Diablo is a fast-paced action RPG with heroes facing the onslaught of a demonic invasion.
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Violence, and Partial Nudity.

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  1. The Spectator

    OMFG, u identified so much stuff and i still today feel cheated. Bet u sold all those lovley dual leech rings of mine......... Curse you. /Best love from a real D2 fan :)

  2. Rob Harget

    An amazing character and the best guide a player could ask for. In Diablo death matters much less than it should. I am confident we will stay a while and listen again.

  3. ethdsth thwethr

    This remaster is gonna hit everyones feels

  4. Brum

    When games where still good and made with passion, ty Deckard and D1.

  5. konroth rec.

    another forced-to-play-online-only

  6. konroth rec.

    release the soundtrack finally

  7. Matthew Williams

    End of the video “I hope to see you all in the future......or the past.....” so we will see him in the “past” cause of D2 resurrection, but he did say “I hope to see you in the future “ so.....possible hint that we may see some “other worldly” Cain in D4? That would be cool

  8. Oreskó László

    At the start of the video his voice was different. All voice actors sound different than the character.

  9. Warden

    Man after a 2 year pass these people cant still get over and stop crying. No ones forcing you to play it on mobile... Do what you like and play it on PC if that's the rule you want in Diablo.

  10. fozi cosplays

    soundtrack <3

  11. JayEdom

    10 minutes to hear what’s happening finally

  12. ethdsth thwethr

    When he mentioned not changing the skull sound when you drop it in the inv that shows the attention to detail that needs to remain the same. I am excited to see my favorite game when i was 12 in 2006 brought back to life. Thank you blizzard, I hope the success of this remaster will influence design decisions for diablo 4 in a positive way

  13. Ev

    0:55 so ugly :(

  14. BOX FOX

    D3 never happened, he lives in d4

  15. RTX Tyrial

    Oh my god this voice has been part of my life for so long. No it finally has a real face.

  16. nob goblin

    R.I.P Sean Connery the real Deckard Cain..

  17. Tom4z

    please change amazon face, he looks like trans

  18. Magnus Hansson

    You just can't renege on a demonic pact like that, you "did" promise the man knowledge....

  19. Nine Dragons

    this was definitely the most interesting and informative of the panel discussions. actually learned a few things. about mirroring the design for defects, squinting, also doing your work quickly and fearlessly, not having to finish everything and being so precious, adding texture, cheating and presentation... almost a whole course here. good stuff (my previous complaint still stands about how little actually 'new' we get to see vs your inspiration from the same comics, books, films we've all seen)!

  20. Ion Bolog

    So..is blizzard pretending that reforged didnt happen?

  21. Zombie

    Remember when Deckard was black. He pulled a Michael Jackson.

  22. 3xantrik

    Firstly, thanks for remaking this game. So many, hype now. One and only please, PLEASE make the Druid and werewolf almost same again. I mean the skinny, charismatic, blonde skin guy, not the new one. A character doesn'n need to be old, dirty and ugly to run diablo world, can be charismatic, clean and again can be legend. Also werewolf, new one look like a big rat. Please make it look like the old one. Thanks.

  23. Dam Sen

    Tyrael is protecting you, as he swore to do so to the Horadrim long ago, bless you good man.

  24. Rafael Cabrera

    Luis is such a CHAD, good thing he is charge Diablo 4!

  25. Q Wei Ern

    really liking Rob~! great to have Rob on D2-resurrected project

  26. Littles_shlong 15

    We’re gonna look at this years from now at be nostalgic

  27. gongal

    Imagine being a Diablo 3 fan kekw

  28. AcCeSsDeNiEd65

    You people had to resurrect a legendry game because D3 was so bad.

  29. Jonah Drake

    9:38 This whole bit of the panel is fascinating to me. I love hearing them acknowledge tabletop RPGs as an influence on Diablo, and that they're keeping all that in mind for this remaster. Brilliant work, truly. I've never been THIS excited for a remaster of an older game. I can't wait to experience the magic of Diablo II all over again.

  30. Dave

    The real question for me is how do you make a new Diablo game without Deckard Cain? If you bring him back, it won't feel authentic. If you leave dead, it won't feel like Diablo.

