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  1. Maryam Batool

    so english songs no longer have any melody or a pattern score, u just say things in a loud voice.

  2. 유히_한정빈

    This is the perfect song for the aesthetic teenagers

  3. 유히_한정빈

    This lyrical song is so underrated.🗿

  4. Nicoly Games YT


  5. 유히_한정빈

    this is the most relatable song of olivia fr that song hurts me a lot LOL same olivia same!

  6. 유히_한정빈

    maybe in your experience & opinion taitor & happier is the most relatable/good song of this album but no one can change my mind, Mine is Traitor for the good one & jealousy for the relatable one coz you know my insecurity

  7. Joshua Maher

    The way she invented Prom🥰

  8. Joshua Maher

    The way she invented Prom🥰


    My new crush

  10. Cameron G

    She is such a Queen. Love you girl stay strong 💪 #girlpower

  11. NONA💖

    I am born in may 21

  12. emily brown

    You are my favorite person thx to you

  13. yasmone m


  14. Princess M

    Timestamp you never asked but exists: 1:02 Deja vu and happier mix 3:55 brutal 6:28 traitor 10:24 jealousy, jealousy 14:13 enough for you 18:40 driver's license 23:00 good 4 u 26:15 hope ur ok

  15. Storm makes robinson

    She went from someone from Disney to a great awesome talented singer

  16. Nenzbo

    wanted to hate it but shes too talented lol

  17. XRaimaX

    Traitor and favourite crime is the best

  18. Elaine Hou

    This is just incredibly amazing. I just can't stop watching.

  19. Wang Yin huei


  20. moth

    this is so good it made me cry

  21. RonJ Calderon

    She not taylor, ariana or selena She is olivia rodrigo the 3 in 1

  22. sloth

    this is literally giving me chills. you’re so talented.

  23. ronise and khriztuff vlog

    Hi Olivia your my favorite singer your my idol so pls notice me or heart this comment I'm so happy for taht

  24. Myee Patten

    how is she 19!? 😭❤️

  25. Raushni Mukherjee

    little did she know she would blow up in just a few months :)

  26. Shelby

    Well good for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! I am obsessed with that line!!!!!

  27. Shelby

    The “All I ever wanted was to be enough for you” is really relatable! Even in friendships it is relatable! When a friend thinks they can find someone better then you that is the relatable friendships part about this.

  28. Shelby

    This is my favourite song on her debut album SOUR!!! It is so calm,sad and relatable to some people! And sometimes like in my story the “you betrayed me and I know that you’ll never feel sorry” relates to how my ex bestie was really rude and betrayed me sometimes and she never said sorry for the ways she made me sad!

  29. Shelby

    I am obsessed with how she says god it’s brutal out here!!!! Who else is?

  30. fatti gli affari tuoi

    3:45 that was conan gray

  31. Marla Sofia M.Bascuña

    I cant find the song on spotify

  32. alma lopez

    ART❤ is the only thing that I say

  33. alma lopez

    ARTE es lo único que tengo que decir que presentación más original por milésima vez me declaro fan de Olivia💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  34. Bert Enriquez Jr

    Olivia: Singing Driver: You ok there?

  35. Gãchå mînD

    Damn she misses her ex so much 0-0

  36. Sydney Koga

    olivia is so crazy talented! im just a little worried about her...i saw how thin her legs were and got a bit concerned. it could very possibly just be body type, but if it isnt im worried for her! i hope shes doing okay in terms of body image/mental health. becoming famous at such a young age must take a huge toll on self care and things like that. no hate at all, she is stunning! i just was wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing. i know im not one to judge her, i was just wanting to see if people were thinking similarly to me♥️

  37. Aqauralive

    my airpods connected at the first beat drop and... heaven.

