blocking people in the finish, the rules must change. The viewers want to see exciting races and fair finishes, not winning by obstruction. The best skier of the day of the 50 km race was DQ, maybe the second best got a silver. And maybe the third best got the gold. If the rules had been better, Bolshunov wouldn't try to block you and we would have had a really good finish between tree very strong finishers, instead of this sad mess.

  34. Victory _

    Ты нам нужен

  35. cheryl chadwick

    I was an elite endurance athlete for over 30 years. I competed in several different sports, including triathlon, cycling, ultra-running, and cross-country skiing. I raced perhaps 40+ times a year. Before that, I trained and showed horses. From all that experience, I know that most athletes are aware that there are all kinds of factors that determine how anyone does on any given day. However, if you feel you must block a competitor at any point in any race, you have just admitted that you are not the best on that day. What good is any medal if you did not earn it honestly? You, Johannes, have shown yourself throughout your career to have an honest and moral character. That will always shine brighter than any medal.

  36. John Doe

    Jeg sykler og ser hovedsakelig på sykling. Jeg forsto ikke hvorfor Bolsjunov ikke ble diskvalifisert fordi han brøt reglene. Men det viser seg at det er motsatt i langrenn. Men sunn fornuft tilsier at de som ikke holder en rett linje i mål, provoserer en kollisjon. I langrenn kan du klare deg uten alvorlige konsekvenser, men i sykling kan det ende veldig dårlig. Det ser ut til at reglene i målstreken som ble vedtatt av FIS bør endres til de som ble vedtatt av UCI. Vel, og viktigst, hendelsen i seg selv skjedde før målstreken ...

  37. Meri Dania

    Mine gratulasjoner til hele teamet - resultatet av mye arbeid! Takk til alle som var med på å trene og takk til familien.

  38. GeneralArmorus

    also, what did you comment on the Maki incident?

    1. GeneralArmorus

      probably nothing huh? well if you said something back them maybe your tears would be worth something now

  39. GeneralArmorus

    pity nobody managed to break it down for you

  40. GeneralArmorus

    no, u made a poor decision and got what was coming to you. mostly your fault than his.

  41. Rebecka Lennartsson

    Helt fel! Du skulle vunnit, du är en vinnare ändå det vet alla🤩

  42. mimi lolo

    Congratulations 🇸🇯👏💚💛🎉🏘️

  43. littlemy

    I was so sad and annoyed after what happend after the 50 km race. In my heart you're still the winner! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm big fan of yours! Keep doing what you are doing because you are doing it amazingly!❤⭐❤ 🇫🇮❤🇸🇯

  44. Renat Ignatev

    You was 2nd! You made a hindrance for the leader. It’s a clear rules violence. You should have not gone in that small hole between leader and the border even if you were a racket. What do other sportsman feel when the man beside him break his stick.

  45. Marina Evelson

    You are a great skier, I am sure that you will win your 50k medal, with love from the USA

  46. Inga Viking-Optimist

    The boomerang always returns. Especially the ones that are made in Russia:-) If you are as great of a skier as you tried to prove to the whole skiing world even using your strategy of relying on the entire Norwegian team to bring you to the finish, you will have many other chances. Would be great to see you winning the marathon while competing against everyone else in the peloton. Good luck!

  47. Anna Arbuzova


  48. Нина Сазонова

    И сколько ныть-то можно? Сашка на следующий день все забыл! И как все Клебо восхищались - какой он благородный, отозвал аппеляцию!!! А на деле все оказалось совсем не так: вину не признает, обижается и ищет виноватых!!! До сих пор!

