Hi My Name Is Zhong ! Nice TO MEET YOU

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  1. Michael Steve

    Iuh sango eat dog food???

  2. Boaty Mc Boat Face Jr

    the cringe 🤦

  3. Carlin Soehendra

    White or pink

  4. Anirban Maitra


  5. Jason Phillips

    They should change the name FIblock to cringe tube

  6. Shelby Bailey

    Purple hair

  7. Rishabh Mansharamani


  8. Chris Angelo Quin Alfeche

    Lol lol lol lol

  9. Allison Sorto

    Dinosaur videos

  10. Thut Ti

    I’ll do it if he

  11. Kushwahkingison

    Pink like Alex stokes

  12. Bree Washington

    Nich: ride to jet ski Zhong:clean the apartment

  13. m Kan

    At least its chicken, not frogs

  14. Anvesh Playz

    I knew the way from miles away

  15. Gamerlord boy

    I'm not gonna sub

  16. Tarek Najjar


  17. GAMER

    your hair colour should be pink

  18. DarkWaves


  19. Versha Gupta

    Tatti lele

  20. ItzThunderPlayz

    Sango: Talking to the manager Zhong: Loading to talk Zhong: Sango Look! They're now the toppings Sango: *BUT WHYYYY*

  21. Marek Vařeka


  22. Gemini X


  23. 🙂cj

    That’s awesome

  24. Bhing Besario

    Sango looks diffrent

  25. Abdullahi Abdurrahman

    Instead of spoon a chopstick me like who eats Nutella with chopsticks

  26. I hate you

    Haha why didn’t he wish for infinity wishes what a fool

  27. Lillionna Quinn

    "It tastes so baadd" Me:oki then starve

  28. ImMejor

    Your saying he had private education but he still falls for pranks!?!??

  29. Bentley Weir


  30. Akib Khan

    I feel sad for that guy in white e didn't get his kiss

  31. Jolita Kablytė Džervienė


  32. Remas _ F_Hammad


  33. Jolita Kablytė Džervienė

    Hi I like you Zhong

  34. Alex Rascon

    Bright pink

  35. Julian Garcia

    We’re still waiting to see the bananas

  36. Beth Perron

    zhong: watching hello kitty

  37. Nikos Mpellis

    Due your hair blue

  38. Zoey Zielke

    Color your hair whatever is your favorite color Zhong. ♥️

  39. Sarrukuna Thavi

    Is the spoon from MERMAID

  40. Apurv rana

    i think his gf was sleeping cuz this was not loud

  41. Chasity Walker

    R.I.P. that ice cream

  42. Jake's world


  43. Kim San Nicolas

    Wow delicious but gross

  44. Attarsingh Sharawat

    Pink colour of your hair please 😍

  45. killer x

    Long video please

  46. Destro

    best way to waste food

  47. ShahrizH Matpai


  48. Zixol Playz

    it didnt work for me

  49. ShahrizH Matpai


  50. Aiste Ignataviciute

    Green colour 💚

  51. Kaylannie Colon


    1. Kaylannie Colon

      do it /)

  52. Caden

    Why can't your girlfriend show her face for?

  53. Sofia Robles

    I Say Cat Is Cutie Awwwwww

  54. miki 123


  55. Super Stars


  56. Jerry Mosime


  57. Pip Nicholl

    Is what

  58. Star Langdon


  59. Gaming clash

    This prank should work in April fool's day 😂😂

  60. Star Langdon


  61. Dwiki Maulana

    Still waiting some random people to copying this guys

  62. Mia Astor

    what sango jump!?

  63. Mr. Mirage

    Objective: Destroy ramen

  64. Rizza Samonte


  65. Fighting Killers

    Man why you didn't use spoon 😕

  66. derrick belle


  67. Caden

    I kind of go shopping and I just got the new PS5

  68. Catherine margul Obi

    Dye your hair yellow

  69. Olivia Johnston

    Zhong: Nick if you win i buy whatever you want Nick's girlfriend: no buy me whatever i want Nick: *didnt win* Nick's girlfriend: *Mad*

  70. ꧁Hailey꧂

    Another day of ‘he’s the type of guy’

  71. Shiva Swamy


  72. Jerry Mosime


  73. Heng Vouchliang


  74. piyu's  good  life

    The colour IS white