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  1. Josh BTW

    Best gk in the league 😂😂

  2. alex clough

    he's doing bits having settled into the squad, great signing!

  3. Norfolk Fowlers

    What a left foot. Love a good free kick. Keeper won us that game though.

  4. Shahrin Ismail

    Wow🤩 What A Massive Performance By Norwich City👏💯

  5. Liofa

    Lot of Derby players behind the ball at all times. No wonder it was a grind.

  6. Kevin Colborne

    Even Marshall will look at the replays and admire that quality from Dowell. Another 3 points in the bag, OTBC.

  7. Richard Walker

    COYY OTBC NCFC 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  8. Colin Bland

    Hanley has had a great season and has improved his passing. We should have a better defence next season than we did last time in the Premier League. However, we still need to have more bodies, who can play at that level. We will need to get a high quality defensive midfielder either Skipp again or a new recruit. We also need another striker to back up Pukki and Hugill. Will need a creative midfielder if Buendia leaves. It will interesting if some of the fringe players leave and the youngsters go out on loan who Webber recruits. Hopeful this is the promotion that was in his original long term plan and they have the finances sorted so they can invest more than the last foray in the Premier League.

  9. Denys Martyniuk

    Nice match by Grant Hanley. Bournemouth, we will winning you next week.

  10. Lhasa Thailand

    2 more points to secure PL

  11. Fai Sal

    hi norwich i hope you come back to premier league prayer and support from indonesia 🇮🇩🙏

    1. Bush Doctor

      Thank you mate , Ipshit wish they were as good as us :)

    2. Mr Barney

      Thank you my friend

    3. TheHesK9

      It's 99.9% certain now haha. Basically impossible that we won't be in the Premier league next season. Brentford or Swansea would need to win every game and we lose every game

  12. GoGra

    Imagine that Pukki have scored hat-trick in Premier League before in Championship. G.O.A.T🇫🇮🐐

  13. Geir Sten Mathiesen

    Exelent . Topp manager 👍

  14. mjbdvp

    What a free kick!! Move over Vrancic..there’s a new kid in town...

  15. ayr fresh

    Joel Pereira was the worst GK I've ever seen at hearts. He's stealing a living.

  16. Anjarni subiyakto

    Poor defending by huddersfield town...

  17. TONE 007

    3 more points. Not long now. OTBC

  18. CanaryCast

    The love I have for this man knows no bounds. Came in when we were rock bottom and has produced the best football we've seen, 2 promotions and some magnificent youth development, so lucky to have him in charge

  19. Canary Wundaboy

    Well-organised Derby team that won’t be in trouble come season’s end. Good 3 points, hard-earned. Almost there! OTBC!

  20. CanaryCast

    Loved the grinding out of this result, magnificent free kick from Dowell but what a performance from Hanley, up there with a shout for POTS

  21. Kevin Bane

    What a brilliant player Skipp is, such a shame alot of us may never see him play in a Norwich shirt, great Win, well done Norwich

  22. DongHyun KWAK

    Go EPL Canaries!!!

  23. Athay Phom

    Huddersfield too bad to be in Championship

  24. sean locke

    One more win, guys. One more win.

  25. Billy Dolton


  26. Scott

    Payback for Rooneys free kick 👍

  27. Kevin Tracey

    Whether it’s a glorious 7-0 thrashing or grinding out a 1-0, it’s 3 points. We won we move on to the next game.

    1. Reuna11 1

      @Luke Fitzgerald you are correct

    2. Luke Fitzgerald

      @Reuna11 1 it is mate. There are 5 games left. Norwich have 90 points at the moment, so mathematically it’s totally possible.

    3. Reuna11 1

      @Luke Fitzgerald it's not possible anymore

    4. Luke Fitzgerald

      I'd love it if we finished the season with 100+ points.

  28. jane lavie

    ’Didn’t allow them to have one proper chance in the whole game.’ Well, I would not honestly put it like that.

  29. Arch Dee Burney Channel

    Ouh yeah!! Norwich back to PL 😋 from Chelsea fans

  30. 2125高島 佑太


  31. Mr Chode

    105 points and the best side in the league confirmed. Even though we've not lost a game (cheated). Best side in world football this season.