    1. GeneralArmorus

      @Gulya Flower по факту Хлебо снёс Болле и добыл золото для Норвегии, а вам всё мало ЛОЛ

    2. GeneralArmorus

      @Gulya Flower FIS "343.10.2 Ответственность за правильный обгон без помех лежит на обгоняющем лыжнике. Обгоняющий лыжник должен разместить пятки свои лыж перед носками лыжами обгоняемого лыжника, прежде чем займет желаемую лыжню" Как догоняющий, Клебо не мог не видеть, что коридор уже занят. Как обгоняющий, Клебо не мог не понимать, что обогнать без создания помех у него не получится. Дисквалификация абсолютно по делу. Но внезапный приступ справедливости жюри оказался неожиданным не только для Клебо. А ему следовало бы еще и извиниться, но... это комментарий ниже причём корридор был занят уже после поворота. спринтовать ради борьбы за корридор это нонсенс но у Хлебы моска не хватило забить и занять свободный коридор

    3. Gulya Flower

      А он и не ноет.Эта запись сделана спустя 4 часа после марафона.В чем его вина?Никого не выталкивал,палки не ломал..Это ваш Б,как ужик на сковородке,знает,что лишил золота Йоханнеса,вот и заискивает-то треньки,то свадьба..Клэбо и отозвал аппеляцию в отличие от Б,который не попросил снять дискву с Клэбо..Еще и в "друзья" навязывается..

  49. Белый Пароходъ

    Собрались "эксперты"! FIS "343.10.2 Ответственность за правильный обгон без помех лежит на обгоняющем лыжнике. Обгоняющий лыжник должен разместить пятки свои лыж перед носками лыжами обгоняемого лыжника, прежде чем займет желаемую лыжню" Как догоняющий, Клебо не мог не видеть, что коридор уже занят. Как обгоняющий, Клебо не мог не понимать, что обогнать без создания помех у него не получится. Дисквалификация абсолютно по делу. Но внезапный приступ справедливости жюри оказался неожиданным не только для Клебо. А ему следовало бы еще и извиниться, но...

  50. davd1986

    What a self serving, entitled brat. Thinks everything should be handed to him on a plate. The fact that FIS, which is run by Norwegians, had the balls to finally DQ (and rightly so) a Norwegian, speaks volumes and hopefully it shows that nobody is above the rules. Justice was done, especially after what happened in the Seefeld sprint two years ago.

  51. Максим Сытник

    velger først veien, ram

  52. ewur16

    Tragicomical/bad was that this person (head referee) who made final decision, who had last word to decide/say, was NORVEGIAN (woman)...

  53. Stefan Hillbrand

    Never forget - the world is not hard for you, it was just unfair that day. The world is hard for fugitives in Moria as an example. Of course you put all your effort into getting yourself ready for this and its devastating to get this great success stolen from you. But I am sure you will give your response on the slope.

  54. Andreas Røde

    Ikke gi deg du tar mange gullmedaljer til og du er jo verdens beste på ski og verdens hyggeligste personen jeg vet om😍😍👊

  55. weedy 79

    Yeah that was so soft from that Russian guy. Soft soft tear bag. Im sorry but Bolsunov, grow a pair and challenge again!!

  56. Malene Livollen

    9:04 du må bare huske at det alltid kan bli verre.

