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  1. ZloFile

    Это не 4ка так как по бокам и полоски черные и сверху тоже у меня моник 21на9 и всё видео в центре получается !

  2. Han Lie

    ok , officially I am hyped.

  3. M. Fauzhan Nuril aqbar 35

    Sempat tua nunggu nya

  4. Engin The enigma of calm

    Finally i have reason to stay alive

  5. Senku Meow

    So what exactly is this then

  6. Abdullah Ridhwan

    വെറുതെ ട്രെൻഡിംഗ് എടുത്ത് നോക്കിയപ്പോൾ കണ്ടവരുണ്ടോ...👇👇

  7. Maia Anderson

    man i wish the theater i went in was as cool as that, it was dead silent when that scene came on

  8. Cheryl Thompson

    See you there!

  9. Md. Sohel Arman

    counjuring counjuring 2 nun anabel anabel home comming dekha he mene

  10. Ricardo Santos

    official is that you are copulating with your detritus female progenitor

  11. 91Chunkz

    Anyone else see the fantastic four symbol?

  12. Nevets Daleja

    damn :'( . no more iron guy

  13. Stephanie Eden

    Posty was killed

  14. Garland Remington III

    CLICK-ASS-BAIT!!!! run like hell. This is nothing more than an advertisement for all the past movies in the past number of years. A kaleidoscope if you will, coming at you hard and fast with various movie scenes, movie stills. Running at your eyes, your mind at high speed, then at break-neck speed. THIS IS NOT WORTH WATCHING WHATSOEVER!!!

  15. Dhruva Powdel

    By hook or crook I want Robert Downey Jr AKa iron man bring him through parallel universe or what ever the crap u use RDJ & CE(CHRIS EVAN'S) WE WANT OUR IRON MAN AND CAP BACK first u play with patriotism n then u kill them not fair not marvel fan untill n unless RDJ back on roll......

  16. Lord Earth spiral

    Spiderman no way home adalah debut terakhir Spiderman di Marvel. Goodbye Spiderman 👍 and good luck 👍

  17. Chris Odukwe

    Bought a tear to my eye .. awesome!!

  18. Yunus Khan

    RIP Stan lee... you are legend... and you will always be.. and I miss Chadwick... but he was the true black painter.. its going to epic in marvel phase 4... I'm really really excited... OH MY GOOOOD...!!!

  19. Heena Naz

    I am here for Angelina Jolie and her actions.

  20. petar hd

    This is wrong turn 7?

  21. Alex B

    Omg I thought amber killed him!

  22. tilekt

    I already don't like this movie.

  23. Subhasis Jena

    No end of world till 2023.

  24. Jenny W

    I think I have a new girl crush..

  25. 그저주-멘

    마블리 보려옴


    See you after 33 years!

  27. TheSlayRider

    ‘Nuff said. RIP, Sir. o7



  29. Nice-oscar

    "get over here" Scorpion Wins, I like these part.

  30. override39

    Listen To STAN LEE make me cry

  31. Nic Chris

    Honestly don’t wanna hear Jennifer screaam all movie long, they should of had her lip sync Aretha songs w Aretha vocals ❤️

  32. Jihan Rahmadanty


  33. dusty

    Can't wait

  34. Jona Wangsa

    Only background music makes it scary... else nothing is there to b scary of

  35. VansaXD

    Why they jusm made everyone black?

  36. 赤座Akaza

    Oh No, nighmare is coming

  37. Antonio Brown

    🥲 I don't deserve this awesomeness!

  38. V Tan

    Pure crap

  39. Sly Cooper

    I want a movie of this.

  40. CoMpLeXeD

  41. Shawtyslikeamelody

    It’s almost a crime that they didn’t use king princess in the soundtrack

  42. Unnati Mishra


  43. Cindy Paul


  44. manoa korologa

    Why does it feel like the end of the world is approaching and it ain’t stopping.

  45. milwaukeegregg

    Looks like a john wick love story........

  46. M. G.

    Looks like a good, oldfashioned actionmovie without todays pc-indoctrination. Let's give it a try :)

  47. Tasia Anastasia

    What I was saying the entire video:YASSSS QUEEN😂

  48. FAertap

    The opening scene is the climax of the movie. No need to proceed. It is a total boredom.

  49. Davide Capucci

    It is going to be a trash movie for sure.

  50. Sanjay A 1MV18CS089

    DC really has a huge chance to overshadow marvel if they play their cards right. But nooo they are soo invested in making movies that isnt connected to any one particular universe

  51. Jason_M

    I thought the reaction to that "on your left" moment was just my cinema


    🔥 🔥 🔥

  53. Thoriq Ibrahim

    Joe taslimm 😍

  54. Fa Q

    Salma Dalmations

  55. S Sharp

    Ironic that Disney uses a speech where Stan Lee was dragged out of the 'care' of his relatives/jailors and told to say those words to be used as a weapon against artists that were breaking away from the idealogically straight- jacketing mainstream comic industry as it crashed and burned in popularity and having success independantly funding and publishing their own titles...

  56. Robert Rios

    Trash.... Moving forward looks bad

  57. upasana sahoo

    I'm not the only one who thinks this is giving off cosmic 'letters to Juliet ' vibes right?!? Don't mind if it does.. coz I'll watch it again. ..

  58. Kristopher Ogot

    What happen to Captain Marvel 2?

  59. Tiến Quân Vương

    Phải trailer đéo đâu lũ chó lừa đảo

  60. Jayshri Lad

    Both suspicious no trust no respect most important thing

  61. Sweety Das

    Damn I miss being a part of those audience reactions.

  62. Андрей Курмаев

    Beautiful China woman

  63. Jayshri Lad

    Wednesday audible, means

  64. Jayshri Lad

    Divine, attractive audible 😏☹️😁

  65. M Iqbal

    This movie is BEYOND trash, no one waste your time.

  66. Redmi2s Prime

    Doesn't look interesting at all😐

    1. Yuvraaj

      oh shut up

  67. Mark Flores

    I hope you can still make a stan lee cameo on all these movie because he is the real excelsior.

  68. yellatanzilah

    ga ada valaknya ya

  69. LeviJean_1021

    God damn masterpiece