  38. Passion for Fashion

    What the f### is up with that 🔥🔥❤😂 Love U Girl ❤

  39. Princess Dacanay

    🟣Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shootin' stars 🔵 I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now 🛩  I  °  •  .°•  ✨  *  I 💫 .   • 🦄 I 🐦.   • 👚 l 👕  ° ★ • 👖 I 👖 •  .°• ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▂▁

  40. Dizon Krizia M.

    fav huhu

  41. Hailey Perez

    I wish she singed hope ur ok 🥲😭

  42. Veganod Veganor


  43. Veganod Veganor


  44. Veganod Veganor


  45. Lucas Almeida ⑯

    I think it would be cool if she wasn't using a microphone. But I understand that it's part of the scenario, as she's at a graduation party.

  46. Jessica Gaming :D

    *her*-beauty is not my thing* *also her*-dress's up in a gown with pretty hair* YOU R SO PRETTY GURL FORGET THAT STUPID BOY AND HIS NEW IRRTAITING GIRL

  47. Diana

    I love the part where it goes: All your friends are so cool You go out every night In your daddy’s nice car Yeah you’re living your life Got a pretty face, pretty boyfriend too I wanna be you so bad, but I don’t even know you

  48. Prayed stayven

    I sing this song when I have a problem

  49. Katanika Muaror


  50. Cookieplayz35

    This song has the song she made

  51. Steve D

    Ugh! I hate the lugs being shot here!! Wrong!!!!!’

  52. Vasanthi Class17

    I am so obsessed with this. One of her masterpiece💙💙💙

  53. Gizille Gille

    Imagine if this is live concert, thousands and thousands of people would come for sure

  54. Harper Gilmour

    Olivia...You’ve done it again this is amazing..

  55. 1DGamer2011

    me playing this on repeat and forgetting i have class till someone invited me.. oops

  56. •HeyItsGiselleジ

    When she's sleeping in the bed we made DON’T🚫YOU👌DARE😬DISOBEY😭ME📖CORALINE🌲👹ÁÄÃÀÆ - ËÚĢH👹RÆ👹 2:53

  57. Vanessa Sch


  58. The stop video

    It always felt magical if you with pisces♓ 🐟

  59. Giana Allen

    this is my favorite song in the album and it’s SOO underrated

  60. John Jeff Barrios

    now taylor swift and others can REST because another group of singers are coming

  61. Raphaëlle lapierre

    Love it💜✨

  62. Sky sings

    Happier is the song of the year

  63. Sky sings

    😃love her song 💕

  64. •Łuciana_ Äponte•

    Sour definitely became one of my favorite albums.

  65. katelyn

    can someone explain if she like actually was singing the songs while dancing? kinda confused- this is awesome af never gets old

  66. Mallory Adams

    Once again, she hit that high note at the end perfectly

  67. DJRick Vale

    That was GREAT Performance from my celebrity crush Olivia Rodrigo ❤️ and also to all dancer are so professional ❤️

  68. m0n0kuma's m4st3rm1nd

    so proud of how she’s come so far :,)

  69. Noah


    1. •HeyItsGiselleジ


  70. hola Adios


  71. putri 13cm

    Ok thumbnail😍😍

  72. Madi

    I’m just a such fan of Olivia and I love her music and I just hit my head by hard wood but I don’t care Now I’m just watching this and it made me feel better 💐


    She's so talented <33

  74. elle!


  75. denise ッ

    eu te amo Olívia, eu te amo

  76. Cherry

    "God I wish that you had thought this through before I went and fell in love with you"

    1. •HeyItsGiselleジ

      When shes sleeping in the bed we made DON’T🚫YOU👌DARE😬DISOBEY😭ME📖CORALINE🌲👹ÁÄÃÀÆ - ËÚĢH👹RÆ👹

  77. Amna Khalil

    She really said *and I'm not cool* looking like that

  78. ¿? Hi

    Parecía que fue ayer cuando fue el SOUR prom y ya ha pasadoas de un mes

  79. Jordan Echaluse

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️SHE IS NOT THE NEXT ARIANA GRANDE SHE IS NOT THE NEXT TAYLOR SWIFT SHE IS THE ONLY OLIVIA RODRIGO❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️