    1. Anthony Hull

      @jake western we never seem to do very well against Watford for what I remember

    2. jake western

      I think we will struggle against Bournemouth and Watford

  32. Jpse Calderon

    Entren a Onel Hernandez de titular

  33. 神原駿河


    1. 2125高島 佑太


  34. Julian Bates

    Sumptuous goal. Your near-miss wasn't bad too. The guy watching it with me thought it had gone in!

  35. Julian Bates

    Come on Daniel - they had more clear-cut chances than we had! Moreover, Tom deserted his penalty area and they should have scored then! Derby played quite well, esp in the second half! But we shouldn't have lost to them earlier in then season, so it is perhaps justice :)

  36. Nacho

    Beast performance from Hanley

  37. namakudamono

    What was going on at the end there? Rush of blood from Krul, or was he played a poor back pass? Skipp looked pretty frustrated.

  38. Jackx

    Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of watching the games as I did two seasons ago when we last went up and I had a season ticket. My grandad is a massive fan and has watched every game however and said that we look so much more improved and ready. And for that I’m hopeful for the years to come 🟡🟢

  39. Mark Keeley

    World class strike Dowelly . Need a brace next time out 👍👍

  40. Halbumen

    rode our luck at times in one of those super weird performances we put on every so often, where we're so clearly the better team whilst in second gear that complacency breaks out all over the field and mixes with frustration and impatience. dowelldinho's free kick was raunchy, though, and big grant made some crucial interceptions and blocks. one more win, lads, just one more! otbc

  41. MorganOJO

    When Skipp went on loan I watched more and more of Norwich. As a Tottenham fan with José as manager it’s is very boring but Norwich is actually very good and play good attacking football. Norwich are winning the championship and if Tottenham don’t fire José I think Spurs and Norwich are going to be close on the table

    1. Asher Duncan

      We can dream! Skipp is in for a shout for player of the season, though I expect buendia will win it deservedly. Would be great if we could nick skipp for another season on loan

  42. Susan Henderson

    Let's hope management gives the coach the support he needs for the team to be competitive next season

  43. Guy Fawkes 05

    Goreham just doesn't have the enthusiasm this season which I guess is understandable especially with no fans.

    1. Toby Mills

      @ guy fawkes 05 if you actually listened to his podcast on all in yellow he said he doesn’t have to be so loud because there are no fans to shout over which I guess makes him sound less enthusiastic

    2. Hugh Tube

      Also, we're winning the league with more control than usual. We rarely have to come from behind or are involved in shootouts, if anything we have to contend against shutouts from teams who park the bus. Compare that to 2018/19, the games against Millwall, or Forest...

  44. Cameron Hansell

    wasn't our best performance but who cares when you grind out results like that even when there not at there best shows that they're a good team 💚💛💚💛

  45. Beansy Boy

    What a game

  46. David Ellis

    Another 3 points & a clean sheet. This team would be mid table in the premiership .

    1. jane lavie

      Not really, the gap is so big. It will again be a challenge to stay up.

    2. liam eaton

      Na tbh this team would be fighting to stay up in the premier league

    3. na nigha


    4. Joe White

      Let's not get ahead of ourselves lad

  47. SirBoycie

    That free kick is about as good as it gets

  48. sotuur aeei

    Greatest performance I’ve ever seen. Won’t be forgetting this any time soon.

  49. mike A

    awful commentary though

  50. Mr Chode

    Better than Messi at free kicks. Doweldinho. W.

  51. Mr Chode

    I'd be shocked if Dortmund don't come for him soon.

  52. Ennes B.

    Imagine you have a club thats almost out of money and then there is a german coach from the 4th league. That german coach has the propper knowledge and the connections and he brings forgotten gems from germany into the club and from scraps builds a solid foundation on which he then proceeds to build an even stronger club that is now the best club in the championship and deserves to be in the best league on this planet. Just wow. As a german I am so proud that Germany is involved in building one of the best teams norwich has seen and that this specifically happens to my favorite club. Wish I could travel to carrow road again, long time no seen...

  53. Jrp Games

    6:35 name of song?

  54. Stephen Pickett

    I think he is happy...