  31. appaleet

    You have removed Act 3 right?

  32. Nine Dragons

    i love this kind of work, and i appreciate you showing it, but it's such a letdown to see that you guys just recycle old ideas from movies so much. the games really feel like it, we've seen it all before somewhere - and to hear you guys talk about it, you're just bringing up aliens, tremors, starship troopers, etc. you aren't saying it, but all your ideas are hashed. i really think you guys need to go farther. i know it's just a job, but if we've seen it on tv, it CAN NOT surprise us truly. video games as an art form isn't going to develop until the artists really push the envelope. And yes the engineers will complain, but it's their problem to make it work, it's your job to design crazy ideas in the clear blue sky. if you can't dream it, the technical people are most likely not going to make it better than what you saw in your imagination

  33. Luan Le Ngoc

    The bone spear looks awful :(

  34. Xandrom

    blizzard? let deckard cain revive.

  35. O

    Would be pretty cool if they added a new act or something. But bring in the original creators to give some insight. Really loving this remaster so far. Woulf be cool to add a new class too one that isn't lame.

  36. lecooper

    Awesome !

  37. Paulo

    "And so it came to pass" diablo have the best voice acting.

  38. Corey badoni

    hey! they really stepped up their game... combat looks fun =)

  39. Paulo

    Bro, d3 shouldn't exist...

  40. LIbra Scales

    That schrank reminds me so much of Germany! Great craftsmanship.

  41. DeadMansCurve

    A humble message to Blizzard.... I have been a committed fan to your hard work and effort for a very very long time. It's very rare that I see your name and don't get excited. Your reputation alone carried many games to my library since the original Diablo. Diablo II in particular is a game I fondly consider one that officially pulled me into the gaming world. I love you as a company and I love the work you have produced in the past. With that said... Please don't botch this. It's irrefutable that your recent management team has lead you to a very damaged reputation. I don't know the finer details or politics that you have to deal with, but please help set a new standard and have ACTUAL GAMERS MANAGE A GAMING COMPANY. I, for one, am just so genuinely exhausted with the abused trust we gamers face nowadays with most modern gaming companies... I won't waste anyone's time describing why gamers are upset because that's been said plenty already. I'll just say that I am excited for Diablo II: Resurrected, but my bruised trust from Warcraft III: Reforged and other modern games have securely convinced me to NEVER pre-order a game again until some serious change happens in this industry. When I give 100% of the money, I think it is fair for me to expect 100% of the game and all its advertised contents. The gaming industry is young, and the wrong people have capitalized on its youth and are now hijacking the successful momentum of great names like Blizzard until it is eventually bled dry into an empty husk to be absorbed into another company... Again, I ask to the gaming powerhouse that was once Blizzard... Please don't botch this. I am genuinely worried it's not just my loyalty to Blizzard at stake here... I would like to clarify that my issues are NOT with the developers. Developers have been catching heat for some reason lately, which makes no sense... The developers of this industry are unsung heroes who deliver us phenomenal entertainment of many forms. The vast majority of my discontent, from what I understand, is with the management teams who publicly make empty promises and decide to release unfinished products WHILE ACCEPTNG FULL PAYMENT. GAMERS WILL WAIT FOR THE BETTER EXPERIENCE. INVESTORS WILL PROFIT WHEN GAMERS ARE HAPPY. It blows my mind watching this industry I've grown to love let the wrong decisions happen and dig their own graves... I hope all of you and yours are safe and well in these difficult times. Stay safe. Cheers.

  42. Blake Riley

    Story will be cool, but its back to the cheesy animations and graphic styles. At least we have the d2 remake with that nice lighting and darker feel to look forward too.

  43. Marcus XD

    Jaja no

  44. Victor B

    At1:23, not even close to the original d2. poor quality indeed.

  45. Victor B

    The character window, stash window looks was done in rush. Far more behind diablo2 original feelings. When northern blizzard is gone, you are done. Blizzard, You just don't know this game and its players.

  46. Rui Amaral

    She killed Kratos!

