FISHING IS MY LIFE!!! Fishing for bass and other species using a variety of lures & techniques in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, reservoirs, oceans, and bays around the Northeast & all over the States!


Be sure to read the video description for info on lures used that day, rod/reel/line, location, conditions, and more!

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  1. Zachary Binder

    Ranger Jim's a coming

  2. Zane Tafoya

    Calm down

  3. Malina May

    I’m just amazed on how good his casts are

  4. Solar KILLER

    12:00 holy ubudhvuehfushduhsd

  5. Joel Hammer Egholm

    Not frogs i hate you now

  6. Jack Laurich

    It ate him mom

  7. fishing chicken

    I love all your videos

  8. Prakhar Anand

    R.I.P cicada

  9. Darrion Burkhardt

    13:30 carp tend to jump out of the water to clean debris out of their gill plates, good sign if you’re going for carp. Usually means they are feeding

  10. Freddy fasbear

    Poor thing

    1. Freddy fasbear


  11. Rick Black

    No one owns the river lmao

  12. Tyler Shenk

    He don't own 25 feet from the bank

  13. fishing with Dakota

    Did you quit again it's been awhile since you updated

  14. ENJEE Racing

    Where I am they will cite you for trespassing if you get out your boat and stand on a rock. They don't own the water but they own the land underneath it. You can't walk through the woods period without taking this chance.

  15. -N _Hunter

    The guy did come off as a jerk but if you were on his land than so be it..its up to you, the fisherman the hunter the hiker the outdoorsman, to know where you are and to know the regulations for the state you are in.

  16. Mewt0

    Is that KP?

  17. Mr. Duck

    This is why I hate tiktok

  18. Catch Co.

    NGL that shirt looks pretty dope on you!

  19. Raymond Thompson

    Been there, old sport. It's tough when the shit hits the fan and you're the fan . The wife/husband you get over, but not being there as the kids grow into young adults sort of gets a little bit harder every day. At least they had a good upbringing; hay ho. Being single and free to fish whenever I is some consolation. Take care buddy. Raymondo

  20. mark highland

    Just went there a few days in a row. That lure is terrible but it was slaying the bass. Lol.

  21. Julia


  22. ken dewey

    Killing living things for a video. Dick

  23. Benjamin Brooking

    Hey man next time you're in virginia hmu we can hit the upper james in the tracker 😎

  24. Oh Hello there Fellow Reader

    Can anyone hear the Buzz Sound

  25. Faze Lit

    Ur the best 1rod do another google fishing

  26. FireballRL TTV

    He didn’t like throat fingering him lol - 1ROD

  27. LT TV

    He picked it up when I saw len yesterday and locked myself in the bathroom

  28. Sachine verty

    Dude what’s your problem

  29. Nexlie Tapley

    awww no :((( his little one last cry in the end before he got yeeted

  30. Motorcycle Adventurer MDavis 2010

    Can we all appreciate that this man is doing an unboxing

  31. Red Thing


  32. oluwatobi olojo

    The second cicada shouting murderer!!!

  33. ルクセンブルク

    Isn’t this a cockroach?

  34. Milica Janić

    okey l hate bugs and l want to puke when l see them and l feel scared when someone even touches them but l feel bad for that bug he was just chillin and then some random giant creature picks him up and throws him to fishes POOR BUG

  35. samyar_proooooo


  36. Karya Koca



    I've seen ppl fighting here on whether cicadas are harmful, useless, noisy etc. And whether they deserves or not deserve to live, and I was like WTF?! Humans are also harmful for environment either directly or indirectly, if cicadas are are harmful or useless then same applies to a human, you don't just yeet a person in water for a "Tiktok". If that cicada is minding its own business then you should too 🙄

  38. Corben Kish

    The cicada screamed in terror in fear, for it had heard legends, not never expected to meet it's demise at the hands of the giant

  39. Crow 1

    Cicada 3301

  40. YHK

    It’s ok; they deserve worse

  41. [simp-!]

    he got some balls just picking that up

  42. LucaDifferent

    Please can you fish northern pike sometime. That would be great!

  43. Conscious Lasagne

    The cicada is screaming

  44. AZ Gamer Boy

    The cicada :- what a nice day Me Sees a tictoker comes* Me:-rip in advance

  45. Indica Dreamer

    That carp bit my toad 😄 I'm always confused by a fisherman who turns up without a net.

  46. Jenesis Holiday

    :Bug just minding their own business... :Gets grabbed by hand :drowns and gets eaten by fish 😶

  47. Rom Arg

    This man just snatched my boi then he gon

  48. Thomas Gin

    A small price to pay For entertainment

  49. Xylø_editing noob

    Me and my siblings when my mom came back with McDonald's

  50. 메이


  51. Alejandro Trance


  52. Alejandro Trance


  53. Alejandro Trance


  54. Dank Dan

    Thats fucked up

  55. help me inc.

    The cicada was just baskin in the sun and then gets sacrificed to the fish by a tiktoker

  56. jao jamili

    He say don't blink me: trying to hold my sneezing🤧

  57. Ryan

    You guys were acting a bit sus, I don't blame him for acting the way he did. Especially that guy who kept saying he was scared of him of something.

  58. Dave alamo

    Poor cicada

  59. Wayne Redd2

    I’m in Jersey, just say what river and town

  60. James Tokyo

    Should have played Circle of Life at the end

  61. black king

    Cicada was minding his own business until a TikToker came and feeded the fishes

  62. Kavya bhavna

    fiblock.info_CENunyEYTo?feature=share Hi

  63. Korea Formos포모스


  64. G1itchygAm3r

    I used to love cicadas as a kid, watching this back then would've killed me

  65. RoseDoge

    My man was just chillin then the fish fought over his legs!

  66. Boolin N Coolin

    Miss ur vids!

  67. Saucegod

    U just got my mans killed

  68. Kaung Pyae Phyo

    Cicada was just chilling with his friend and having a beautiful day and U JUST FREAKING KILL IT

  69. Dagger Bond

    Did he just kill Insect for his View .....Tik- toker Bloody Murderer....

  70. Jacobii Perfect

    Clickbaited so hard

  71. galactik hayes

    "you are pegged baby pegged deep" 1rod acting sus 😏

  72. Epic Gamer

    Dude just killed a bug for a FIblock short I do not approve

  73. Mycroft 33

    Okay everyone be talking about the cicada but I’m wondering wtf happened to his thumb? I thought it was a bandage at first but on closer looks, it doesn’t look like a bandaid…

  74. Xander Supreme

    Rip bug he will bring missed