  57. algeir

    The discussion about this exciting cross-country finish and jury decision seems difficult to end. I have not seen any comment from FIS about what exactly caused their conclusion, and that is a little strange, considering all the high quality footage available. Here is a non-biased (?) observation of what happened, based on youtube videos from 3 different angles: First of all, any comparing with the recent Mäki/Bolshunov incident makes little sense. That was a free style event, and passing a skier requires a wider area to avoid equipment contact. This time it was supposed to be classic style, where a limited skating push during a turn is allowed with the outer ski, only in areas without tracks, and only combined with accordingly changing the inner ski direction. Bolshunov’s last 3 or 4 strides prior to the pole break shows more or less violation of this technique, as with every stride he is changing the direction of his inner ski slightly back to create a wider turn. He is also extending the outer ski skate push to occupy a wider part of the ski area. All this is at best dubious classic skiing, and Bolshunov’s last skating stride is with no significant change of inner ski direction whatsoever. This is not allowed in classic style cross country skiing, but this technique violation might be partly due to the fact that his pole just broke. Bolshunovs effort to widen his turn eventually forced him to make a step to the left to get into «his» track. His main intention was however, beyond doubt, to make it impossible for Klæbo to find space on his outside, and not seeking the fastest route to the finish line. The decisive contact between Klæbo and Bolshunov is a slight touch between Klæbo’s pole and the basket of Bolshunov’s pole. Bolshunov moved his pole forward at this point, while Klæbo’s pole was in a «hanging» position. This happened prior to the last double poling before the classic tracks, and while Bolshunov still was ahead of Klæbo. This contact caused Bolshunov to mess up his poling, and break his right pole with his own leg. And that, dear FIS, is hardly an obstruction, regardless of who is to blame for the touch. Bolshunov created contact with Klæbo with excessive outer ski movements on the last two skating strides, but apparently FIS decided to let Bolshunov get away with blocking moves and technique violations. Instead they disqualified Klæbo for a touch that clearly is a race incident. The only explanation for the FIS decision I can think of, is that they did not consider footage from multiple angles, because this can help deciding the distance between the racers as they move along. What also made things more difficult to handle, was of course the quite aggressive approach from the russian team, who obviously thought they had been treated unfair on some occasions this season. One can wonder if the outcome of this race might have been different without the Mäki/Bolshunov incident. A positive side effect of this incident is that we might get clearer skiing rules and better track construction in the future. Cross country skiing is a sport where controversy surprisingly often has been met with new rules and regulations as situations have occurred, although seldom driven forward by norwegians. And make no mistake: most norwegians admire Bolshunov as an athlete, he is important to our common interest for cross country, and he is an outstanding cross country skier!

    1. GeneralArmorus

      awesome comment

    2. natabloody

      It was very interesting to read your comment. How do you think the rules should change in the future to prevent this unfortunate situation? The problem is that sometimes blocking of a competitor is very difficult to prove. As well as footage does not have the real picture of the accident. According to the FIS decision (DQ of JHK) JHK had a choice to finish his turn differently and select a place where he would not contact AB. But, do we know it for sure? Footage does not show what JHK has seen in front of him, and does not account for relative speed of JHK and AB. Also, when broken equipment is just a race accident, but not an obstruction affecting the outcome of the race? This is quite vague and bias. My opinion is that since mass start is a contact race, then more contacts should be allowed without severe punishments like DQ. Such sanctions should be used only in the cases when accidents are intentionally created.

  58. Summer Iceberg

    After the last turn, he was first, and of course he chose the right line, why he should to choose 5 of 4 line, if he was first? Put the blame only for yourself, you should knew, that he anyway will be in right line... that situation is unfair for both, and if you knew that you was faster than him, why didn't you choose a next to him line and not overtook him on a straitgh line? But you almost ended up outside the track, i think it was wrong decision from you to being there.

  59. Сергей Ser

    Let's finish all your deals and go to Bolshunov's wedding.

  60. Kristoffer Holsdal

    Klæbo jeg har sett det samme som deg og er helt enig dårlig avgjørelse av FIS

  61. Vmail

    Vad kul!

  62. painterQ

    "Alexander Bolshunov, was denied world championship by Johannes, and it was given to one of the other 4 Norvegians Iversen, and Johannes and his lemmings are mad."

  63. e p

    Juryn fattade ett felaktigt beslut men vi vet alla att du är den riktiga vinnaren

  64. Иван Чубов

    Счастья вам ! 🌹🌹🌹 Я из России, но болею за норвежцев. 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  65. SisterVanilla

    I mina ögon tog du gull 🥇

  66. Fester Blackowl

    Dude, yes, wrong dicision ..

  67. Akukarttunen

    You are the real champ Kläbo, greeting from Finland and good luck to the olympics.