  47. Luiza Gamer

    Best game ever Forever in my soul

  48. Dav

    Can’t wait to play this game! Hard to know which class to go for first x) Rogue and mage are always awesome, little bit scared for my favourite barbare to be repetitive gameplay though :)

  49. Dav

    Man you guys really went for it!! Woohooo let’s go!! Really cool presenters by the way :)

  50. Bartooc

    I was waiting for mobile exclusive.

  51. Kyle Ward

    Arreat plateau and fighting the 4 barbarians was probably my favorite act in the whole game .... Mad respect Blizzard for bringing it to console as well ... Not all hereos wear capes my friends

  52. Xzoviac

    I wish i hadnt noticed how much they both say you know, you know?

  53. Brother Lobotronus

    Give the opportunity to assign more skills anywhere on the keyboard please as it was possible with D2 . I don't want to play D3 again like ( 1234 LM RM )

  54. Brother Lobotronus

    Give the opportunity to assign more skills anywhere on the keyboard please as it was possible with D2 . I don't want to play D3 again like ( 1234 LM RM )

  55. Brother Lobotronus

    Give the opportunity to assign more skills anywhere on the keyboard please as it was possible with D2 . I don't want to play D3 again like ( 1234 LM RM )

  56. 尚明


  57. Fred Smith

    Looks like diablo 3 which is a shame , thank god they are doing the D2 remaster.

  58. •Yn1kyl• •ChanneL•


  59. seifer gunblade

    i am excited to play this game.. there are too many crappy mmorpg in android.. maybe this diablo can set an example for other game.

  60. Edgunsuk

    I had the best traps assassin on the planet in this game , i pray they keep skill charms and the rune system < ANYONE HAVE A DATE ON THIS ?

    1. misuyy fong

      Ultra hype for this and i didnt even play the original...it looks so good!!

  61. Kyle Ward

    I'm so excited

    1. Kyle Ward

      @misuyy fong hahaha

    2. misuyy fong

      0:54 but why does the amazon look like an old man..?

  62. Reshaping Rob

    Maybe they can resurrect my account they deleted which I spent 10yrs playing but didn’t sign into for 90 days - losing all my elite character builds with all the best gear ? 🤷‍♂️ 🤬😤🤯👎🏻🖕🏼

  63. poatrykdas

    EZ nepotism

  64. Марсель Ибрагимов

    Who dislikes the trailer? What else do you want?

  65. Ragnar Wartooth

    yes yes yes that was awesome!Deckard Cain all the way!

  66. Dayvid Danger

    "Why work on Diablo IV when we can just make Diablo II again using Diablo III's engine?" PERFECT! That buys us a whole 'nother year of doing almost nothing. You sir are promoted. Fire everybody on the Diablo IV team, we'll hire them back when we need them. - Blizzard, probably.

  67. TheCe1ticZombie

    The price of 39.99 seems really low for the work they put into this. Going to buy it on 2 systems as a thank you.

  68. E S

    Got hit by nostalgia listening to the song ~

  69. Jus Ski

    No live questions?... hmmm... wonder why.

  70. E Y

    Another D3 remake. No thanks

  71. John Matta

    That wave length though. Synched. Awesome. Haha

  72. Jean Marron

    Absolute AWESOME voice skills! It´s really amazing! I always wished that Cain somehow returns! Diablo without Cain is not Diablo somehow.

  73. pongkong

    38-58 why do they make women uglier on purpose in american games, I just dont understand. okay I do understand their warped logic, but... whatever. edit: they modeled it after some mascuiline korean female soccer player. soooo cool!

  74. frankiehands

    I thought the character was voiced by Sean Connery when I was a kid playing Diablo on my PC. Love to hear that was the inspiration!!!

  75. pongkong

    Well props to Andre Abrahamian (top right) for digging through the archives for original artwork and material from blizzard north, that must have really helped make the remastered aesthetic more authentic.

  76. Boosted Daily

    That's what I'm talking about!!!!

  77. Shokadezz

    I cannot wait to see both Diablo 2 remake and D4 on my pc!!! The hype is real. Show my channel some love friends :)

  78. Suhardani

    When is this thing gon be out?