  55. Adam


  56. Adam

    Dowelldinho. BUZZIN 💛💚

  57. Scotty Bee

    nice interview Kieran brilliant goal today another big 3 points towards the title and promotion 🔰🎙🏆🥇 Love seeing the boys train in the background 😂

  58. Mark Mark

    1:00 You did allow Derby several very good chances.

    1. Bush Doctor

      @Mark Mark Yeah you had CHANCES , that's all u had , shud of tried harder and it wouldn't of been a chance would it derby

    2. Toby Mills

      @Mark Mark ok. You had some good chances but Tim krul saved them or we blocked them meaning your final product wasn’t good enough so you didn’t deserve a point. And we are the best team look where we are

    3. Mark Mark

      @Liam ensen 1:00 Comments like these are typical of Farke. He's not generous at all towards opponents. We had three gilt-edged chances in the second half. Just listen to Rooney's interview - much more balanced, but he still manages to praise Norwich, saying they are the best team in the league and deserve to go up.

    4. Liam ensen

      So? Only 1 stat that matters after 90 minutes and we were ahead on that one.

  59. INotnersh 17


    1. Soinas Doyi

      Buendia doesn't get enough reward for this. Just unstoppable

  60. Thomas Gibbs

    Nice interview Kieran and a well taken free kick 💚💛⚽️

    1. Dickie T

      Yeah, the lad does give a good interview. He answers quite well, some players aren't comfortable answering questions and tend to answer in football cliches.

  61. P punkt P

    Klasse - great

  62. Elvin Olin

    Come onnnnn!!! 🔰🔰🔰

  63. Daniel Farke

    Imagine the limbs there would’ve be at the Carra next Saturday against Bournemouth when we get promoted. This season has been incredible. Cannot wait to demolish the Premier League next season

  64. Mr Barney

    Fantastic goal can't wait for premiership next season 💛💚👍

    1. Mr. Cool

      @Mr Barney yeah, I’m aware....

    2. Mr Barney

      @Conrad Iyayi if you're a Derby fan then all the best for next season if you play like you did second half should be fine 👍

    3. Mr Barney

      @Mr. Cool we need 2 points lol

    4. Conrad Iyayi

      well done lad u deserve the prem we deserve league 1

    5. Mr. Cool

      Don’t jinx it

  65. David Ellis

    The Best Manager In England ! " Farke Life "

    1. Daniel Farke

      Cheers lad

  66. Scotty Bee

    Nice Interview Daniel a tough win today but we got the Job done. Only a matter of time now before we get announced as promoted & title to go with it 🔰🇩🇪🎙🏆🥇

  67. dasss310_

    Like a man u fan I want see Norwich back in the premier League Love the players and the tactics

    1. sotuur aeei

      Samba! So nostalgic))

  68. ドケチになって蓄財に励む大学生

    I came to watch here because they're on the point of promoting.

  69. Kane Newman

    Norwich are looking like a prem side. Best of luck to them

    1. Soinas Doyi

      To those who thought we were out of our depth last year, we looked strong and unjust to be relegated

  70. bilij pdan

    EMIII 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Masterclass, date cuenta Scaloni.

  71. Liam Smith

    I can't stop watching this

  72. Andjuju 64

    No way was that a penalty, he just fell on the floor.

  73. sundet81

    Surely the 5-0 thrashing of Huddersfield in December 2014 was the last time City scored five goals in one half?

  74. sundet81

    Grant Holt! Excellent commentary.

    1. bilij pdan

      Just popping back for my daily dose of goals.

  75. SPQSpartacus

    It’s amazing they were able to keep Buendia and Cantwell after relegation. Apparently they like playing for this team. Next year back in the Prem!

  76. Theresa Ruriti

    Cantwell looks like the blonde Cavani.

  77. beedsj roiue

    Wow. This is what City can do when they DO take all their chances. Love it!

  78. Gibbles

    send him to barca. imagine the scenes

  79. Jeff Smith

    I am a Stoke fan. Our season has been ruined by so many injuries to key players such as Tyrese Campbell. Bad luck. What if Norwich had season-ending injuries from September 2020 to key players such as Pukki and Buendia...

  80. Leonardo Alvarez

    Why onel Hernandez is not playing more ?

    1. beedsj roiue

      Not every Day you get to A 7 goal thriller and despite trying to convince myself the last few days I wasn't interested in watching this I decided to wing it anyway and just watch it