  68. Vallhall_09

    Those communists :(

    1. Kelly S

      We ve never had communism, just socialism. But it is much better than capitalism ! ))

  69. Rachael Murray

    That was a beautiful race, and a masterful finish.

  70. paul summerfield

    Distance is a work in progress, you're World Champion at the sprint. This may come with time as you get older and stronger. Did your predecessors win both Sprint and Distance races? Probably not. Not many people can call themselves World or Olympic champions. Thank you for the video uploads 👍😃

    1. TW3F4TES5

      First of all, yes, he’s “predecessors” did win both. Second, he won too, but the victory was taken from him.

  71. Massimiliano Bonifacio

    I can understand his disappointment because he has shown to be competitive also in a 50 km (but honestly, Bolshunov raced the entire season and not focused only on WC, so it was not a fair competition). Anyway, Klaebo and Bolshunov demonstrated to be hyper champions on skiis, but two very small persons. Such a declaration by Klaebo is unacceptable: after Maeki's accident it was clear that to try to take the exteriour part was a mistake. Btw. Bolshunov left him more place than Maeki some weeks before and now Klaebo's hypocricy is more than evident.. as he thought to have won he went to Bolshunov as a good friend, but after losing he condemns the Russian.. btw. it must be stressed: either Bolshunov aswell Klaebo behaved like kids.. a very bad example for many People who love sport. Mentally they looked to be 8 years old.. Klaebo, do you know that normal People have real problems, not fake like yours?

  72. Paolo Totti

    Bolshunov is stronger, you just waited all the race for the sprint

  73. Eivind Sæter

    Synd at du måtte oppsøke den trangeste og smaleste veien forbi russern, du ber da om bråk. Russern visste du kom til å gjøre, og parerte. Hadde du trøkt til forbi på venstre side så hadde dette aldri skjedd..................Dette var nok rett avgjørelse.

    1. TW3F4TES5

      Synd at Bolsjunov skulle ta skøytetak ut av sporet, veive rundt med staven og presse Klæbo helt ut, på tross av at det var mer enn nok plass der. Northug kom forbi med halvparten av plassen i Falun uten å bli diska.

    2. Vallhall_09

      Er du full?

  74. EveryDayEnglishWith

    Ohh Johannes, you need to move on🙏

  75. martin

    Nevím proč brečíš, všechno je přece v pořádku. Když to nedávno udělal jiný Nor Bolshunovovi tak bylo taky vše ok.

  76. Ильдар Зарипоф

    I really am you didn't make it. Nevertheless, your dynamic in this distance run is incredibly impressive.

  77. Nikolai Thøgersen

    Alle vet du vant💪klæbo er verdens beste ski løper😃

  78. Lauri Korpimäki

    Greetings from Finland! You for sure are the real winner of the 50km race. Iivo was also mad after the race so you were not the only one :D...

  79. Excuse me

    Клэбо, едит пень, сделай русские субтитры😠

    1. Angel V

      @Excuse me вот и поговорили))) тебе тоже не хворать👋

    2. Excuse me

      @Angel V , ничего не пиши, нахрен мне твое мнение вообще нужно)

    3. Angel V

      @Excuse me как бы вам помягче написать, чтоб не обидеть....

    4. Excuse me

      @Angel V ,ахахах, да думаю уж нужен, русское лыжное комьюнити самое большое в европе)

    5. Angel V

      Нужен ты ему со своим русским!!!

  80. Michael Lam

    I delayed writing a comment for a day as I just didn't know what to say. It was no doubt, not your fault. I think FIS just wanted to appease the Russians to make it even after the Joni Mäki / Bolshunov incident. It was a political move. Johannes, you showed mature sportsmanship and you deserve the real gold medal not just in this race but also off the race.

    1. davd1986

      FIS is run by Norwegians, and you think it’s a political move?? LOL. How ignorant can you be? 😂